my model of the moment.

images cred. models.com. TFS.

alla kostromicheva

not only is she insanely gorgeous , but is 100% ukrainian 
(like me & also possesses a crazy last name--- read: lisa HOLOWAYCHUK. it does not get more ukrainian then that.) 

she is so naturally beautiful that is must be a crime.
i mean those eyes. eyebrows. skin. cheekbones. her hair.

she just recently walked for calvin klein. donna karan. alexander wang. jil sander. gianfranco ferre. ysl. balenciaga... and it continues.

she is definitely on the prowl...
watch out.



dress. vintage. shoes. country road. bag. uo

we went to an absolute stunning wedding last night.
if you are planning on getting married anytime soon, cape town is the place to be.
we have hundreds of wine farms and so many beautiful + old churches.
pure bliss to the max.

i finally got to wear my vintage dress which was purchased in january, on my winter break in canada.
it was sheer on its own, so i slinked on a slip to make myself presentable.

i had also just received my heels that afternoon, after pointing them out to my special someone the day prior.
he is the sweetest.

i swear they are my comfiest heels to date!
my feet did not hurt once, and they managed to take the granny glee away from my dress!


night in.

sweater. fcuk. jeans. TH.

sometimes you just need yourself + music + books + tea.
i swear some healing lies within these items.
dressed for comfort and meandering around the homestead.

whenever i wear this sweater it reminds me of the scallops from chloe s/s 09?
even though, no true scallops exist.
maybe i am just crazy.

check it.
our new table just arrived !

i had designed it ages ago, and it was crafted by a family member.
it's massive and i love it.
dinner parties anyone ?


more baggage.

i have been asked a few times to do--->  a "what is in your bag" post.
i definitely have a bag obsession, but this is the current front runner!

"brenda" alexander wang
wallet - old f21.
h20- life necessity.
pen- gift from my dad.
moleskins- i am constantly jotting. 
concealer - ysl touche eclat. stubborn spot sprouts.
mirror- MJ from a girlfriend ;)
rosebude salve- key to all dryness.
ray ban clubmasters- i am never shade-less.
hair ties
bubblegum- no sugar free stuff for me. i love gumballs!



t.bitten. leggings.aa. scarf. country road. boots. topshop. bag. h&m.

everyone carries baggage.
and sometimes you just need a giant bag to make it all better!

thanks for every single word. thought. e-mail...
it  really touched my heart.
i know i am very gushy, and sentimental and this is not what the blog is about!
but it is about ME, how i express myself, my passion and the fact that i truly, genuinely care about everything that is a part of my life and everyone that crosses my path.

so thank you.



hi amazing friends.

just wanted to let you know that i will be taking some time off.
a few days.
have had a lot on my mind & have not been feeling the best.
i will definitely be keeping up with your blogs.
just need some time to straighten out.

love you.


leopard love.

dress. h&m. shoes. asos. clutch. club monaco.

lazy leopard.

sundays are national lazy day. 
but we managed to get dressed up and head over for our typical sunday lunch at the folks.

i definitely think i 'm in need of a hair cut + hair change after these pictures. i have spoken about it before, but i keep on chickening out...
hopefully i will grow some balls soon!

on another note:

i am going to embark on my sewing adventures soon.
during my internship i learned to sew buttons/labels. dye fabrics. cut patterns BUT have never really used a sewing machine.
this year i have a few practicals scheduled for july so i HAVE to get on it + i think i will sign up for a 8 week sewing tutorial, so when i get to my practical i do not sew my fingers together!


heat factor.

shirt.aa.jeans.joe.bag.alexander wang.

friday night fajitas.

just went out for some mexican with friends, and since it was still SCORCHING hot i reversed by deep V aa t shirt i wore all day & pulled on some jeans.
not the smartest choice, but i think i was in a daze from all the heat. 
 the laziness/heat stroke took over.

have a stunning weekend.



all images from style.com

a few of my FAVORITE LOOKS from PARIS: stella mccartney. isabel marant. dries von noten (my favorite runway show this season). chloe. haider ackermann. lanvin. ysl. valentino (the blue dress)

Q & A :

WOW- some of these questions were very thought provoking.
You guys are amazing.

