we wear the pants.

shirt + jeans. jay jays. shoes. nine west.
we wear the pants.
Us ladies joyfully get away with wearing our BF's clothing or shopping in the greatness that is the men's department. While our male counterparts rarely possess the same liberty.
Is it because it possesses the perfect amount of "hang" ? the luscious extra length ? the comfort factor ? its more neutral palette? that when paired with something body con it makes you feel sexier then ever?
to me: all of the above.
Everything I wore today (minus shoes. belt) is from the men's department. I paired it with heels and was raring to go... is it weird that I actually felt more feminine than ever (???) or that sometimes I head straight for their department (???)


magical forest.

shirt/dress. zara. jacket. UO.
hiking (???). My attire for taking the savage beast for a jaunt through our big magical forest... ( i am wearing jean shorts underneath ). Definitely not one for traditional hiking/walking gear...although I do need to locate a pair of rain boots.
Since I won't be packing my bags for S/S fashion week, which commences a week from today, in the concrete jungle, I figured I would venture into my own jungle of sorts and dream of my next visit to the big city ( layover-ville)...the joys of living half-way around the world. Heaps of travelling. airports. layovers. terminal shopping. duty free. 2 days of travel. over 24 hours flying time...crazy but love at the same time.
I am getting anxious for the collections...especially since we are heading into spring/summer now.
have a glorious weekend loves.


hoodie dress.

dress. aa. jacket. h & m. shoes. JS. shades. ray ban.

hoodie dress. Yup it's out there.
It definitely gets cold here in Africa ( South Africa ). Which still boggles my mind after living here for over 3 years... I guess you always associate Africa with the blistering heat. But alas it gets cold. Not blizzard cold, but a chill that gets into your bones leaving you with no hope for retaining a normal body temperature. This can be attributed to the fact that our houses do not have central heating (!!!). Craziness, I tell you. So although our winter is only a few months, it is more often than not, warmer outside than inside. Which leaves me bundled 24/7.
But being a Canadian, I will never complain about "winters" here... as I've witnessed snow taller than me and temperatures of -50 degrees celsius. no joke.

Therefore this dress suits me + my bi-coastal winters perfectly.



tee. vintage. pants. UO. jacket. h & m.

graphic. I have to say I am a big fan of graphic tees. big fan. Weird that I wore this yesterday and today on WWWD their trend report is graphic tees. Hmmm freaky. None the less, I agree with their point on the nostalgia factor that runs through my collection of beloved tees.
First trip to New York. first T at the marc by marc store. my Dad's old family reunion shirt. old concert tees. my Blondie tee... with those only skimming the surface. To me they get better with age, and every time I put one on it brings me back to that exact moment. The smells. the people. the exact time and place. ah, I love it.
Me. a graphic. good memories + my leather coat. = bliss.


the end.

blazer. club monaco. jeans. zara. boots. JS. bag. club monaco. scarf. h & m

grey day. I can wear grey any and everyday of the week, but it feels appropriate on a day like today. Scattered showers. dark clouds. wind that would seriously blow anyone over. Grey just fits. It makes me feel good and brightens me right up, as it is my favourite color.

Sipped tea. read. cleaned. took the dog for a walk. sipped more tea. watched closing ceremonies... I loved watching the unity that the Olympics brought to our world and am sad it's over. I found it heart warming and humbling to see nations join hands and bond over such athletic greatness. It shows that their is not much that separates us but oceans and land...


magic briefcase.

blazer. mossimo. T. steve and barrys. jeans. Levis. purse. vintage. shoes. chloe.

briefcase. I was overjoyed when I came across this vintage piece. I find it has the allure of a classy, intelligent business woman who rocks into an all male business firm wearing a killer D & G suit coupled with sky-high Prada pumps. Ready to devour her prey...

