love them.
and their clothes.
I almost always hit the men's side before I meander over to the women's department.
It simply pulls me in.
The comfy cardigans, crisp collared shirts, plethora of black goodies and the oh so lovely leather accessories and belts. Its more edgy and broken in, which = pure bliss to me.
I am also terribly obsessed with carrying a clutch everywhere. I love this one, but I am on a mission to find an even bigger one. Jumbo clutch alert.
We were just off to meet four other German doctors last night for a sushi date, before we called it a night.
AND get this.
Somehow I got wangled into being the 3rd leg in a triathlon!
I'm scared.
The BF put the pressure on. So I better get crackin...




And we are off.
Was just about to go write another final. They definitely seem to be never ending and ever so draining. I feel like I have not shopped or vintage hunted for ages ( ah crazytown)... so I apologize for being such a bore!
But keeping with the scary theme, can you believe these jeans are men's ?
I mean they are super tight on me, and to think of a man in them. Oh my. not good, not good at all.

I feel blessed beyond words.

fun interview




Halloween week.
I think I look a tad "ghoulish" here with no make-up, but when its sweltering outside at 11pm sweating make-up is not an option :) (thanks black & white button on my camera, it's way more forgiving than full color!)
Since we don't celebrate Halloween in Africa I will be living vicariously through all of your AMAZING costumes. Can't wait beauties.


comfort me.

my comforts.
As a creature of habit I am forever drawn to my comforts in times of need.
sick=soup. alone=cuddle.
comfort=family+friends (skype!!!). reading. shopping. taking a walk with my favorite magazine.
clothes=black & leather.
I know this jacket will never fail me. I can put it on with anything and I instantly feel loved.
So with finals in full swing and the anticipation of my trip home, I am forever leaning on things that truly calm my spirit.




"All our words will be useless unless they come from within." Mother Teresa

Thank you.
I know I say this a lot, but I truthfully cannot express how thankful I am. You all possess such wonderful hearts and I just want you to know how much it means to me.


marant + miss at la playa.



ah. When I saw Isabel Marant's s/s 09 show walk down the runway I felt at ease. She can do no wrong. The simplicity that comes with her collections, truly make my heart sing.

The hair. simple. make-up. minimal. skin. glowing.

Everything is so clean cut and feminine, but it still possesses that masculine edge/feeling that I will forever adore.

oh and the boots. slouched perfection.

spring chill + 5 year old tights + my favourite plaid + vintage boots + my love for marant.


Thank you to the BEAUTIFUL Monica, from Miss at la Playa.

My heart is forever blessed.

You can check out the article here


saturday night fever.


I was definitely in a 80's mood when I chucked these socks on.
OH tags. You little things.
Thanks to S , Dana and Angela for the wonderful tags. You girls rock.
6 quirky/unknown facts
1. I'm Ukrainian.
2. I live in a city with some of the world's best beaches and I'm deathly afraid of the ocean. Its just too scary down there...plus we have one of the highest rates of great white attacks.
3. I was a dancer for 18 years. Upon graduating high school I went and danced on a cruise ship. Fell in love and that's how I ended up here...love boat ;)
4. I went into Social Work as I can't help but put myself in everybody else's "shoes". I have a passion for helping and my empathy factor runs deep. I truly feel the pain of others...and knew I could not proceed any further in my studies for the sake of my sanity.
5. I can only sleep on my stomach.
6. I am the biggest grandma/nerd you will ever meet. Sometimes I swear I have a 75 year old woman living inside of me. I love reading. baths. can't stay up late. wake up early. love to power walk. addicted to tea. have never been into clubbing... I could go on... :)



