sleepless in the city.

waiting it out at jfk...
just about to board. 

after numerous trips to the city, i can finally say i've experienced two sleepless nights in the city that literally never.sleeps. ever.

my last few days in brooklyn were glorious.
finally made my way to beacons closet but was a tad pressed for time... so only escaped with a cute slip/dress.
i'm picturing it lusciously layered over a sweater for the "winter" upon my return.

i am exhausted beyond belief, but feel so blessed to have made some amazing new friends.

i will always need my yearly nyc fix 

see you in south africa!!!


B. bridge.

vest. zara. shorts.t.alexander wang.  levis. shoes. marni.

walking the mile across BRKLYN. bridge.

sick + marnis + too many weird looks for one day! i think i might have scared some tourists.

you cannot help but be sucked in by its beauty and grace. 
i read somewhere that the bridge was not built to withstand all the people is does/did, & the builder said it would never fall but "sag". 
now that would be interesting...can you imagine?

anywho. enjoying the last few days in nyc, although i 'm rather sick and am sipping a mug of tea on a couch in brooklyn.

must sleeeeeep as the weather forecast is supposed to be glorious this weekend.

*** got my eye on a chloe bag at SAKS sale... BUT am using the word sale extremely lightly.



some random shots of the last few days.

i am still in nyc + only leave next monday, but after a week of intense walking, staying out late, just plain old nyc life! i am one tired + sick gal.

this week involves: brooklyn vintage shopping (beacons closet!) + late sleep ins + finding some hidden gems + coffee dates with old & new friends + walks in central park .... just taking it sloooow.


pitter patter.

dress. vintage. shoes. marni 

nothing stops new yorkers.
not even the pouring rain.

have had a glorious past few days.
alphabet city + morning coffee runs+ the east village + too many late nights( for a grandma like me it takes some adjusting to! ) + burritos + too many laughs to count...

will most likely make it back to topshop tomorrow. aka. danger zone!


in the village.

dress. h&m. jacket + purse ( first topshop!)

another day. another village.

from lugging all our luggage (on the subway!) to our new hotel uptown.
to an afternoon of magnolia bakery and book browsing. 
with million of other things in between.

is it possible to ever have a boring day in nyc?

 food + fun + fashion + friends.
4 f's. 
the equation for a perfect day.

oh yeah.


bright lights. big city.

the smell of the city.

each block brings a new surprise.
a fond memory of a cafe on the corner that remains unchanged or the sight of a familiar face, which i remember from a year ago in the city that keeps on changing.

walked 50 blocks today. 5 hours. say hello to day one of blisters.
i still possess scars from 2 months in the city at a internship where i wore heels on a daily basis. my feet are thanking me for flats on this trip.

had my first century 21 experience + cuddled up in the robes of our old world hotel + got photographed by 2 guys from a french magazine while eating lunch in union square + went to topshop (yay. i can tell already i will be back. and it's dangerous) + saw the face of my gf who has never seen times square + pretty much just walked and walked and walked... it truly is another world.

more to come super soon.


in transit.

see you in new york my girls. (not these girls, but my girlfriends! )

just waiting in the lounge + stealing all the free water + internet i can.

see you soon.

hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend.



6 years and beyond.

blazer. zara. pants. country road. shoes. marni.

wow. these past few days have been an absolute whirlwind.
packing. copious amounts of laundry. cleaning. list making....

we also celebrated our 6 year anniversary last night. insane + blissful.
it's sometimes still hard to believe that i have been here for over 4 years now, and this is home.
not canada, but africa.
but looking back, i would not change a thing!
we kept things super low-key, and just basked in each others presence.


i am still debating on weather to bring the marni's to nyc. my rationalizing is: walk in flats and change when need be. as walking blocks in nyc with these inches would definitely cause some permanent damage. i still have war wounds from my 2 months in the city last year.

well guys, i am off to finish packing and will most likely see you again in nyc (!!!)
i arrive monday night.
have a beautiful, sun-filled weekend.