in the trenches.

trench. gap. jeans+shoes f21

trench = classic.
friday night out= sushi date with our beloved friends.
electric blue shoes= check.
reading= ernest hemingway
f21 jeans= so cheap, but one of my comfiest pairs.
random skateboarder= confused
side bun= ?


nerd face.

my new specs.

i have been wearing glasses for about 7 years now. 
BUT extremely sporadically.
i try to go without them, except when driving to unknown places and it is a MUST to see road signs.

so during my visit to Canada my insurance plan allowed me new frames.
therefore i went big + bold, as i had nothing to lose.
i put these on and instantly felt like i could solve e=mc2

***hair help***

 i have definitely been hankering with the thought of some hair change
i 'm a MAJOR bore in this department and feel like i need a change.
any suggestions? 
i don't think i will cut it... 
but maybe going lighter? a few highlights?
i have virgin hair, so nothing crazzzzy.


canadian tuxedo.

shirt+jeans. vintage. sunnies. rayban.

After i heard the term "canadian tuxedo", which was brought out in the reviews of the William Rast F/W 09 runways.

i had to rock it out.
i just had too!

head to toe denims = "CANADIAN TUXEDO"
new terminology that made my day.
 growing up in the great north has allowed me many viewings of denim jacket + wranglers.

nerd alert.
i know

+ factor in my clubmasters.
i am sure i look out of whack...
BUT i  had to post this, as what you see is exactly what i wear out!


blue sky delight.

top.aa.skirt. clubmonaco. boots. frye. purse. alexanderwang

i am always drawn to more neutral palettes.
but for some reason i've been ALL over electric blue ( which i have definitely mentioned before, sorry guys)
a magpie on a mission!
what can i say.

 finally got my fryes.
these have been a non-stop mission.

i first ordered the Veronica shorties months ago, but they were sent to Canada + were way too tight for my yeti feet.
so could not deal with it until i got back there for christmas.

BUT to make a long story short---- i changed my mind and got the 8" harness bad boys ( they reminded me of the miu miu's  i coveted).

and have fallen truly. madly. deeply in love.
a true staple + i can't WAIT until they get all yummy + broken in.

ps- i am so pale i am blending into my shirt ;)


breaking news.

blazer. zara. shirt. aa. jeans. zara.

new favorite blazer alert!

who does not love this fashion staple?
 worn by editors. muses. fashionista's. men. women. children. flight attendants. boat clubbers... 
it is a MUST for everyone.
seeing an old grandpa in his sundays best blaze
oh the joy!

they can be thrown over ANYTHING.
and i just CANNOT get enough.

i simply fell in love with this blush blaze.
it instantly reminded me of Stella S/S 09.
oh to have one of her blazer jumpsuits.
pure love for ms McCartney.

i normally always roll my sleeves up, but wanted to give it a go au natural today.
i mean business here :)


into the night...

back in my hood.
and it feels so good.

i am finally able to venture outside not bundled up like a giant yeti.

it therefore allowed me to dawn my dress that the beautiful Petra made for me!
she is AMAZING guys.
pure sweetness + talent galore.
it was so beautifully constructed + had the most gorgeous puff/structured sleeves.
it reminded me of a mild Prada.
so i pulled on my knee leggings ( cringe, i know) but i actually liked them with this and wore them with glee.



sunshine in nyc?
you are not seeing things.
sorry for being m.i.a
i have been flying over the atlantic (wrote pacific before, so jet-lagged!) - then down the continent of Africa.

to surprise my man.

i am back in SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!

i had spent so much time in the city during the summer.
and after 70 days away. i just wanted give my BF the biggest hug + kiss.
so i just visited nyc for 2 nights.
but it was jam-packed and glorious.

 also fell in love with this AW bag.
saw it on the first day.
stroked it.
came back the day of my flight and flee-ed!
i was looking for something smaller as i have heaps of "carry my life" in bags.
so this will teach me to down-size.
i almost got the black
but figured this was a tad softer for me.
yay for zippppppers.
thanks for all the LOVE guys.
i will get back to regular posting soon!!!


a few city shots.

on my own.
so hard to get pictures of myself.
i always feel funny asking people.


just some shots i took around the city.

oh and today i had a bite to eat at a cafe across from Bryant Park.
 Harley Newton and her mom came and sat right beside me.
i knew i recognized her
 but when her mom said "Harley, mischa is on the phone" ( i am guessing Barton) i knew it was true.

a couple of fun things to be revealed!
in a few days.

it is glorious here. sun shining. crisp air.

but i have to be honest.
i am ready to go home!
my man. dog. sun.
my loves.


n y c

in transit to NYC.

hope you beauties are having a wonderful week.
things have been hectic these past few days.
thank you for all the well wishes.

i will try to post as often as possible, but it will be a whirlwind!!!

if only i looked this chic walking down the streets.

oh the city.

can you believe it?
i am so sorry guys.
things are hectic at the moment.
some pictures soonsoon.





i 'm definitely someone that can appreciate almost anything in fashion.
i truly believe it is a way to express who you are on the inside
and to wear something that you simply love.
and since we are all unique. beautiful . individuals.
we can wear anything + everything we want.
people might judge.
but as long as we LOVE, that is all that matters.

so i put on my denim shirt with my dark denims.
denim ON denim.

i hope everyone is having a lovely day.

i depart from Canada on Thursday so this might be the last snow-filled picture (!!!)



super simple.

it is laundry + packing time.

just a simple aa v-neck.
gold timex.
and Levi's.

comfy to a T.

perfect for running around town doing endless amounts of errands & meeting family + friends for last minute coffee's + lunches.

only a few more days ( 9 to be exact!) until i get to see my man + dog.
i have missed my men CRAZY amounts.
too much to even explain.
love. love. love.

i hope everyone had a beautiful weekend.

any fellow bloggie beauties going to be in nyc this weekend ?




sorry for the slight absence!
things have been HECTIC
+ i have been quite under the weather.
+ since I leave (canada) early thursday morning.
fly to new york. then cape town.
i have been soaking up all the family + friends time.
will be back SUPER SOON.
(aka. hopefully tomorrow )


green monster.


it is freakishly warm out here.
it may LOOK cold, but i promise you it is "hot" for a canadian february day.

hopefully you can see the beautiful EVERGREEN color of this moto jacket.
i own a couple black ones.
but green. never.
i know this beauty will be a splendid addition to my coat collection.

oh dear.
i am dreading packing...
i am over-weight 101% of the time ;)
"do you have bricks in your luggage?"
"nope, just shoes "


ps- second picture. pure laughter due to my brother! i had the giggles the entire time.


valentine nyc style.

heart nyc
valentines day
the 14th.
i will be in nyc.

wearing this outfit.
simple + sweet.
hair pulled back in a low.sleek bun.
skin glowing. nude lips.
with my one and only true love.
reservations at the best sushi restaurant in the city.
forgetting what time it is, as we get lost in each others eyes.
leave holding hands and never letting go for the rest of the night.
a walk through central park.
kissing for hours on a park bench.
popping into a Parisian style cafe to share an espresso.
which will keep us awake into the morning hours.
oh love. i love YOU.

what a *dream*


february of fun.

what a beautiful day. 

as you can see the sun is reflecting off what used to be snow.
BUT because it rained (!!! freaky !!!) our whole town has become one big ice rink.

yes, i am definitely crazy for wearing these shoes out.
but i just had to hop out of the car & into the restaurant.
mission accomplished.

ah. i just cannot get enough of electric blue or all shades of blue for that matter.
especially midnight.
almost black. but NOT
so mysterious + different.
must look out for those special pieces in this hue.