simple but utterly perfect.


raf simons. love.

the covetable black boot, with a slight point yet perfectly rounded toe at the same time

the sheer fabric adding the cleanest of finishes to the twilly tweed above

the bags, structured to perfection. how amazing is that grey tote ?

and i swear - the hair and makeup is m e in a nut-shell.

and boy am i ever excited for paris. starting date .tuesday. march 2nd.
my loves exist there... stella. chloe. chanel. ysl. celine. isabel marant...
it's going to be a good good week.

also this week : moving to the east village. what a week it will be...




total casual day.

the streets of new york are an absolute mess.
wet snow flakes the size of my head + dirty streets = disaster.
I was the only female not wearing a pair of Hunter rubber boots. Is it a unwritten code here ?

What i do need though: is a Burberry Prorsum (fw2010 was amazing) sherling jacket. Now that beauty will make me wish for cold + snow 365 days a year. I am in love, and will continue to lust after it.

trudged my way to an 8 am class / followed by art history / and heaps of pukka harmonise tea to keep me warm.

Whilst winter makes its last roar, i am starting to delve into lighter palettes. major cravings include blush/ nude and grey, especially blush though. Expect to see lots of blush!!!

shirt +boots. zara. jeans. h&m.



never. been. posted.

wow- i think i have too many pictures on my computer !

just a few that have never been seen before.

brings back amazing memories of south africa...

can't wait to share more of my new life in ny though, heaps of fun stuff. Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but since i am in the process of moving, and half of my stuff is still in canada + its winter + i don't have anyone to take pictures, makes things a tad difficult. But i will find a way as i have so much fun stuff to share .

thanks for sticking by, means the world.



LL spring/summer must haves.

will someone take me on a yacht this summer ? now that would be bliss.

white dresses. i am on the hunt for a couple of solid staples for spring/summer.

summer sleep wear making its way back into my life. man undies ! oh and white bedding is a must.

if i could, i would grab my sister and we would back pack through south america - how amazing ? and look like this : )

must must must practice and learn how to take photos with my camera (G11) i know its nothing like a rebel, but it's definitely overwhelming.

a pair of tan oxfords. i will pair them with aforementioned white dress!

coffee/ brunch dates on the weekend in the east village. want to join ?

menswear coolness. a spring suit is on my spring/summer 2010 list .

read more !!! grab a blanket. a good book. a thermos of tea and head to central park for the afternoon. read until natural light seizes to exist... any must reads?

a bike! now that i am moving to the east village. i am going to craigslist a old bike, but first must get over the fear of being smooshed on nyc streets...

spring/summer vintage hunting begins. maybe i will be so lucky ?

pretty lingerie with loose tanks . just a peek of a little lace... subtle but sexy.

this stuff is genius! put it on the fridge. spritz it on in the morning...and you will glow all day. in the summer all i wear is this . a little bit of MAC face + body and sunscreen. thats it.
oh stella. yes. i want it all. always.

now with things heating up. cereal for breakfast . ( fav: peanut butter puffins + kashi heart 2 heart warm cinnamon )

nothing but red/orangey lips for a night out. no mascara . no blush. just lipstick!

i want everything in zara. now ! spring/summer collection is a m a z i n g.

cafe ost cafe. this place is literally right across the street from my new apt starting march 1st. i seriously cant wait to be one of those regulars, where they get to know your name + drink...

yummy vegan summer salads. avo on everything please !

i will switch between red + neutrals for my nails. 7 dollar east village manicures right outside my doorstep ! i think i will become a addict.

these jeans. although i don't think i can pull them off... for some reason i'm in love.

braids a plenty. i think they will be the perfect spring accessory. sleep in one and wake up with gorgeous, natural wave.

lucite. will check out urban outfitters to see if i can get a cheap pair of sunnies . but how amazing would these prada's be.

finally. my 2 besties/ aka other sisters surprised me and are coming to visit end of may. perfect end to spring 2010 and the best start to summer in the big apple. so so so excited... i think an all night slumber party at their hotel is in order. because what is life without family & friends ! most important piece to any puzzle.

photo creds. weheartit . google.