I was only planning on buying a belt and blazer that particular day, but as I proceeded to make my payment this piece of sophistication miraculously appeared in front of me. The weird thing was, no one was in the store other than a few staff members and this certainly was not there when I walked in, nor was it there as I perused the racks ( it was a tiny store and I could see the couch the entire time). It appeared out of nowhere and was snatched up by moi, ever so rapidly. The case of the magic purse. Maybe it will bring me some good luck this next week or so ;)...


vogue + field hockey.

jacket. h & m. shirt. woolies. shorts. vintage. shoes. h & m. bag. club monaco.

field hockey + vogue. Random. very much so.
Went to the medical students field hockey game last night (BF is the coach). Always fun watching athletic men run around. Always.

So this shirt. It has appeared again, but has a very funny story that goes along with it, which suddenly sprung to my memory as I gleefully slipped it on. I honestly can't believe I forgot.


This plaid shirt was what I was wearing when I met the Editor-at-large of VOGUE. YUP. Andre Leon Talley himself. We weren't informed that he was coming into the studio until THAT morning and I OF COURSE had my flannel, plaid shirt on. I happened to be the first one to see him and he came in saying: "HI, I'm Andre"! My thoughts: ummmmmmm of course you are! OH MY GOSH I look like a dork!
He was so insanely friendly, ferociously tall and was carrying a strange duffel bag whilst wearing a fabulous grey suit?
Both a surreal and "what was I thinking wearing plaid" moment. Something that will stay with me forever...and ever.


having blogger issues.

can everyone see my previous post pictures ? I can't see them on my computer and wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.

has anyone experienced this before?

I am not computer literate at all.

help loves.



pants. vintage. shirt. marc by marc jacobs. boots. jessica simpson
ysl. God bless him. Who else made a woman feel more feminine and beautiful then him? no one. ever. So when I found these luscious pants last week I rejoiced. They are not only the comfiest trouser I've ever worn ( no joke ) they have the tapered leg, high waist and slightly dropped crotch which makes them the most versatile pant in my closet. I will be wearing these heaps and heaps, and they will be by my side throughout each and every season. Oh pants how I love thee! Thanks for finding me.



blazer. little boys. skirt. old gap cut-off. hoodie. zellers. watch. timex. shoes. UO.

Sunday vineyard. Just took the dog on a stroll through our friendly neighbourhood vineyard, conveniently located across the road from us. I soak up its beauty every time I am there... which is very often.

I've had this blazer for three years now. In South Africa it's mandatory for all school children, from kindergarten to high school, to wear uniforms ( mixed reviews from students here). Therefore at the shops they sell uniform school blazers. shoes. slacks. sweaters. I picked this up when I first moved here and Its been indispensable ever since.

Loving my new camera.


slip times 2.

jacket. h & m. slip. Woolies. shoes. nine west
lace-y slip. I found this cheap-o slip at the Woolies quality sale and could not pass it up. It was simple. lace trimmed. and is a beautiful blush shade and for some reason I just felt drawn to it, so much so that this was probably my 5Th time checking it out to see if I REALLY wanted it. YUP- I did.
Of course its meant for sleeping in...BUT I thought it would be perfect with tights ( I would never wear this tight less. never.) + my black jacket.
My camera was laid to rest tonight as it *slipped* out of *someones* hands while the zoom was out...(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) therefore I was in a mournful mood all afternoon. I used an old replacement camera for these pics, so the pictures were a little wacky. BUT my mood was instantly brightened because I bought a new one already, with a few added mega pixels. YAY. So a weekend full of ups and downs.


mad about plaid.

