That first picture totally describes how I am feeling.
It was the BF's birthday today and I have so much to be thankful for.
I head home to Canada in less than 2 weeks and I could not be more excited.
pure bliss.
Therefore I am soaking up all the hot weather while I can.
Insert crop tops & jean shorts.
We just gallivanted through town doing heaps of random things.
my attire.
simple and basic.
Perfect for my mood.
I don't know what others think about the crop (?) - but it is quite fun.
So playful & refreshing.


i love ny.

T.diytimessquare.jeans.jj's.shoes.zoom(black pumps).purse.h&m.
another diy.
man I am a monster.
I just want to ravage everything in sight.
Especially since I am trying not to shop since I ordered heaps online months ago, which has yet to arrive.
SO if you have ever been to NYC you can attest that these shirts are available everywhere you look in times square
I can't help myself and every time I go, I fall for the 11 shirts for 10 dollars & even some places you can get 15 for 10.
I promise you I have more than I would like to say.
One for every occasion. gym. garden. hiking. nightgown.lounging... etc.
But today I thought I would go a bit further as the temperatures were soaring, and a tank top was calling my name.
Therefore I chopped the sleeves. both front and back of the neck and then just trimmed and played around a bit. Then with a piece of the neck I cut off, I tied the two back pieces.
YAY. new shirt!





SO I totally jumped on the tie-dye bandwagon. I had been wanting to play around with it for awhile, so a few days ago I took to it.

Thanks for all the inspiration guys.

It was just me and some oh-so-toxic-bleach.
I mildly burnt my hands (i had no gloves)
and did it in the kitchen sink, therefore giving my BF and I bleach headaches.

To be honest it took no more than 8 minutes.
I grabbed a darker pair of old-cut-offs ( i have A LOT) and literally just splattered bleach on them. I kind of just moved it around and did the same with the back.
Left them in the sink overnight.
Threw them in the wash in the morning.

And woot woot.
diy complete.

I will now be searching for a jean dress of sorts to do the same.

I think I've broke my diy barrier.




trench coats.

Thanks Mr. Thomas Burberry. Creator of this wonderful outerwear.

I think they are as classic as ever, but I always seem to bypass it in my closet. Sometimes I think it was way too boring and other times I feel like Mr. Rogers, a detective from a 1940's film or even better a "flasher" (they always seem to wear trench coats, don't they?)

But I do love it and its possibilities are endless.

So when I do wear it I always try to pair it with something a tad "edgier", i.e. jean cut-offs, leather leggings, acid wash...

they are definitely here to stay.

I also had a crazy dream last night of clutches. A wonderfully studded clutch and also a jumbo cream one...ah. it never seems to end.


day into night.

yay. The BF threw me a mini/belated birthday party last night.
Friends. laughs. sushi. music = bliss.
For my outfit I just transitioned from what I wore during the day. A comfy sweater. diy shorts. knee high boots.
Then into the night I went and slipped on a buttoned up collared pinstripe shirt + belt.
I was going to put on a new vintage dress I just got, but I was feeling uber lazy and was too busy with party prep!
But I am sure another event/party is just around the corner...
I also think its fun/easy to take a day outfit into a night one.


ordered or obsession ?

Some things I have ordered in the past months... ( it takes FOREVER to ship here...)
Others are things I am seriously considering.
Others are dreams + obsessions.
The Proenza Schouler PS1 bag is killing me. It has the perfect structure with the most scrumptious slouch.
I love the black/python but I would either get the smoke or midnight.


monday brunch.

What a wonderful way to start a Monday.
The BF is on leave from work for 2 glorious weeks.
We had friends in town who just got engaged, so we went for a wonderful monday madness treat.
I swear everyone around me is either getting engaged. married. or having babies. Do you guys feel the same?
We have been together for a.long.time so the time is yet to come...
But I swear ladies + gents are getting married younger & younger & everywhere I turn another friend has an announcement.
Super exciting, but I am starting to feel old :)
yay for these boots. I just can't get enough of them.
I hope you all had a stunning weekend.