Keep on asking if you want... i will answer anything!

I want to know if you go to school or work??

*I am getting my degree in Consumer Science and Specialization in Clothing Management, but because I was almost on my way to becoming a Social Worker I still have 2 more years to go! So I study full-time, but am definitely looking for a part-time job or internship.

my question is...do all of your friends and family know you manage a blog???

* I would say halfsies! My immediate family knows as do my best girlfriends, but because we are so close and open it gets discussed and passed on unintentionally. 

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
*I have two GLORIOUS siblings:
*Brother, Mark, 26 & Sister, Krista, 21
*They are my best friends and I could not be more blessed.

I want to know what you are planning to do for a living, after you've finished school?
* I would love to be a free-lance stylist, trend-scouter, buyer + mom…i loooove kids. but not at this exact moment.

My question is do you work in fashion ? if yes in what exactly 
* No, not yet but will in a few years, although I am looking for something fashion related right now.

Question: What or who inspires you?
* love. Family+friends+God. Catwalks. Model style. Flowers. parisians. Books. editorials. Magazines. Other men + woman. blogs. lookbooks. Traveling. Nyc…. Pretty much anything & everything!

I was wondering why you moved to South Africa?.
* This is quite the story- but to sum it up L-O-V-E.

brace yourself.
* Here is the run-down: I was a dancer my whole life, therefore after completion of grade 12 I knew I wanted to use my life of dance for something more. With this goal in mind I auditioned for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines and became one of 8 dancers aboard the Enchantment of the Seas. I completed a year contract and during my last two months on board, I met “HIM”… he was also working on board too ( not a dancer!) and the rest was history. We watched a movie one night and stayed up chatting the whole night. At that moment I KNEW ( I know it sounds cheesy, but I did ) Anyways, he was born + bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Therefore we jumped on the long distance relationship train and did so for 2 years ( I went to SA once, and he came to Canada 3 times ) After 2 LOOOOOONG years one of us had to make a move. Since he was specializing for 5 years, I packed up my bags and have been here ever since ( 4 years)… Still to this day I do not believe I live in Africa!

my question: By that you inspire to do your looks? Some day in the morning have you woken yourself up without being able dress like? 

*well I definitely do not photograph everything ;) I am a sucker for big vintage T’s and jeans.
*usually it is the weather. Magazines. My mood. just my all around feeling.

I notice you eat a lot of sushi, what's your favorite? I'm a big sushi fan myself.

Best parts of Canada VS Best parts of South Africa!

*CANADA- PROS: family + friends (#1) & everything that comes with them. 4 distinct seasons. Cheaper clothes. Snowboarding + mountains. No excess shipping fees. Starbucks. The smell of spring. Ikea for cheap thrills. The first snowfall. Closer to nyc. Recycle more. Availability of fashion magazines. Soaking up the summer.
CONS: WINTER for half the year ( and not only winter but -30 temps!). winter driving. 4 hour drive from the mountains. Antifreeze. 2 month summer. Thunderstorms (insanely scared). tornado's.
*SOUTH AFRICA- PROS: my heart is here. beach beach beach. 2-3 month “winters”. Culture + diversity. Summer concerts in Kirstenbosch. Table mountain. Camps bay. The family beach house. Vineyards. Fresh flowers in our garden 365 days a year. the emerging fashion scene. 
CONS: crime + poverty. orphaned children (it breaks my heart). the deep chill during winter. Having to be EXTRA cautious of my purse. Expensive online shopping shipping. 

i wanted to know how long you've lived in cape town and what is life like there? do other people dress as fashionable as you? =)
*4 crazy years!
*There is so much culture here that the fashion scene is extremely diverse. Everything from the traditional African wear, to the super wealthy sporting designer wear. Fashion here is so exciting, but since South Africa is still considered a third world country, the scene is still quite small, and does not even compare to the commercialism of north america.

what's the deal with your jetting back and forth between cold canada and SA? 

