(ignore my man hand :) )

i love you guys
thanks for all your support + sweet words.

x x x x


i love you nyc.

hello big apple !

so these past few days have been an absolute whirlwind.

from school orientation (more on this later!) . . . to alarms not going off & running after the bus . . . rainy days coupled w/ target and starbucks trips. it has already been an adventure and i've only been here for 3 days.

wow, and today//today was special . i finally met my first fellow blogger!!!

i seriously could not have been more blessed by the beautiful jillian @ novastyle
we have been friends for what seems like forever, and i knew from the first hug that we would be friends for life !
she is the biggest sweetheart and with her studying at parsons & me at FIT - i know we will have too many coffee ( i means study . . . ) dates and adventures around the CITY. . .

* * *

i've always loved the city. always and forever.

but walking home//to the subway and capturing moments like this, just make me fall in love with it a little but more . . .

if that's even possible.



i made it to NEW YORK ! ! !

SO sorry for the brief absence - things will be up and rolling in no time.

been a busy bee and still trying to find a permanent residence ! and with school orientation tomorrow  and wednesday . . . WOW i don't think any of it has set in it.

my head is spinning but i am excited beyond belief.

i will keep you updated on everything  ! ! ! 

thanks for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT . it means more than you know.

love you guys .

& see you soon.

x x x x


crazy cool.

thanks for sticking by me!

packing // moving // sleepless nights // running around like a mad woman .

only 3 more days & i jet from EDMONTON --> LA --> NYC.

my head is spinning and i'm nervous beyond belief, but i know once i get there and "settle" in. . .  some of that will wear off.

i also got news of a very exciting internship - will let you know once i get into the city + start. beyond cool. 

to be honest - i have just been living in jeans this past week, and intermittently changing my tops to suit the occasion - dinners out = blazer ; movie nights in = mens t-shirt + mugs of tea.

i'm off for the day ! first stop starbuckssssssss.
hope everyone is having  a beautiful week
thanks again for being so.amazing.

x x x x 

blazer. vintage. scarf + jeans + boots.zara.


barefaced brunch.

roll out of bed . coffee on self-timer  . wash face . dry shampoo. moisturize. wrap myself in a big chunky knit and throw on my favity fav fryes .... a simple sunday routine and now i am off to brunch ! ! ! 

 i swear i am a boy on the inside when it comes to getting ready + regimes . i am all about the quickest// simplest way to get out the door. 

today : doing everything you do before one moves ! to be honest it feels like i have been living out of suitcases for months and months... all i had when i moved from south africa is 3 huge beasts ... so moving to n   y   c shouldn't be too bad. pack up the basics and essentials and i think thats all i need.
oh boy- it's going to be a loooooong week.

hope everyone has a fabulous sunday! ! ! 

knit. old navy. jeans. gap. bag. zara. boots. frye. sunnies. rayban.


grey gradient.

thank you isabel marant ! ! !

can you see my red nose in the picture ?

it wasn't too chilly out  * by canadian standards * but the wind chill was atrocious

i took inspiration from isabel marant (love her), while pulling on these " sweats " for the day. 
anything that warrants sweats + outwear suits me just fine!
comfort +warmth are paramount on these crisp winter days

t-minus 9 days until n y c move.

x x x x

blazer. club monaco. shirt. zara. sweats. lululemon. purse. zara. shoes aldo.


chanel monday.

oh mondays ! so fresh and new.
endless possibilities lie ahead.

daydreaming away...

wishing i could rip up the mountains on this chanel + sip piping hot coffee  in the whistler chalet decked in head to toe Dsquared, anyone want to join? (feb 2010 OLYMPICS!!!)
 - love the canadian brothers dean & dan - they always take canadian stereotypes and use them in the quirkiest ways. 
beaver sweaters ! yay.

snowboarding + chanel ?  the perfect combo.
imagine uncle karl carving down the mountain on this board ?

my obsession with chanel is the perfect way to amp up my monday morning.
inspiration. happy thoughts. and dreams away...


icy icy cold.

with weather like this, i know for certain the streets of new york will be like a summers breeze upon my face! no joke.

i still can't believe i move in 16 days ! ! ! so much to do, organize, purchase , find... still apartment hunting ( scams galore ) , sorting through FIT classes, planning a going-away-party, going to movies with my free movie passes, sushi + coffee dates, wasting my time researching G 11's + other electronics ... 

any new yorkers out there? any tips or leads to making the move to the big.apple.

i'm definitely a tad overwhelmed but excited beyond belief.

empire state of mind on replaaaaaaaay.

sweater. h&m. leggings. lululemon. boots. zara. bag. alexander wang ( for sale - inquire by e-mail)


sviat vechir

will be back tomorrow with pictures !!!

its ukrainian christmas in my family//household.
eve - tonight // day- tomorrow 

will be celebrating like these 4 ukrainian models ...
evelina // alyona//viktoriya//masha
( my ukrainian name is Lesia : )  )

and of course daria ( who was born in poland, but is 100% ukrainian)

here is to 12 meatless dishes. 
recipe for borscht from the NYTIMES here



new year in baby blue.

baby blue. Rodarte for target.

a perfect way to ring in 2 0 1 0 .

robin's//egg//blue always remind me of babies & babies = fresh starts !
so it was the perfect shade to wear upon welcoming a new year.

thanks to my bestie for surprising me with this beauty !