model of the moment.

photo cred: models.com +tfs

anna jagodzinska.

too many good things to say:

polish perfection.

she has been on every cover. walking every runway. and has been in too many editorials and campaigns to count.

the vogue italia cover is one of my favorite covers of.all.time.

ahhh. her + her man in vogue. too cute.

saw her on fashion tv the other day doing a backstage interview at marni, and fell in love even more.

and finally- so jealous she got the chloe "Sally", most likely for free.



shirt.gap. pants. woolworths. shoes. asos.

harem pants.
i've seen them quite a bit lately but never truly understood them.
the fit just seemed awkward to me.
but when i saw this pair at woolies yesterday, i figured giving them a chance would only take a minute.
well to be honest, i wouldn't have cared if they looked absolutely hideous.
 these babies are the comfiest pants i have ever worn.
i could wear these daily. and not feel bad.

but as the bf and i were getting ready to search for new runners (unsuccessful), i popped around the corner, and definitely heard the words.
aladdin. and magic genie.
oh boys, you just have to love them.


funny faces.

coat. gap. pants. uo. boots. jessica simpson

it has been pouring all.day.long.

so before heading out for dinner (where we dined by clint eastwood!, super random but had to share)
i whipped out my favorite trench.
i got in canada, this winter
knowing that it would be perfect for my south african winter!
rainy but no snow.
2 winters in one year.
have to love it.
tea+duvet+books and magazines+fires+rubber boots!

oh and these jessica simpson boots have to be in my top 3 shoes.
they are over 2 years old, but look like new & are probably number 1 for comfort.
i am actually quite blown away with her line and have caught myself lusting over some of her shoes more often than not!


inspiration. favs + sneaks.

i was blown away by these. james mountford is a true inspiration. please check out his blog. iheartkrackney

i have definitely expressed my love for chloe. over and over.
this s/s campaign was one of my favorites.
love anna j + the "partay" purse.
+  just found out these were shot about 30 minutes from my house!

really digging these glasses by roberto cavalli
i <3>

acne lookbook.
their designs truly speak to me.
simple. structured. with the perfect  amount of hang.
ah i am in love with these looks.
especially the last!

this will be a perfect addition to my signature scents.
highly recommended.
perfect for a day at the beach.

ali stephens. 
can hardly believe she is only 17.
she has been the face of calvin klein + chloe.
has walked too many runways to count.
and i find her so refreshing and radiant. 

okay last but not least!
i know boring. sneaks.
but i do wear a pair almost every.single.day.
and have worn the same pair for years (nike) and i have run them into the ground.
thinking about switching it up.
new balance (903s shown above). asics. adidas?
what do you guys think? 
i am sure you all own a pair of runners ;)


french frye.

jacket+pants.uo. scarf. country road. boots.frye.

winter is coming...
you would never think i was born in canada.
i mean it starts dipping down to 14 and 15 degrees and i am pulling out my scarf! 
crazy me.

oh i need some help + would love your input.
as i know you guys are from all over the globe.
we are thinking of a holiday in august/september and would love to hear some places you have been or would recommend.

favorite holiday spot?


i bless the rains...

down in africa.

it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
i bless the rains down in africa
gonna take some time to do the things we never had


back in black.

cardigan. zara. skirt.aa. shoes. zoom.

black is something that i can always lean on.
i can be in the happiest of moods but, a simple black outfit can elevate that feeling even more!
it is just so comforting.
and since we are headed into winter, boy will i be one happy gal.




i have been an avid follower since the beginning. 
so this means the world.

* just got back from the BFs family beach house, where we spent the easter weekend, so will catch up asap!


i simply re wore everything this weekend.

cut offs. plaid. stripes. black flats and aviators.
nothing special. 

when away at the beach house in a town of one grocery story. no movie theatre. and no shopping at all. the simple things in life are treasured to their fullest.

our weekend consisted of family. sleep. eats by the sea. biking and taking a drive to view Gods beauty.



was tagged by my beautiful jillian of nova style.

list 7 things you do not know about me...

1. i am obsessed with green smoothies. spinach. banana. berries. soy. almonds...hello popeye!
2. i love God, first and for most.
3. to get to sleep my feet have to be touching, and i ALWAYS rub them together. totally random + weird.
4. growing up i wanted to be a doctor (paediatrician). but never pursued it any further.
5. my other half is a brain surgeon. he definitely made it farther than me!
6. i have come face to face with a lion. (...giraffe. rhino. buffalo. pumba.)
7. i've eaten an entire watermelon on my own, and complained of belly aches... a couple of times.




still working hard to break my fryes in.
they definitely need a good bashing.
it will take years to do, but i am in it for the long haul!


simple stella.

image credit. style.com

drawing some comfy. sleek. simplicity from stella mccartney.

spring 2006 + 2007.

she just owns jumpsuits and blazers.

i'm also still in love with this bikini.
imagine frolicking the maldives with this beauty?

oh and how young do our favorite models look?
freja! natasha! maryna! stam!