oh, hi blog.

hi guys!

man i've been mia. but it's been good. i think its good just to disconnect for some time. to just be - not worry about this other world, and just live. i had a terrible flu, was studying heaps, and just carrying on with my normal day w/ coffee breaks + meets up here and there! i also have not shopped in a million years... i have 2 suitcases here full of clothes and really only wear a rotation of items + 3 boxes in Canada coming my way...and i don't miss it!

BUT i do have a hankering for a good- solid-vintage-t. That will be my new summer mission- find the softest//coolest//old rocker or high school sports t in the city- the one you can in vision the star of the track team wearing on his winning sprint, drenched in victory sweat or the rocker jamming out to his emo tunes in the basement. i love a good story. i guess we are all just trying to live + tell a story. and i want a great story- so it's time to create it!


happy 100.

photo. cred. tfs.

this will be me this summer.

Been schooling for too many hours, writing exams a plenty, have been uber sick, sipping tea, and am just so thankful to be able to appreciate the simple things in life, because for me, that’s all that matters.

so many blessings and little things that make me happy + excited.

Just wanted to share.

// MY HAPPY 100//

- nights with girlfriends when i laugh so hard my tummy hurts


-road trips

-talking to strangers

-thinking about everything my parents have done for me

-veggies straight from the garden

-a giant farm apple

-sleeping in


-the relief you feel after a really good cry

-yogi tea + the quotes

-disney movies


-bubble baths

-the smell of wet pavement from a heavy first rain

-being stuck in a rainstorm with the one you love and not caring that you're drenched to the bone

-vintage shopping

-running through sprinklers

-dancing for no reason at all

-spending hours at small coffee shops with good books

-acoustic guitar

-buying mens boxers = my pajamas

-a giant wooden vintage table ( * filled with family/ friends/ food* )

-walking barefoot in fresh cut grass

-people watching at the airport

-sweet, stolen kisses



-low//low key// hole in the wall restaurants ( i greatly dislike fine dining & I hate the word hate …)

- hot yoga


-children's smiles/ voices/ laughter

-making new friends

- classic aviator sunglasses

-laughing loudly

-smiles // smiling// the sound of a smile over the phone

-camping in the rocky mountains + hot springs are an added bonus

- music music and even more music

-fresh bedding

-my white high top converse shoes


-french press coffee

-white coffee mugs

-sitting by a campfire, in the middle of nowhere, under the stars - w/ or w/out someone

-hidden islands

-joshua radin's voice ( go download now)

-walking w/ no destination


-CANADA (will always me my # 1 love.)

-art history

-taking the train

-sweet peppermint

-flannel shirts

-vanilla candles

-sentimental/vintage jewelry


-my dorky eye-glasses

-vintage photographs of my family

-endless dates

-a home that’s filled with family photos, vintage finds, an old fireplace, giant kitchen, love

-the new york times

-first bloom of spring flowers

-traveling to an unknown destination

-cheering someone up by just listening to their day

-EVERYTHING 80'S from music to movies (i'm obsessed)

-big/giant dogs

-exposed brick wall

-not working by the set definition, but living your passion- that will be my job.

-unexpected visits//phone calls// letters//texts//moments

-savage garden

-snow angels

-basketball - playing/watching


-small//old towns + the people in them

-baking/cooking for others

-fresh set of pens + a new moleskin

-following a recipe from beginning to end... and of course the result

-5 am sunrises

-the piano

-hand holding (i'm old school)

-witnessing family + friends successes

-jack johnson

-helping someone out when they least expect it

-giving my heart away when the time is right

-making a difference, in big and small ways

-slow dancing (again, old school)

-mens vintage watches

-memories of summer camp

-vancouver + victoria BC


-homemade veggie pizza

-midnight lake swimming w/ the moon as your spotlight


-chunky knits + socks// by a fire// in a wooden cabin // with tea + cuddling

-knowing i can't wink/ whistle/ roll my tongue / raise an eyebrow ... makes me laugh. i'm a dummy!

-of course... family + friends. without them i would not be me and i am truly thankful for them every moment of the day.

hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend.



thank you so much Alie!

the beautiful Alie from Alie The Great + Dirrtyglam magazine featured me on the magazines blog.

not only is Alie a true beauty and talent, but she has a gracious heart and i am proud to call her a friend. She is such an inspiring woman, and i know she is going to take the world by storm, actually she already has...

her blog & magazine: ALIE THE GREAT and DIRRTYGLAM
check them out NOW. and fall in love.

thanks again alie, you are the sweetest.



foto cred. tfs. weheartit

///man do i ever love smiling///

it might not look like it in my pictures, as i feel like such a nerd when i do take them anyway...
but i am that creep that will smile at you on the subway, or on the street, or just walking//listening to my music down the streets. i just feel so alive when i smile, and i honestly believe a smile can truly change a day.

not only do i adore clemence's style // but her smile//ah so genuine + heart warming.

you're never fully dressed without a smile...

listening// lauryn hill (love her!) + bob marley : turn your lights down low


too many shoes.

watch this video NOW !

seriously though. i have not been able to stop watching it for the past week.
it is not only something i am grossly passionate about, but it truly makes you realize, just how much we do. have. too much.

april 8th.


TOM shoes.

one for one campaign.

TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about. The TOMS One for One business model transforms our customers into benefactors, which allows us to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support.

i mean, i'm the first to admit i have more than 5 pairs of shoes, and i know it's too many.

now nyc is not the most ideal place to go barefoot for the day, but an hour or two - totally. whole- heartedly.

these kids truly make my heart sing, and one of their smiles just lights up my life!

go barefoot tomorrow if only for 10 minutes to grab your morning coffee...



photo cred: craig arend

met craig from altamira aka modelsoffduty.com !

way too much fun roaming around the city !