shirt. jay jays. black skinnies. UO. pumps. Woolies. bracelet. marc by marc jacobs

plaid. Okay, I am just going to put it out there and reveal my nasty little secret. I've always (and still do) have an obsession with plaid. I seriously still remember the warmth and color of my first plaid shirt, which was sneak-fully stolen from my older brothers closet...
Something about its cross-hatching lines, its infinite amount of patterns and colors and the simplicity of it all, makes me all fuzzy inside. Not to mention how ridiculously comfortable it is.When I look out the window in the morning and the weather is less than pleasing, I know my trusty plaid will carry me through the day. On the other hand if the sun is shining and the birds chirping I know I can spring out my short sleeve pieces or still wear a long sleeved one, but tied at the waist...see endless possibilities.
I know its often categorized as a "grunge" pattern and fabric, but I think if worn right: with wickedly cut jeans or a black suede mini, it simply rocks. I love to pair it with jean cut-offs (classic) and throw over a knee length, cotton khaki trench or a snug as a bug biker jacket, if I am out and about.
Its being seen on the fall runways: D & G. Just Cavalli. Preen.... so its big for fall. But to me its always been big, and I will continue to cherish it, forever and always.
SO warning: I wear it a lot and have an obsession with it. Its also weird because I don't see myself as a plaid wearing person? But alas, I love it and its here to stay.



jacket. h&m. shirt. edgars. skirt.old gap. tights. h&m. scarf.zara. shoes. zara. bag. marc by marc jacobs.
neon. I don't think I've worn anything neon since I was rockin it in the 80's ( I still to this day have a weird obsession with the era: sixteen candles. whitney houston. can't buy me love. anyone?). But I thought it would be a perfect accessory to my outfit, as it adds a obvious punch to a rather monotone palette. On the other hand it's just REALLY fun to wear out, especially at night!
I was just coming back from a sushi dinner date. It was a chilly, chilly night. I love the weather here in the Cape (except for the howling wind when the Cape doctor picks up). As we have the most amazing long summers (no humidity) and a very short "winter". The perfect balance for 365 days of wonderful seasonal dressing.


jean shorts in the womb.

shirt. steve and barrys. shorts. jay-jays. belt. vintage. boots. zara. socks. BF's.
everyday wear. Just about to go check out the Woolies quality sale (in need of some picture frames) and grab a mug of tea at their glorious cafe. I wore what I could wear just about anywhere + anytime. To me, it is comfortable yet chic with a little dose of me thrown in. I swear I came out of the womb wearing jean shorts, as I wear them a lot. I just don't know what it is about them?
They were historically only worn by little school boys until they reached the age of maturity and therefore were avoided by the masses for the sake of looking immature. Some still hold this view, but shorts for the most part are celebrated by all ( exception: old farmer men wearing jean shorts, with short-sleeved collared shirts tucked in. Seen in South Africa.all the time.)
Anyways. I hope you're having a wonderful August week.


beach wear by the table.

dress. fundago. plaid. woolworths. shoes. keds. sweater. aritzia

life is a beach. What a glorious Sunday afternoon. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by such natural beauty, which happens to be a 20 minute ride from home. Table Mountain has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It is SO flat that you can take a cable car up its side and walk the entire circumference, as you please. I've done it at least 3 times with the hopes of many more.
I decided to wear something warm (ocean breeze) and beach friendly (no pant roll up please) with a dash of style thrown in. This dress is VERY deceiving as it looks like the one from Zara that I've seen on a couple of beautiful chicas, but I actually purchased it last year at a random store here in SA. Very strange, as it looks almost identical. The plaid is functional beyond belief and the Keds are utterly beach friendly. The knit sweater I have in my hand is for extra warmth as the wind seriously could of taken me down and almost did!
My outfit was able to fight the elements while still satisfying my desire to look somewhat chic on the beach, without succumbing to anything Quicksilver, Roxy or Billabong (yikes).
All in all, a stunning day at the beach.
Have a wonderful end to your weekend.
*** that is my dog Romeo in the background.


shades of grey.

athletic long sleeve. aa. dress. aa. boots. zara. sunglasses. f 21
grey = love. Hands down my favourite colour (or shade). I feel most comfortable wearing it and I know it can go with anything, which fills me with bliss.
I could live in this aa top. Everyone should own this.
Off on a date.
**First picture: genuine laughter. My BF put on my sunnies to photograph. Definately NOT fit for a man. Pure joy.



top. h & m.

abstract but flower-y. I purchased this top in one of New Yorks many heat waves, which pretty much lasted the entire 2 months of my residence.
Although I never like to show my mid-section, the heat got the best of me and I walked out of the store wearing this, as my half-drenched shirt was placed in my bag.
Its surprisingly fitting and can be compared to a comfy corset, if such even exists. Its criss-cross back with elastic gathering tapering down, flatters any women's back. Its extremely classy with wide legged trousers or perfectly paired with the skirt of your desire.