Dirtty Glam.
Wow. I feel so blessed.
When the AMAZING Alie, editor in chief of the Parisian Dirrtyglam e-mailed me about "la bloggeuse du mois" (blogger of the month) my heart melted.
You can find the interview HERE. GO TO PAGE 95!
Words cannot express my graciousness.
***Translation: (yikes, It is quite long. Please don't feel obliged to read it:) )***
Briefly introduce yourself.
My name is Lisa Holowaychuk, I’m 23 and live in Cape Town, South Africa. It was quite the journey that brought me here, but to sum it up in one word: love. I’ve been here for almost 4 years, but still claim Canada as my roots. I started studying Social Work and was about to finish my degree, when at the end of last year realized I was not fully pursuing my passion; fashion. Therefore I changed directions, followed my heart and went full speed ahead. I am now studying Consumer Science with Specialization in Clothing Management with the hopes of styling in the near future.
When did you first start blogging?
I started at the end of August after following a plethora of blogs for months! It was my internship in New York, this past summer, which provided me with the inspiration to pursue my own.
How would you define your style?
I really don’t think I have a definite style, or if I do I don’t know what to call it. I’m really bad with putting something in a box, although I am constantly drawn to masculine pieces. Their cut, the freedom they possess and their strange ability to instill strength in me. So I guess to sum it up, I would say I’m one part masculine, one part feminine, mixed in with a whole lot of me!
What can we find in your closet?
Heaps of simple basics (American apparel), denims- skinnies and boyfriend style (which I adore), above the knee skirts, an obscene amount of denim shorts, grey cropped hoodies, tailored black pants, blazers, vintage rocker tees, plaid shirts, leather jackets and skirts and heaps of stolen button-ups from my boyfriend.
A fashion piece that every girl should own?
Two black leather jackets. One short, shrunken one for summer/evening wear and the other a tad roomier so more bulk can be added underneath, during the winter months.
Who’s your fashion icon and why?
WOW, I simply cannot narrow it down to one, so here are my tops: Natasha Poly, Véronique Didry, James Dean, Clémence Poésy and of course my ultimate style icon- Emmanuelle Alt. They all possess/possessed true beauty and passion which is a constant inspiration. I’m drawn to each one during different periods of my life. As my ever-changing emotions develop and the personal growth of my inner self ensues I look towards these individuals for that little bit of spark to propel me forwards.
What’s your most recent purchase?
A pair of killer Topshop booties, Michael Kor “slicker” boots, Ray Ban Clubmasters, my first pair of leggings and silver/black metallic pants.
Which character from a movie had the best style?
I truly don’t think anyone can beat the utter class and elegance of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. I think her character still possesses a touch of magic, as it continues to inspire females around the globe.
Also being a self-professed 80’s junkie, I can’t help but love Molly Ringwald in her countless array of 80’s features; most notably Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles.
What is going to be your fall/winter essential or trend?
Items on my list: long leather gloves, a green military parka, black buckle Frye’s, big chunky 80’s ski sweaters, a faux-fur hat, suede ankle booties, acid wash denim skirt, a chunky black watch and a massive knit scarf.
Your view on the Paris Fashion Week?
Paris fashion week for me is enchanting, alluring and exudes a passion that is un-definable. It’s not only about top designers, the next trend, or who is sitting in the front row. It is the blood, sweat and tears that go into each item that makes its way down the glorious, Parisian catwalk. The passion that these designers and their teams posses, is what inspires me. All of this being showcased in one of the most beautiful cities of the world just adds to the greatness that envelops this sparkling event.
I’m also terribly obsessed with Paris street style, not only during Fashion Week, but 365 days of the year!
What are your daily blogs?
Oh my, it is a mission to name them all, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, because I think all of the bloggers are amazing and so special in their own unique way. It’s truly inspiring to see so many stylish individuals share, support and inspire each other. But some of my daily’s which I’ve followed from the start include:
iamashleigh, karlascloset, Knightcat, mydailystyle, becauseimaddicted, girlmeetsnyc, starbucksandjaneausten, insideam-lulscloset, itsherfactory, fashiontoast, vanillascented, fashionchalet, childhoodflames and ponyryder. Ah, I hate leaving people out!
What’s on your iPod right now?
I would not be able to function without music, on my playlist: Stars, Bloc Party, Tegan and Sara, The Strokes, MGMT, Metric, Sufjan Stevens, Bryan Adams, 80’s tunes, Arcade Fire, Matt Redman… the list goes on and on.