*My heart belongs to Canada AND South Africa, but Cape Town is now my home! 

I have three questions and a request:

-What are five basic, key pieces you think every girl should own?
*giant CLUTCH
*KILLER heels (any style) but ones that make you feel sexy & confident.
*a FOUNDATIONAL outfit → weather it be: all black OR jeans + T OR trousers + a striped shirt OR cut-offs + tanks… a solid foundation that allows you to feel comfortable & you, which leaves wiggle room to add + dress up or if you are not in the mood, just being able to rock the basics with comfort.

-If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?
*My beautiful mother who passed away in 2003…to ask her all the things I never got a chance to.

-You have such gorgeous hair, why do you always wear it up?

*Bottom line: I am hair lazy. I do not own a blow dryer, straightner, brush or any hair product! SO I usually just air dry, and put it up, easy peasy. 

Request: Can you do one of those inside of your purse posts?

*YES of course, I will get on that super soon.

This is a question I'd really love for you to answer.

What do you think about the modelling industry? And the overall pressure to conform to Aryan beauty? I think it's important that you answer these, I do not think you realize how much of a positive influence you can make.
*I definitely have lots of feelings + thoughts about the modeling industry, but I do not want to get too into it or else I will write forever. But coming from the dancing world which I think has some of the same principles of conforming to a certain image, it can get quite scary as competition runs rampant. BUT in the end, as sad as it is sometimes EVERYTHING comes down to business & money. Producing a show and displaying a collection which buyers want to purchase & stock, profit, paying rent, making a living. SO what we see is such a small part of the industry. I think we cannot take it too seriously and just hope that each individual, from designer to model, is doing what is best for them, as it's truly out of our control. It is saddens me to see some of these images, which I know are being viewed by young teenage girls which can greatly strip them of their teenage years, and even ends up taking lives. Who is to blame? Can we even point fingers? AH. At the end we can only lead a truly authentic life for who God made us to be, and just pray and hope.

Who is someone that has inspired you that is blissfully unaware of the impact they've made on you?
*My boyfriend, Ian.

*He truly is an inspiration to me & has a heart of gold. 
* Everyone falls in love with him instantly.
*I have never met anyone with such a passion for what they do, his never failing love everyone in his life and the true unselfishness he displays everyday. His profession is killer & life saving and I admire his genuine & humble self
ah. sorry for gushing.

Where would you like to settle and live with your own family one day?
*I can definitely settle here in Cape Town, but could live in many places : Canada, Australia, New Zealand, New York… but will probably end up staying here & we have heaps of travel plans for the future! 

What is your favourite comfort food?

*Homemade pizza & cereal + bananas (peanut butter puffins, cheerios, crispix) & butternut/sweet potato fries & veggie burgers.

What do you do to keep fit? I notice you have impressive calf muscles!
*I hike with the dog + do yoga ( power, vinyasa, bikram) + jog sporadically.
*I danced for a good 18 years, but honestly my leg muscles are genetic, as I had the same legs at the age of 5! I was actually ridiculed in middle school for my legs, as they were a tad too “ripped” for a young lady ( seriously, they called me man legs!!!)

would you rather have all of kaiser karl's rings OR one pair of crazy designer shoes ? 
(cl for rodarte, nicholas kirkwood, chanel gun heels .. etc)

*SHOES without a doubt→ YES PLEASE to a pair of structured Nicholas Kirkwood’s 

i wanted to ask you if you have a job or how do you spend your time, what do you like to do in your spare time?

*I am not working at the moment, but am definitely searching…

*Things I love to do: anything with the boy + drinking tea/homemade espresso coffee + reading (books. Magazines. Newspapers) + lounging by the pool (spf 100) + hiking with Romeo + hanging with the girlfriends + interior decorating + yoga + vintage hunting + movies of all kind + learning to sew ( for school & I am taking evening classes! ) + walks on the beach + weekend sleep-ins + skype dates with my fam + friends + making veggie meals for me & the man + church + weekends at the beach house… ah so much.

Um, lets, see, I love films and music so much so...

