blazer f21. jeans.oldnavy.boots.topshop

almost 2009.
364 days of life.
what a year!

christmas in canada. move from social work degree to fashion. bf finishing his specialization. internship in new york. new friends. friends having babies. besties travelling the world. many tears. millions of laughs. heatwaves. personal growth. my new love for coffee. re-discovering bikram. accumulating more shoes than i thought was possible. spring & fall 08 runway shoes. giving + sharing.
sex&thecitymovie. countless HOURS spent on style.com. reading a collection of amazing & life changing books. spending $$$ on hundreds of magazines. home improvements. diy's. spring cleaning 75% of my closet. music that followed me through each and every day. THIS blog & so much more...

so much to be thankful for...and so much to look forward to.

well it is FREEZING outside. so all my pictures have to be taken before I bundle up like a mad woman!
my girlfriends have been coming and going, so i think i have been on over a dozen coffee dates within the past few days. so bitter. sweet.

I braved the elements and wore my topshop booties out.
they are INSANELY high with the added platform on the sole, but surprisingly very stable.
maybe it helps that i used to dance on pointe shoes for ballet ?

wishing everyone a happy + safe next few days.
2009 here we come...


models from the north.

taylor fuchs
watch out. more to come from him...

coco rocha.
natural goddess.

irina lazareanu.
rock queen.

heather marks.
calgarian beauty.

daria werbowy.
effortless beauty.
ukrainian + canadian.

lisa cant.
doll face.
meghan collision.
pure edge.
edmontonian (where i was born.)

jessica stam.
the stam.
enough said.
Canadian goodness.
i have always been obsessed with models.
all of these stunners were born & raised in Canada which makes me LOVE them that much more.
they possess such a down to earth appeal to them which comes across in print. eds. interviews...
i love many models from around the world, but whenever i come across these i feel a strange sense of pride come over me!
dreams DO come true.


chloe christmas.


i hope you guys had a GLORIOUS & SPLENDID day with family + friends.
mine was wonderful.
filled with love & laughs.
i am sure you guys got some incredible gifts.
can't wait to see.
i scored 2 amazing books ( which i'm sure you guys got too... )
thanks bro + sis.
books are my favorite.
these will be soaked up to their fullest!
AND my chloe's.
i think i am in love. they have such a weird aesthetic to them, and i know many will find them weird, but the nude shade + wedge/boot heel is something that i find utterly amazing. their fit and construction are undeniable, and nude shoes. i'm obsessed.
i wore this romper with my newbies for Christmas day.
nothing beats this suit for holiday play + eats.
i'm off to brave some boxing day sales with my sis. i haven't been in years... we thought we would see whats going down at the biggest mall in the world !!! ( West Edmonton Mall )...


t'was the night before christmas...


I truly hope you have the most glorious holiday and are surrounded by all the things you love.
family. friends. lights. stockings. holiday drinks. cookies. holiday tea. cornflake balls. christmas socks. carols. laughing so hard it hurts. candycanes. loveactually. seeing your loved one faces when they open your gift- the light they radiate is pure joy... and SO MUCH MORE to love and be thankful for.
Last night I attended another holiday party and before that my House of Harlow ring FINALLY arrived! yay happy christmas. eve.eve.
The ring was MUCH larger than I anticipated which = that much more to LOVE.
My brother so kindly nicknamed it my " power shield".
The quality is superb and has me hankering for the bracelets and the black bold cuff!
SHE did such an amazing job. pure love.
CHECK it out.
I think these slickers have been stuck to my feet since their arrival. I seriously can't rave about them enough. Especially since they are more of a necessity than anything.
I just have to thank you for spreading love. passion and inspiration through all of your words and photos.
have a good one.


dark & ugly.


I 'm sure everyone is filled with christmas spirit & yummy eats.

I was just off to another party. party. party last night.

My MK uglies also came in ( after months and months...), and I cannot even describe their weirdness & greatness.

I mean it is pure ice here on all the walkways and streets, but even with the inches of height I seem to be the only one not slipping away.

Happy last minute shopping !!!



Now I know what you guys are all talking about...

This was my first ever Polyvore and my first time ever on the site!

But with the temperatures dipping down to -40 Celsius with the windchill... I have lots of time on my hands.

sweatpants city!

So I figured I would give it a go...and yes I love it.

It is a combo of winter-wonder-land necessities and my favorite designers - Chloe. Stella McCartney...

I love nude palettes. warm cozy things. killer shoes. layering with boyfriend blazers. black slouch bags. a masculine touch but in a feminine way. a classic cartier. clutches. pretty lingerie...oh my lists go on.