Negative Nancy over here!
Ah. I totally feel like such a bore! Sorry guys.
My exams are sucking me dry and I still have just under a month to go.
Especially my computer course, which has 8 finals ( one for each module ). I'm probably the least computer savvy person you will meet. I don't even own photo shop for the fear of being completely overwhelmed. So here I am trying to sit and teach myself Excel. Database. PowerPoint. Word.... ahhhh. The computer simply sucks me dry.
The last picture sums up how I feel about the course :)
So in times of blah- I just stick to my comforts. Vintage tee + jean shorts. They will never fail me. Even if my computer administrator does...



Spring clean out.
Seeing how spring has sprung. I decided to take a study break and clean out my closet before quickly meeting some friends for a sushi soiree.
I honestly gathered 4 full bags of things I haven't worn in years and REALLY old items which were hard to part with, but I knew that the next time I wore them, they would fall apart (those f21 pieces you KNOW will only make it through a few wears + washes, BUT buy anyway!).
So amidst all the sorting I came across these 2 oldies. A L.A.M.B skirt and a old shirt from Superstore ( yes, I bought it a Canadian grocery store!). Nothing special but I figured together they might compliment each other. So in a rush I just chucked them on and we were off...
ps- the stripes really don't pick up well on here. Sorry for the fuzziness.


I thought I was crazy.

photo cred. garance dore

Taylor.I love you.
OK. So I thought I would be the only one to EVER wear these boots.
I was too scared to admit I made the purchase.

I ordered them a couple of weeks back . Please don't get lost in the mail. please don't get lost in the mail.

So as I awoke this morning and checked out the beautiful Garance's blog. I let out a shout of glee. Truthfully.

Taylor shares the same love.

I head home for the holidays and due to the frigid temperatures (last year we had a cold snap of -50 degrees Celsius...its beyond natural) I knew I needed some new boots to keep me from, not only my feet from falling off, but protection from the snow and ever so sneaky ice patches.
I went on a boot search and came out with a few.
One of them being these ugly.beautiful slickers. I fell in love instantly and pictured myself tromping through the snow with these bad boys.
I'm sure no one will share the same sentiment. But at least I will still have my toes.

Its weird now I can't wait for the snow...
which I WILL regret saying when we have 30 inches of snow outside our front door.



Shantee of fashionista101 found me on chictopia and asked me to do a mini- one word interview!

You can check it out here

It was fun stuff.
thanks Shantee.

I also finally jumped on the bloglovin train. If you have not registered your blog then. YOU MUST. I have no idea what I did without it.
You can just click on the top left icon and lets start bloglovin together.


night owl.

night owl.
So after a crazy week of exams. I had to escape into the night...
Well not exactly. More like going to the movies, downing the largest popcorn they had, and hopping into bed at 11. I am a true grandma at heart. I promise you.
The miu miu has not left my side since it arrived. I even stashed my water bottle in one of the zipper compartments (love these) and a towel in the next, and skipped with glee to Pilate's.
So I have never worn or owned a pair of leggings before. crazy? But I am seeing them everywhere, and every time I do I think they look fabulous. absolutely fabulous. Especially the matte aa's.
I might just be lured in...


I've been waiting for you.

shirt. mens. jeans. UO. shoes. zoom. bag. miu miu.
miu miu madness.

I promise you I thought this bag was either sailing the high seas. shipwrecked on a deserted island or eaten by sharks. Pick one of the 3. I had ordered it EONS ago, and to be honest almost forgot about it. There were major postal issues, and after five months of waiting... it arrived. In one glorious piece.
I was off to write a final JUST before it arrived. So this is me - pre-exam. I therefore fumbled to get organized, quickly stashed my pens and exam necessities in the plethora of zippers adorning its 3 major entrances and took off with my new friend. I think it will be a good relationship.

It's truly like butter.The softness and color.I am in love.
Although my dream fund for my "affair-purse" is hot on its heels...
I may have a slight bag addiction...


breast friends.

