always starting my day with coffee, new york times (online version:) ) and a smile

i'm probably the biggest nerd ever. i have glasses like these and they most definitely are prescription. oh and if i could carry a filo-fax around with me, i probably would.

i guess i can sometimes look cool ? :) and if i do, this is exactly what i will wear. comfy, casual + that scarf is just delicious.
paper in hand... yes please. Even though i'm living in the big NY, my heart longs for greenery + the water. The city landscape in the background and the water in forefront, such juxtapositions, but SO me

i'm always rushing from point A to point B... coffee + books. A daily necessity.

my life is in my big bag!

my friends mean the world to me.

comfort. i'm always up for a giant hug and cuddle!

as soon as i saw this editorial from elle, i felt like it was a story of my life. only b/c i sometimes consider myself a loner, and i felt this vibe oozing through the pictures... it is kind of hard to explain... but as much as i LOVE people, to my hearts core and back, i also possess this little loner inside, and am ok with that. As much as i get rejuvenated through my friends, family + new relational happenings, i get just as full from spending time on my own... reading, listening to music, running, walking the city streets, spending moments in solitude. i've always been this way, and value the people in my life as the most precious things on this planet. So when i am able to spend those moment with them i truly soak it all in.

loner lisa :) it does sort of have a ring to it!

have a beautiful sunday





i feel blessed that i even get to have two thanksgiving celebrations - i am Canadian, but am living in nyc for the moment.

But it's not just these holidays that i count my blessings... i am thankful for these every. single. day. SO much to rejoice! have a glorious day.

things i a thankful for + love:

-GOD. FAMILY. FRIENDS. hands down - without these i wouldn't be here.

-having a body that is able to run, jump, yoga it up, surf, skate, dance...

-laughing so hard my tummy hurts

-spending countless hours at small local coffee shops w/ friends & good books

-smiles/smiling/the sounds of smiles (you know you can tell when someone smiles over the phone!)

-MUSIC !!! it makes my heart sing, and just makes every day that much better

-giving for no reason- why should their be one?

-flannel shirts/converse/vanilla candles/mens watches/oversized grey hoodies/worn in t-shirts/sentimental jewelry

-traveling to an unknown destination... hello spontaneity

-not working, but living your passion. THAT should be your job

-simple gestures // sweet, stolen kisses/ long, strong hugs/ cuddles/ handing holding ( one day ;) )

-making a difference

-road trips. woot woot.

-to have lived in Africa--- my heart is forever changed and i think about those children & beauty everyday
-sitting by a camp fire under the stars

-fresh/white bedding

- the sound of an acoustic guitar

-having access to an abundance of healthy & fresh veggies + fruit! Natures food just makes me so happy + keeps me glowing

-receiving mail! old school snail mail

-sleeping in + 5 am sunrises

-reallllly good tea + coffee. I am just so happy w/ a mugful of coffee + reading material + music

-the beach *le sigh* i miss it, and must move back...

-TRAVEL. my heart yearns to see God's great wonders

-witnessing family + friends successes

-having the ability to be passionate + dream. i am a true believer that nothing is impossible... never stop dreaming guys.

AH! so much to be thankful for.

in the end. it's simply about having less, but loving the things you have MORE.

have a good one guys




when RACH sent me these sketches the other day, i was speechless.
she possesses such a genuine, inspirational talent, and i feel utterly blessed that she took the time to produce these with her busy schedule!
thank you thank you thank you beautiful, for the sketches + utterly gracious words. they touched my hear to the fullest.

check out her post and wonderful blog HERE