IF only polyvore dreams came true :)




holiday cheer.
Holiday party last night.
It was super casual and entailed seeing people from high school which I have not seen from graduation.
chocolate fountains&tea.
I wish I could bottle up all the holiday spirit!
I just LOVE it.
I spotted this chunky. grandpa knit at old navy when I arrived here on the 10th! I loved it but thought I would hold out and see what else I found. Well of course I went back a week later and all they had was ONE in XL.
But after trying it on. taking it out of its prescribed loops. I thought the bigger the better!
I think any smaller would not provide the warmth I required.
Oh and the feather clutch.
it was LOVE at first sight.
and will see me through my holiday soirees.
I was going to wear some heels.
But check out the snow.
I think I would of ended up in the ER!
spreading the cheer...


stay indoors.


the season of the glorious holiday parties.

I think up until christmas I have about 4 or 5 to attend!
SO much wonderfulness in one night.
friends. food. fun. laughter. christmas carols. nostalgia. cheer. hot drinks. fire places...

Everyone just seems that much happier.

And the fashion.
I think only so many holiday dresses can be purchased and worn.
I am also someone more into separates then one blingy dress.
That way I can take a simple pair of grey trousers and play around with them.
Some parties also lend themselves to a more casual attire ( chunky holiday sweaters + sequins anyone ??? yes. please.)
Therefore this year I am going to use my limited holiday wardrobe and re-use, accessorize and spruce things up with make-up!

I also bought the most glorious evergreen jacket the other day - so I am sure I will be putting it into good holiday use!
and this gucci-Esq scarf.
oh and my first time wearing leggings.

My bestie snapped this on a splendid afternoon at chapters + starbucks.
With the temperatures coming to a halt outside, what's better than friendship. cozy couches. bountiful books + magazines & holiday sips!


winter wonder land.


So I think I 'm finally getting over the dreaded jet-lag.
I get super sleepy at around 4 in the afternoon, but resist the urge to take a nap so I can re-set my sleep-wake cycle.
I definitely think someone living in the Great North should write a book on how to dress in
- 30, as it is proving to be difficult.
"Fashion in the Freeze".... "Freezing Fashion".... " Cold Chic"....
My luggage arrived this morning, but it really did not make too much of a difference as I really did not pack anything at all!
I am crazy coming to Canada with no clothes.
I got this vintage blazer at a quick stop at the shop, and this hat at Superstore ( Joe Fresh, i love you... Joseph Mimran is the genius behind the Canadian powerhouses- Alfred Sung. Club Monaco & Caban) Now this label, Joe Fresh is sold in Superstore, which is a massive no-name grocery store.
so think.
grocery-store-chic. :)
pure Canadian love.


lost & found.

wow. guys it really is cold here. and it's only supposed to get colder...
and I am still without luggage.
but I am trying to remain positive pete about it all.
the most important thing is - I am safe. happy. healthy. and surrounded by all my family and friends.
I could not be more thankful.
my luggage will hopefully arrive today and well the weather, this is the Great Canadian North.
- 30 by Sunday does not even surprise me anymore!
So I managed to pick up this old-school club monaco sweatshirt at a local store for 2 dollars.
with the cold and frustration it seemed to comfort me quite nicely.
do you guys remember these? think of CM now.
I also received my iosselliani ring in the mail !
I have been waiting for this baby for over a month now... and I truly cannot even describe its 7 wonderful stacks of goodness.
I am still trying to get a handle on indoor pictures ( :( ). Sorry for the scary lighting + graining texture. I look a tad ghoulish.
oh dear.
this should be interesting.


no clothes + jet lag.

jacket.uo.jeans.levi.flannel.joefresh.boots.sam ed.

canada. snow. family. sibling chats. hugs. tea. 1st starbucks in 6 months. joefresh.grandma driving in the snow. christmas carols. lights. flannel. no clothes. jetlag. freezing feet. cold and scaly hands. insta-dryskin. rosebud salve addict. familiar smells & places. warmth of a fireplace. all in the past 24 hours...

home sweet home.

With no luggage I managed to scramble something together!

Flannel just fit with my first day back in Canada. very nostalgic + the only other clothes I have.

I am going to have to play around with posting times/places etc. as my winter coats will get super boring!

So I will juggle between indoor + outdoor. I hope it works!!!

thanks for being ever so patient.

happy holidays.


in transit.



No matter how many times I do this journey. It still leaves me pooped.

I am sitting here at JFK, with a few hours to spare ( not enough time to venture into the city ! ).

18 hours in the air. with 6 hours flying time to go!

Also...my bags are lost or have not even left south africa yet.

very frustrating but I always sort of expect it, as this is the 3rd time it has happened!!!