I know this is not fashion related.
BUT we're all women, sisters, aunts, mothers and I know this has touched someone you love.
Breast Cancer.
It not only took my grandmother, but my beautiful, beautiful mother.
It will strike 1 in 7 and every 2 seconds another female is diagnosed.
SO since October is Breast Cancer awareness month I simply wanted to spread the word.
Do a charity walk. donate 5 dollars. visit a friend who just needs someone to listen to them...
I got this tattoo of a pink ribbon with love. 5 years ago. and everyday is reminds me of my angels.
Thanks for being such beautiful ladies. inside and out.


You will NEVER know how much this means to me. thank you from the bottom of my heart.


all alone.

break time.
So amidst all the books. notes. studying I ventured out this Saturday night...alone.
The BF was on call so I figured why stay home... I was already in my aa dress + T, so I zipped up my booties, slipped on my vest and high-tailed it to one of my favourite spots. I sat. daydreamed. read a book (non-school related) and chowed down on some sushi. It was a local joint and they know me + my regular order, therefore I was saved from looking like a crazy woman having a mini-date with herself. Sometimes its just what the soul needs.
I desperately need to shop. I have been so busy + online shopping (anyone else out there share the same addiction ? My rationalization: we don't have any of my favourite stores here, so its okay. It's what I WOULD buy if I was living in North America). I do have some fun vacations coming up in Dec/Jan/Feb so it is good for savings/dream fund...hmmmmmm savings.



blazer. mossimo. pants. vintage. shirt. UO. shoes. JS. sunglasses. persol.

risky business.

Well finals have started. Sorry for being MIA. Living in the Southern Hemisphere means my year runs from February - November...therefore its nearing the end of the year. 5 long weeks of finals ahead of me. I wrote two this week and have heaps more to go. So before the real business starts, I went out with a few girlfriends tonight to watch the sunset...nothing beats the African sun. I promise you. magic.

I was definitely feeling a tad adventurous with this shirt on. Low, it is, but coupled with my blazer to cover any slips proved to be a perfect match.
Oh I also re-discovered this lipstick from my cruise ship days (I danced on one!) and since we got 30% off MAC and I had heaps of recyclables, free lipstick it was. It's a Glaze- called Hue. Hard to see in the picture, but its super natural and gives your lips a radiating glow. I don't wear much make-up, but this is now a must.
Tagged- yes. by the lovely lula of Hello Sailor ! ( ps- i'm obsessed with your name, lula). So here's a few tid-bits :
1. Clothes shop: very random + widespread. and will really look/buy anywhere. h&m. men's departments. aa. topshop. vintage. ebay. amazon
2. Furniture shop: @home. Scandinavian living. CB2.
3. Sweet: strawberries.organic chocolate.
4. City: New York. Paris. Vancouver. Cape Town. Auckland. Sydney. Kiev.
5. Drink: mint green tea. water. rooibos.
6. Music: stars. the strokes. tegan and sara. the bloc party. 80's. MGMT. bryan adams. broadway. SO much more.
7. Tv-Series: Not watching any at the moment. Sex and the city. Seinfeld.
8. Film: dirty dancing. breakfast at Tiffany's.
9. Workout: I danced for 18 years. So being active runs in my blood. I love everything. walking (like a new yorker-fast). pilates. bikram. spinning. running. hiking. dancing to good music. shopping (!)
10. Pastries: vegan cupcakes.
11. Coffee: after the BF bought a swiss espresso machine 2 months ago. I love it. But prefer green tea.

I TAG : amazing ashleigh from iamashleigh --- stunning susanna-cole from Girlmeetsnyc --- gorgeous geri from becauseimaddicted


turkish love.


The BF's folks just returned from Istanbul with this gorgeously delicate scarf. Could I ever deny such a gift ? They travel like you would not believe. This year alone they have been to California. Turkey. China. Ireland. and are headed to Switzerland and Paris in December. WHAT?

They make me insanely jealous every time they prepare to jet-set. His dad is a Prof of Orthopaedic surgery and sits on some crazy, special board. So they get invited to all these congresses around the world, pretty neat, hey ?

With all the travelling, and while his dad is off at the congress, his mom shops her big heart out AND ALWAYS comes home bearing gifts. ALWAYS.

So while the wind howls and the rain falls incessantly...it was a perfect day for my new Turkish scarf.