ice ice baby.

dress. vintage. tights. joe fresh. shoes. zara. stole. zara ( faux fur from one of my coats!). bag. accessorize.

this is what a wore for my birthday a few weeks ago, and wore it out again as it made me feel great! ( the secret, feel good = look good). i am a firm believer in everything on the inside, radiates outwards ( including eating your green veggies and getting ample vitamin D, especially during the winter chill)

the dress was an absolute steal from value village, and with a pair of scissors i simply snipped up the hem, and made it into a mini to fit all occasions! after finding such a bargain (we are talking a few dollars) i even start to eye of prices at h & m and zara !!!
craziness i tell you.


thankfuls + inspiration.

OK. first off. a million and one thank yous for all of your kind/kind words on my acceptance. to say it warmed my heart, is truly an understatement. 

seeing as i already celebrated thanksgiving ( canadians do so in oct) i don't see a reason to have a second official thanksgiving day!
  i am definitely thankful. every.single.day. but a BIG day to acknowledge and let others know in a outward fashion is always welcome in my books. 

things i am thankful for : always + recents + fun stuff:

my faith/family+friends/ travel/ reading material/movies/ faux fur/ chunky socks/ my coffee maker/ being canadian/ peonies/ bags/ avocados/  menswear/ nature/ long walks/ starbucks/ dancing in the rain/ living in south africa/ frye boots/ moleskins/ stripes/ peppermint tea/ oversized sweaters/ new york/ my bed/ moksha/ freedom/ choices/ green beans + hummus/ memories/ laughter/ days at the beach/ romeo/ blazers/ jeansjeansjeans/ poladroid/ chanel/ dreams of paris/ vintage shops/ raybans/ the internet/ stilettos / green grass/ music/ flannel sheets in the winter/ reconnecting with old friends/ the smell of someone familiar/  puffins/ honeycrisp apples/ freshness/ cuddling/ old theaters/ internships/ my passions/ the blog/ you guys/ oh my... i could go on forever.

these are just a few.

happy thanksgiving to everyone that is celebrating.
wishing you a wonderful holiday + black friday (!!!)




I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dreams do come true.

these past 2 months have been a whirlwind. 
moving back to canada after 4 years in africa/a break-up/ packing my life into 3 suitcases and applying to FIT, to pursue my passion... and just being in a city i have always wanted to live in.
at the end of the day- anything is possible! i know i sound super cheesy and like a positive patty. but to be honest. i am a firm believer in dream big. make a change. and just do it.

" let the beauty of what you love, be what you do"


a day in the life. day 5.

shirt + shoes. zara. skirt. topshop.


stripes + studs.

this is definitely something i would wear out on a friday night!
simple. yet a tad "edgy" with classic stripes and pumps.
grab a bejewelled clutch. gold hoops and run off to meet your guys & dolls.

have a fabulous weekend.

ps- exciting news coming asap...


a day in the life. day 4.

jacket + boots. zara. jeans. gap. shirt. uo. bag. prada.

casual day.

weather it's casual friday / a stroll down the city streets running errands/ a quick coffee with a girlfriend/ or perhaps a casual dinner in the subs.

a good "power" coat can carry you through.
with winter fast approaching i think we all crave a good/powerful coat. one that can carry us through a multitude of events. i think the key is cut/shape and a universal tone/color- a flattering cut to your body shape is golden! pair it was jeans... a dress... leggings + boots... and voila- instant punch with an extra inch of confidence. because you can't underestimate the first thing that catches the eye (especially during these cold, cold months ahead!)


a day in the life. day 3.

shirt. vintage. skirt. bbdakota. purse. uo. shoes. marni.

this outfit could carry you through multiple events.

girls night out/ meet the parents/ art opening/ classic movie night at the theatre / broadway show/ fashion presentation/

grab a pair of heels. a chain link bag & a skirt. and the possibilities are endless.
in ensemble + life!

had a glorious weekend in the warm canadian temps- i could get used to this.
if only this was our winter... it sadly gets much colder. i mean arctic temps.


a day in the life. day 2.

dress. topshop. jacket. zara. shoes. stevemadden.

date night.

grab a dress + leather coat + killer heels & some gold hoops.

and your boy will swoon.
have a whimsical weekend beauties.


a day in the life. day 1.

coat. h&m. shirt & purse. zara. pants. vintage. boots. topshop.

so i thought i would have fun.

post an outfit for a day/occasion/special dinner/nightout. for an entire week.

today = day 1: a morning brunch - sight-seeing in paris- an afternoon at the museum.

the key is a warm coat to get to & from. pants & walkable heels. keep it simple with flare
add ysl pink lippy for that parisian kiss!



shirt. vintage. skirt. club monaco. shoes. marni.

living in the southern hemisphere for four years + not having to deal with daylight savings, has left me in a complete daze. 

i swear it starts getting dark at 4:30pm and by 5:30-6 it feels like the longest day ever. by 7 i am pooped and out of whack. seriously. i feel even more like a grandma! 

winter is coming! see my red nose? oh my. wait until it snows...

but all i can do is bundle up in all my zara coats. frye boots and jumbo scarfs. and carry a enviro mug full of coffee and tea. all. day. long.

ps- thanks so much for all the birthday love. you guys are the best! 




my b-day!
first one out of africa in 4 years.

not too much planned today as i am celebrating next weekend ( too many family + friends out of town, just my luck. so am saving my fabulous vintage find for another week!)
still have plans to do my favs. today will be filled with-

+coffee with a bestie
+shopping with my sis
+ strolling the outdoor shops with a coffee in hand
+ phone calls with my loved ones
+ coco chanel movie tonight, at the garneau vintage theatre with the girls

the sun is already shining - it is supposed to be a warm day... so will just smile, enjoy the day and be me.



coat.zara. jeans. gap. shoes. chloe. purse. f21. sunglasses. rayban

definitely digging these warm temperatures. this kind of weather is not -seasonal.

+ the arrival of my chloe boots from africa.
along with all my books. i think the post lady broke her back carrying the boxes up the steps. poor thing. 
shed a few tears along the way.
ah what a journey!

also still looking for a new red lipstick. will the search ever end?
this is MAC russian red. but i still find that it bleeds and does not stay on for long.
does the perfect red even exist.