So I have all my necessities and one change of clothes.... but that is it. To be honest though I did not pack much, and when my BF went to lift my suitcases, he just gave me a sly smile :). oh dear.

I need to track down a winter coat + some boots asap.

Thanks for ALL your amazing words + wishes. Things have been hectic and I have not been able to respond to comments!!! So sorry.

These next few months should be interesting, as I transition into full-winter-gear....so expect heaps of layers + tracking down some yummy, chunky knits, long gloves, booties, scarfs, etc...it should be a fun journey :)

I am off to airport browse...

you guys are the best.

my heartfelt thanks.
EDIT. I AM HOME :) still awaiting luggage...
thanks for all the amazing words guys.
i will catch up on my blogging asap & post my first winter get-up SOON !!!
missing all your inspirational ways...


road trippin.

I can't think of anything better than starting off the trip with a quick stop at the southern most tip of Africa. This is the exact point where the indian and atlantic ocean meet (Cape Agulhas). Me being a nerd, and standing on the monument in my bathers.
Let me tell you, this weekend was INSANELY HOT ! ( see bottom picture)
sorry for the super boring attire.
if i could i would of worn my bathing suit the. entire.time.

just took a stroll at the beach house. The dress was totally see-thru but being on the beach and retreating to a hut for dinner, it was totally acceptable.


At the BF's , uncles family vineyard for the HUGE family christmas.
It was jam packed with holiday goodness.
but I still can't get over christmas carols in 40 degree weather...
All farm attire- cut-offs and plaid. howdy!
but with a twist.
The family gave me crazy stares when I showed up in my black pumps.
But something even more amusing was the fact that I was not the one with the shortest of shorts.
The farmers were rockin' farmer hot pants... Farming in Africa. I swear you have never seen anything like it. (think big bellies and SHORT jean shorts)

We almost melted.
It was hot.
the whole weekend.
I think my body will go into shock when I fly to Canada tomorrow.
It was an uber fun road trip with my BF.
a/c blasting. silly chats. good friends + food. and great music...
Until February.




AH. I squealed when I saw this top. Not only was it ridiculously cheap, but the print was almost an exact replica of the Stella McCartney I have been lusting over ... remember Amber Valletta's editorial ? hotness.
I could not resist buying it, even though I fly out to snow-land on Monday.
SO I am feverishly soaking up all the hot weather as I can.
We are headed to a friends beach house tomorrow for the night (LOVE mini road trips!)
Then to the BF's family Christmas circus, on Sunday (HUGE family!)
by the beauties thestylishwanderer & billiejean
but instead of doing 6 unimportant things. i thought i would just do 8 (MY all time favorite number!) things on my mind...
- the ability to travel home for the holidays. Because what is life without family & besties?
-volunteering this holiday season.
-how i will be wrapping all my Christmas gifts with old magazines & recycled ribbon
-the sound of snow beneath my boots. snowflakes. fireplaces. long baths. reading for hours. layers. roasted veggies/soups. catching up with my amazing girlfriends. and giving my family the BIGGEST hug when i see them in the airport... ( Love Actually's airport scenes ALWAYS leave me teary eyed. i am constantly saying goodbye to the people closest to me...)
-listening to- the new STARS - Sad Robots
-the Zimbabwe crisis.
-nyc in february.
-Joe Fresh @ superstore.
very random!
***EDIT- i am off to the beach house ( it is +37 at the moment...ah!!!) so will be MIA from everything until Sunday night. Have a GORGEOUS weekend.***



the dip-dying of the ombre print is always re-surfacing.
reminiscent of matthew williamson spring 08 ?
oh f21.
It allows for color-blocking, but in a more subtle way. Just how I like it!
I have to resort to minimal clothes as the temperatures are scorching HOT, but fear not I will be back in the northern hemisphere next week, so will have to succumb to some Michelin man styling.
oh- a few people asked my whereabouts in Canada. I am from Edmonton, Alberta (well just outside of it...). so it is cold.
like -25...-30.


sunday lunch.


the wackness pattern.

I acquired this dress during my internship at Tracy Reese.

The 70s/80s bathing suit print drew me in instantly.

It possessed a mad ruffle at the bottom, but I seam - ripped it off, to create a more streamline look.

coupled with a white tank took to take it down a notch.

pure silk with a gorgeous swing, makes for a perfect sunday afternoon birthday lunch.

on a different note:

*** Dec.1 st is World Aids day***

living in South Africa has opened up my eyes to its devastation.
up north in some communities 1 in 2 suffer from this crippling disease.

they are having a moment of silence throughout the world.
so if you have a moment to reflect...