3 loves.

blazer.vintage nyc. shorts. vintage Levis. shirt. gap. shoes. nine west. ring. aldo.

3 things. I swear these 3 items: blazer. jean shorts. and gladiator wedges are something I can wear every.single. day.

The blazer in all its glory can, and is worn with anything and everything. It gives any outfit that dose of sophistication, but can be compared to the comfort of my BF's hoodie.

I think everyone agrees on the versatility and comfort of jean cut-offs. They can be rocked in any and every way. Enough said.

Finally these infamous wedges which have been seen all over the world...from Africa to Sweden to Australia. Everyone should own a pair. They not only mold to your foot, but feel like a worn in tennis shoe after the first couple of wears. I promise. Therefore I will wear them until they can't be worn anymore. In or out of style.

I love this ring. Great find at a Aldo sale, in Cape Town. I only stick to the accessories there because Aldo just opened last year (!!!) and since everything is imported, they can charge preposterous prices, and do.
It was a lovely winter day in the Cape. I filled the day with school work, grocery shopping, picking out a (free) insanely bold lipstick (thanks MAC recycle program), walking the dog and making pizza. All done in my 3 loves, that never seem to disappoint.

* sorry for the insanely large photos. I am very new to all of this and photobucket was being silly.


plaid and chloe.

shirt. jay jays. jeans. levis. shoes. chloe

Chloe + Plaid. I love these shoes, along with plaid. I know plaid has been seen everywhere from runways to street style to the many fabulous blogs; this fact is simply no surprise. It possesses a comfiness which can't be beat, it's available in astonishing patterns and colors and I think it can be worn and styled in a plethora of ways . I don't think I have ever stopped wearing plaid from the moment I put it on, which was proudly rocked underneath my full set of overalls in my grungy childhood years. It has stuck with me through the years and will continue to do so.

On to the shoes: the mustard seed yellow coupled with the signature gold detailing on the heel makes these shoes irresistible to the eye. Despite the yellow color I am able to wear them with anything and everything, and willingly do. Thanks Chloe.


my two worlds.

photo cred: modelcouture
perfect. How fitting for me. A South African and Canadian model becoming best-ies. Behati Prinsloo + Coco Rocha. Two insanely gorgeous woman, finding genuine friendship in this crazy world of fashion. SO lovely. It makes me thankful of my girlfriends, both near and far.



jacket.h&m.t-shirt.marc jacobs.shorts.circa 00 AE.tights.h&m.boots.JS.

cold. It's winter here in Southern Africa, therefore tights are almost an everyday occurance. It gets cold here, but luckily our winters are only 3 months and I missed the first 2. I just returned from a two month internship in NYC and it now seems extra cold. Went out for dinner and I wore my MJ shirt which has Beijing 2008 on it- they start this week and I love how one sporting event can create such a sense of unity + peace, if only for a short while. I read in the paper that the South African athletes were unhappy with their fashion attire...just goes to show how fashion affects everyone, everywhere.


love. these generic girl acne jeans. The proportions are utterly wonderful. It is like wearing your boyfriends jeans but with the added bonus of a fitted waist, perfectly tapered leg--- ideal for rolling and the fabulous peachy shade. must purchase.


# 1.

t-shirt. joe. belt. vintage nyc. jeans. zara. boots. frye.

hi. First post. I am Lisa. This has been on my mind, so here I go. I am inspired by all things: nature. fashion. culture. art. people. love. Through this I hope to share. express. indulge and love. To express is to share ones heart...and my love for fashion has never skipped a beat. Thanks for sharing the same passion and expressing and sharing your lives with me. xx.