top. tna. dress. h&m. shoes. zara. bag . prada.

searching for a halloween pumpkin in walmart on hallows eve- i think people thought i was in costume already...oh dear.

sometimes i wonder how i end up with what i do, or what inspires me to dress the way i do. and i think it all comes down to simplicity. feeling authentic and honestly - speed. i dislike high maintenance or prolonged dress-ups. i can normally get ready in 10 -15 minutes with hair and make-up and never want anything to be too overdone! so i just go from there- pick a base- either jeans- skirt or dress/ pull a top/ layer/ throw on a jacket and heels and i'm off! 

anyhoo. just wanted to throw some of my thought processes out there...
i like simple things. and i always will.

in pumpkin news- i honestly found the LAST small-dinky- pumpkin in the store.
it's perfect.

i hope everyone has a wicked halloween.


catch me if you can.

sweater. gap. plaid. joefresh. jeans + shoes. urban outfitters. bag. prada.

could not keep still!
that and my camera is not doing so well. 
i  feel that technology is running at such a rampant rate that my panasonic point and shoot has become archaic. may as well just classify it as a brick.

i think it might be time to take the plunge... which i know 99% of you have done.
nothing too fancy, but definitely an upgrade.

so this week has been hectic- workity work and that's about it.
still hunting for some magical winter boots.
drinking peppermint tea + americano's + h20 by the litre.
bearing witness to the roll out of christmas decorations (already!!!!!!!)
pumpkin carvature.

and forever in love with fall's many layers...in life and fashion.


love affair.

sorry for being mia beauties.

i've been having a love affair with my saffiano & tessuto tote.
we have been to the movies. for dinner. to work. to starbucks. out gallivanting.
/i know it's pure love/

in her at the moment:

+ fresh rose spf 15
+ tortoise raybans
+ pen + wallet + phone
+ moleskins full of day timings + recipes
+ scrunchie
+ mj mirror
+ bobbi brown bronzer
+ lucas papaw
+ kiehls creme de corps
+ claudalie beauty elixir
+ 141 ysl lipstick


grey skies are going to clear up.

top. vintage. jeans. gap. shoes + scarf. zara. gloves. ralph lauren. 

i love grey. 
bottom line.
 i can wear it head to toe 3 days in a row and not get sick of it! which i do sometimes as grey seems to engulf my closet.
add a colorful scarf/bright watch/electric blue shoes. and i'm done. brightens up a gloomy day, for sure.

something else that brightens up a grey day.
it starts with a p and ends with an a. i saved + splurged on something. 
stay tuned...


todays. thoughts.

blazer. vintage. skirt. urbanoutfitters. shoes. stevemadden. belt+hoops. joefresh.

melting snow. yes please. 

peppermint tea + early mornings of coffee w/ almond milk + banana oats and tortoise raybans as the sun peaks over the horizon.

ah. the small things make me blissfully happy.

got this blazer the other day, and this definitely made me smile, one of those, if only people knew i was smiling over a dingy, old blazer...

 it drew me near as i recounted my dreams of a crisp/perfectly cut/boyfriend blazer- from mrs stella mccartney. one day. until then- this bad boy will serve me well.



shirt. joe. skirt. bbdakota. shoes. aldo. bag. zara.

does anyone else get the mid october slump?

fashion weeks have just ended/ christmas is still a few months away/the leaves are gone/ the weather is getting colder and colder...

it is a tad blah, but i smile my way through and hope for the best.

this skirt definitely pops me out of it. that and a pumpkin latte.
oh and bundling up in all my knit wear and fuzzy robe + shopping online because its wayyyy too cold to venture out.

is topshop ever going to deliver to canada!?



jacket. zara. blouse. vintage. pants. topshop. shoes. chloe. glasses- prescription!

so the mercury is dropping by the day.

and  i am still going grocery shopping like this- i am crazy, but i've also been living in Africa for the past 4 years.

so this brings me to another point of discussion + question.
i know some of you will cringe instantly, and believe me i am with you when i see them everywhere...but the 4 letter sheepskin boot is here to stay.

so uggs.
i have been thinking about buying a pair.
ONLY because i have not had a winter in canada for 4 years and i'm afraid if i don't i won't have feet come summer.
and i am not talking about cold-i mean freakin' freezing.
 i live in the prairies where it gets to be -30 celsius, therefore warm boots are a must, as is plaid and big woolly coats. to us canadians it is all about survival.

so honestly- what do you guys think? would you banish me forever.
also what else can you recommend?

also note- they would only be worn for running errands & to and from ( we don't wear shoes in the house here )



hey yo.

sorry for going mia.
i worked all weekend + it was thanksgiving (looooong weekend) here in the great.white.north.

will be back later this evening!



black & white.

coat+shoes. zara. 

FIRST SNOWFALL (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

welcome back to canada, eh?



blush. whimsical. raw. sexy. ruffles. simplicity. belted. natural. clean. 

"I wanted to teach my customers not to be afraid of the simple stuff,"

militant. sharp. nude. classic. wedges (inlove). understated provocative. luxuriously sporty. pull back. 

"I just thought I'd clean it up. Make it strong and powerful—a kind of contemporary minimalism," 

2 designers + collections who i am madly head over heels for.
this is the "woman" i want to be + dress like.

*** loving all the honey -colored- hair. thinking of a change in color for my virgin hair?



dress. vintage DVF. shoes. topshop. clutch. accessorize. sunglasses. rayban.

what a gem.
pure silk DVF vintage.


Diane is a woman who embodies: strength, power and feministic flare.
i just look at her, and feel empowered.

i probably did a million little twirls in this dress...i couldn't help myself!

***sidenote: have had a couple people ask my height: around 5'9 !