What are some of your favorite films?
Favorite musicians and bands?

*FILMS: dirty dancing. Sixteen candles. Breakfast at tiffanys. ROCKY (thanks to my brother). Girls just want to have fun. Into the wild. Sleepless in seattle. Money can’t buy me love. Shawshank redemption. Love actually. Tsotsi. Nobody’s perfect… I have a gross obsession with 80’s flicks. 
*MUSIC: the strokes. Missy Higgins. Flyleaf. dashboard confessional. stars. tegan & sarah. Angels and airwaves. Bloc party. Goo goo dolls. Metric. The postal service. Secondhand serenade. Carla bruni. Justin nozuka. Jimmy eat world. City and colour. Matt nathanson. Sia … + heaps more. It IS WAY to difficult to pick a favourite!

I lack the confidence to try new things? any ideas?
* confidence is key. be proud of who you are. we are all unique + special. A smile. Dress for yourself, if you love it, that is all that matters. Express yourself from the inside out. Clothing is only such a small part of who we are, so HAVE FUN & do not take anything too seriously. Just be you.
What do you do to stay fit?
* walk. Hike. Yoga. Jog a couple times a week. 

What is your three top beauty tips?
* SPF (save your skin)
* eye cream (it is never too early !)
* H20 + green & roobios tea = hydration is key

5 fave items of clothing/accessories?

*bag – all sizes ( but favorites. Miu miu + Alexander wang… still aching for the PS1)
*sunglasses – love my raybans + persols
*my gold mens timex
*frye biker boots
*all my American apparel basics (!!!)

You look tall,but in a good way, are you tall? 
* I am about 5 8 ½ 

what were you like as a kid? were you shy, outgoing, etc? how is that different from how you are now? 
*I was a super shy girl!!!
*I used to be afraid to order food on my own or approach someone to ask a question! But I did/do have a loud voice ;) 

*I always had heaps of energy and wanted to be nice to everyone! 

* I was also one of those "mature for her age" girls... I was silly, but never walked down the wrong side of the road ( teachers pet ;) )

* NOW- I have gained much more confidence which stemmed from my ship contract. I had just turned 17 and delved right into the professional dance scene, which forced me to break out of my shy-shell and discover who I am. Which is still continuing to this day...

Oh and who is your favorite musical group?
*I seriously can’t pick just one! I find so many bands + artists have played an important role through my transitions in my life . It almost feels like I have a soundtrack for each phase of my life...

how did you dress as a child? (are we talking girly-girl or tomboy ;)?

* I think I was BOTH! I definitely nurtured the girly side of me, through ballet & dancing, but I loved my jeans + overalls. I used to steal my brothers plaids & would not let my mom do my hair as I loved the “messy” look. 

tell us all more about your workout routine! yoga? running? weren't you training for a marathon a while back?

* I was  going to complete a portion of a triathlon but had an injury! BUT I honestly was not that fit going into it, so maybe my injury was a sign. I now just hike. walk. and do yoga, which I LOVE. I sometimes take a bikram class or just practice at home through online yoga classes ( they are intense!!!)

You mentioned earlier that you are Ukrainian - as am I. Is your family Ukrainian and have you been there?

* Not yet, but I hope to go one day soon.

* Both of my grandparents were born in Ukraine, therefore both of my parents are Ukrainian. We spoke it growing up and we all went to a bilingual school from 7 years. I sadly lost a lot of my language skills, but as a family we still celebrate all of the holidays, and it is something I hold very close to my heart and am 100% Ukrainian.


lets talk.

i can hardly believe its been over 6 months since i started leeselooks.

i cannot even EXPRESS how thankful i am for each and every word.


i love you guys.

so i thought i would do a question + answer snippet.

fashion + beyond.



skirt. h&m. blazer. f21. booties. topshop. clutch. asos.com. glasses. rayban.clubmaster

this skirt is definitely out of my comfort zone.
but i like live on the wild side... naaa i am quite the softy.

i bought it on a whim while browsing through the plethora of h&m's during my summer stay in nyc.
for some reason it seemed a tad fun with a cinched waist & a 50's poof, and found its way into my bag.
this might even be the only ounce of orange i have in my closet.
something about the color has always scared me.
i just feel like a pumpkin wearing it, but should definitely ease up on such an innocent shade...
maybe a nice chunky orange scarf with grey peg leg trousers + grey slouchy t + pumps?

well just got back from a glorious family afternoon lunch.
enjoy the day!


banana muffins.

dress. zara. boots. chloe.

not to self- do not bake banana muffins in 42 degree weather.

it is HOT in here.