Friday sundowners in the cape = perfection.
AH. So excited to have found these bad-boys.
They are men's which makes me love them that much more.
The slight steel-toe detailing in the front is killer.
I will be wearing these babies excessively.
So triathlon training has come to a halt ( not that I was really training to begin with, more like leisurely 20-30 min. fun jogs ;) )
It honestly feels like I need a hip replacement. So I pretty much hobble everywhere.
BF thinks I pulled both "sartorious" muscles.
So I hope I don't need more extensive treatment.
He just injects me in the tush with meds and I shuffle along.
oh boy.
I am a mess.


my beauties.

FROM top 2 bottom:
1. rosebud salve : I think this stuff is self-explanatory. It has a magical formula. classic. A must have! Go purchase asap.
2. mint green tea : Although I love green tea from my sushi joint- mint green tea steals my heart. The crispness that comes from the mint, coupled with all the yummy antioxidants from the leaves = pure heaven. I drink at least 2 GIANT mugs a day.
3. NARS multiple (Palm Beach, although the picture here is orgasm): This stick is the perfect bronzer. But alas, it is NOT only a bronzer but an eyeshadow + lip color. It's an all-in-one and could not be more perfect.
4. Kiehls tinted: This stuff is IT. I don't like wearing foundation at all, but this stuff not only has sunscreen in it (SPF is a must) but it moisturises and covers. I promise you if you are in the market for a new sheer base, this is the stuff. I use the Light color.
5. Gucci by Gucci: This is what a woman would smell like if she were a man (?). I love its fem/masc. notes. I feel like this scent bottles up all that I am.
6.ysl touche eclat (shade # 2) : No words to describe the greatness. I think it speaks for itself.
7. Bodyshop coconut body butter : This has been my mainstay for as long as I can remember. I slather it on after a shower and it keeps me smooth + fresh all.day.long. Also who doesn't want to smell like a coconut all day? It's like going on a mini vacay.
8. MAC +fix : Spray this before you put on your make-up OR after. OR even better when you do not feel like wearing any make-up at all, spritz and you will be left with a healthy glow. It looks as if you just went on a mini-jog, without having to actually run. Now that's what I call love.
9. Kiehls abyssine eye cream : I just started using this stuff this summer and I feel like I can't go to bed without it. I also put a little bit on in the morning to de-puff. I 'm quite skeptical about all eye creams, BUT I really feel like this stuff produces results. I guess only time will tell...
10. Cetaphil : This it the one and only face wash I use. I've used it for 10 years now and I will NEVER ever use another. It's gentle and keeps my skin squeaky clean.
11. O.P.I Pink-ing of you : This is hands down my favorite shade. It has that little bit of bubblegum pop, it's neutral and when you do not feel like sporting "vodka & caviar" or "russian navy" It will leave you feeling girly as ever, especially with all the leather + zippers. :)


hoodie love.


hoodie alert.
I feel like I have been living in this baby.
I also feel like every time I write I am off for another exam! Well today was no different. Another one bites the dust.
So it was grey hoodie + chloe's and BF jeans. I wear these jeans a lot, but I do not usually roll them.
Today was the perfect day for the roll.
Well to cope with some of the stress there has been heaps of browsing going on and I swear I have millions of things in my "virtual shopping bag".
How nerdy does that sound ?
But I truly am a giant nerd, so I guess it is no surprise there!
They are only one click away. I swear I have some things in there for weeks, and if they vanish after a few days I go back and put them in there, just to know they are safe.
Some clicking has to be done...



I had a really blessed day.
So much to be thankful for.
a day filled with:

laughter. love. kisses. sweets. beach. sand-all-over. sushi. coffee. thewaterfront. sexandthecitymovie. windowshopping. unfortunately a bit of studying. watermelons. sunshine. love from the other side of the world.
thanks for ALL the love+wishes.
you guys are the best.
for real.