my dog i had to leave behind upon my departure from Cape Town, South Africa where i resided for 4 years.

to say it broke my heart to leave this beautiful face is a complete understatement. A dog becomes like a human to its owner, and i had streams of tears dribbling down my face as i drove down the driveway to the airport.

as fall falls upon us, and the temperatures drop below zero, i am faced with the lonely nights of tea + cuddles from my giant blanket, longing for the warm snuggle of Mr. Romeo, my main man!


Ania said...

He has a beautiful smile :) I completely understand you, even though I have it much easier, because I see my dog every three months when I go home. Sometimes I feel I could give anything just to hug him or go for a walk in the woods with him.

Is This Real Life? said...

ah super cute pic's!

Natalie Suarez said...

omg so cute! i love this post. great photos!

and girl, i miss u! glad ur back to bloggin! i hope you are enjoying nyc and i hope we get to meet up again soon :)



rouli said...

so lovely!

Mavis Ang said...

so who did you pass the dog to?

Miss Woody said...

great blog!! love

JoeyAna said...

I agree a dog does become a human to their owner. Sorry you had to leave him behind. I can't imagine leaving my baby behind.


Abby said...

ohh this is a very very sad story.
You must miss your dog very much! It's so sad when you move and can't take your animals with you, I always think about it. Pets are wonderful.

How are you lady, it has been tooo long!


Bláth MacClenaghan said...

It´s great you are back!! So great!

Romeo is huge! I get to understand your attachment to him... My boyfriend has three dogs and I have to say goodbye to one of them on saturday! I´m going to cry, I know it...

I´m in a kind of hiatus in my blog too... I just don´t feel like posting, I have too much work and... Well, I guess life is life... But, I´ll be back soon, I hope! If you feel like... http://blathmacclenaghan.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

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i wouldn't know what to do if i had to ever leave my dogs behind...

amber said...

awwww I know what you mean!! My dog, Jack, is my little buddy! I would be heart broken if I had to leave him. And Romeo is such a cutie, I am sure he misses you too!

Sherrie Cola said...

Aww I know how you feel!

Joana Oliveira said...

I'm gonna hug my dog right now!!! I wouldn't know how to live without her....!!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh!! how sad :) and is not possible to take your dog with you? :)
I can't even imagine living my dog behing... :( xx

Mico said...

omg i really love yout dog

Anonymous said...

He is so cute :)

TatoOm said...

OHHH my good this is by far the most beautiful touching post ever!!!

I almos wanted to cry by reading u and knowing about lovely romeo =(

Ur right pets becomes like humans when their around us, so I undertand u, I have my lil Remy (chihuahua dog) and I love him soooo much as u love urs!!

Anyway great site and great dog,mean, great post!!

Kisses from mexico, im now a follower!

pau said...


FIFA said...

Your'dog love. ^^
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Flash cartoonsOHHH my good this is by far the most beautiful touching post ever!!!

I almos wanted to cry by reading u and knowing about lovely romeo =(

Ur right pets becomes like humans when their around us, so I undertand u, I have my lil Remy (chihuahua dog) and I love him soooo much as u love urs!!

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