ALL i have been wearing is aa tanks + the unisex undies that they carry.
which i LOVE and always fall for the buy 2 get 1 free.
criminal what they do to us.

have you all been style.com - ING it up ?
chloe.  stella mccartney + lanvin. 
i am patiently waiting.

favorites from Paris thus far?
i have been wanting to do a collage, but some of you beauties definitely deserve photoshop/collage awards.
so i will just leave it to the pros, for now.

ah. i peeled my sweaty self off the couch 
+  put on some real clothes for an evening out.
so i dolled up a tad, and wore a ladylike summer flock. 

you can definitely see the heat in my face.



you have NO idea how much this means to me
and to be featured among all the other beautiful bloggers.
i feel blessed & honored.

thank thank thank you.

Answers to the following interview questions.
1 Briefly introduce yourself. What’s your name? Birthday? Location? Job?
I'm Lisa Holowaychuk and was born on the 8th of November, 1984 in Edmonton, Canada. Although I moved to Cape Town, South Africa four years ago and now call it home. I had started my studies in Social Work but after two years of pursing this direction, I did a 360, and embarked on a new path. My passion has always been fashion which lead me down this new road without a cloud of uncertainty. I am now a student at the University of South Africa, completing my Degree in Consumer Science with Specialization in Clothing Management. It covers more of the business side of fashion - merchandising, buying, marketing. I have never looked back.

2 When did you first blogging and why?
I first started blogging in August after following a handful of blogs for about six months. I possessed such a desire and passion to express myself, and the blogosphere was awaiting me with open arms. It has truly allowed me to pursue my passion, while continuing to further my education and knowledge. Although with lots of professions and things in this world, experience, experimentation and a burning desire can get you farther than you ever thought possible.

3 What is your signature style?
I've always had a problem trying to put my style in a certain category! I feel like I am all over the place, and most things I buy /own are simply because I love them, and are drawn to them. But to put it into a few words : masculine flare, with an ever present feminine twist, with dashes of parisian inspiration and to top it off, simple and classic lines as an all-encompassing base.

4 When and how did you come about establishing your own style and look?
Through time and gathering inspiration that surrounds me on a daily basis. I dress for me, and what I truly feel comfortable in. Of course designers are an ever-present source of guidance but most importantly just a true passion to express myself in a way which allows my heart to shine, more so than my attire.

5 What is your fashion/styling rule?
Dress from the inside out.
Listen to your heart and wear what you love!
All the confidence of the world stems from this.

6 Explain how you get dressed in the morning, step by step.
I definitely look out the window first thing and take the weather into account, as I have been known to dress inappropriate for weather conditions, but for the most part I let it guide my foundation. Next up is the days activities, therefore if I out the door for a coffee run then heading back home to hit the books, while continuing to take my dog for a walk. I slip on my worn in Levi's or skinnies, a vintage t-shirt, and black flats with a clutch. That is my normal daily attire in Cape Town.

If I am heading out to meet girlfriends or out with my boyfriend then I love to stare at my closet and combine things that don't traditionally go together and just have fun with it. I love wearing skirts and dresses in the summer, and I always feel fabulously feminine in a long maxi coupled with a cropped leather jacket for the evening chill. But for the most part I stick to minimalist looks, with a touch of me!

7 What is your key fashion item? I have 3 key items:
- a killer pair of heels which makes any female feel like the most gorgeous girl in the room
-a large purse or clutch
-a masculine cut blazer

8 And what’s your favorite way of styling the item?
I think a good pair of heels can be worn with just about anything. Personally I love wearing them with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and the plethora of dresses that are overtaking my wardrobe. The same goes for a classic and simple bag or giant clutch. Bags are an obsession of mine, and I will and always do wear a bag with everything. I don't have a rule with wearing a certain bag with a particular outfit. I definitely prefer oversize to miniscule as I tend to carry my life with me! Oh and the beloved blazer. I love pairing it with a floral above the knee dresses, jean cut-offs and a vintage t-shirt, leather-like skinnies, and classically cut black pants and a collard shirt, which has the most crazy, cool masculine vibe to it, which leaves me feeling incredibly empowered.

9 Explain how you mix and max color palette.
Most of my wardrobe consists of neutral basics (grey shirts, black & white tanks and skirts, jeans, nude tones) which can be paired with more bold colors and prints. I love pairing a print or floral with a navy or black menswear blazer. You still get the color, but it is classified and toned down with a monochromatic piece. I am always really drawn to bold electric pieces, like an electric blue clutch or a pair of magenta pumps. I also do not believe in color pairing "rules", because if you look to nature and our beautiful environment, there is no bad match. Marni, always showcases this point season after season. 

10 Who’s your fashion icon and why?
The ridiculously, fabulous Carine Roitfeld and the forever fashionable Kate Moss. Both of these ladies not only possess style, but they exude confidence that is unparallel. Style simply flows from their veins and is as natural as sleeping. They never follow a trend, are seen in high-street wear and their everyday wear is coveted day after day. Not to mention, they are both insanely gorgeous and successful. To me, they are and always will be an inspiration. Their longevity was established long ago, and their class will carry on through the decades.

11 Where do you shop? What are some of your favorite shops and why? I am all over the show with where I shop, and truly do not shun any store, as a treasure can be found anywhere you look. My favorites include: american apparel, h&m, zara, club monaco, net-a-porter.com, yoox.com, forever 21 and of course Vintage, anytime, anywhere. I love the hunt and gathering.

12 What are some things you keep in mind when you shop? Do you have any shopping rules?
For the most part I know what I like, what fits my body type and my go-to stores. Therefore, I am not swayed by trends or new items that hit the store each week. If I'm simply perusing the shops and see something I love, I will try it on, think about it, walk around the store with it in my hand. If after 5-10 minutes I am still holding it, and feel the exact same love, I will purchase it. But if I am shopping for a purpose I tend to only hit the stores which I know I can find a "hit" piece. I can get too sidetracked if I just simply browse, and end up purchasing things I do not need. 

I have one small rule: Never shop on an empty stomach! Hunger can make you do/buy crazy things. 

13 What’s your most recent purchase? Can you give any tips on how to wear it?
A pair of black Frye boots (Veronica shortie), and I have been eyeing the PS1 pouchette or medium satchel by Proenza Schouler since the day it was released! I think the Frye boots can be worn with anything, from a floral mini-dress to a pair of skinny jeans with a boyfriend blazer. A timeless pair of boots will truly carry you through the seasons and years, and are worth every penny. Oh and if I ever get my hands on a PS1, I would never let it go, so it would be carried with every single article of clothing I own.

14 What’s your favorite show from 2009 S/S collection? Has this show affected the way you dress in any way?
Hands down Stella McCartney. Stella and Chloe are my all time favorite designers. But Stella's 2009 S/S runway was like heaven walking down the catwalk. All of the nude palettes mixed in with black tailored blazers and jumpers, my heart definitely melted when my eyes met these beautiful creations. It also reintroduced me to sea-foam green which was showcased and brought to life in all its glory. 

Stella always pulls off the slouchy boyfriend blazer with perfection, and can put it on over anything and everything and look refined yet stylish. This collection has be hunting for the perfect nude blazer, sea-foam green pieces, jumpers, and more refined grey cotton dresses. It also reaffirmed my simplistic aesthetic, no one does this better than Stella. Complete and utter class, with a understated sex appeal.

15 If you can buy one item for the summer, what would it be?
A nude pair of leggings + PS1 ;)