leggings. aa. shirt. uniqlo. boots.topshop. clutch. clubmonaco.

favity -favs of the moment:

food: avos (always) + banana ice cream (freeze ripe bananas- blend- *voila*, creamiest soft serve you will ever have in your life...)
color: emerald green
store: topshop
destination: canadian summer...
signature scent: day- stella mccartney ; night- burberry brit
bag: vegan chanel
flowers: white peonies
sunglasses: carrera
re-discovery: my hoops in this pic! a gf custom made them for me 8 years ago.
beverage: woolies organic coffee beans.
nail color: sephora by OPI- high maintenance
magazine: russh
shoes: TOMS ("one for one"- purchase here)
cereal: peanut butter puffins!
lotion: burts bees
need: a new telly badly...i think  i'm the last person on earth without a iphone or blackberry.
yearning:for a cup of tea & a day full of fabulous vintage finds.
movie: prime 
pattern: stripes (always!)
comfort: big, billowy hoodies of any color or nature
lust: g10.g10.g10.
current state of mind: the winds of change are blowing...


mary_ronaldo said...

great outfit! adore the shoes!

playwithfashion said...

Love the outfit!!! So original mix of such shirt and wet-looks!

Anika said...

fab outfit, the leggings are perfect.

and love too the favity favs.

have a great one, and may the winds of change favour you

Anonymous said...

I love your shoe boots :)
Nicky x

Rach said...

Such fierce shoes! And a very striking pose to show them off :]

Jen said...

I also don't have an iPhone or BlackBerry! Or a fancy tv! And it's probably for the same reason as you -- I spend all my extra "fun" money on clothes!

Luxe. said...

I just ordered the cheap version of your boots from ebay today! That is so weird! Love the look as always especially the bag.x

Shaminista said...

Wow this outfit and attitude give an animal feeling! U look gorgeous

Vintage Me New You said...

You are always so unique no matter what you're choosing to put on:)


♥ fashion chalet said...

....... Cover girl (just finishing your comment to me!) haha thanks, doll! :)

Can I marry your shoes, please?


Fashionistadiary said...

oh man! i have been after that uniqlo shirt for some time :S cant seem to find it here in london... you look fabulous in it! love how you have teamed it with your aa leggings. how are you darling? hope you are well! much love from rainy london xo


Couture Carrie said...

Hello my lovely Leese! You look fabulous! Loving the slicked back shiny hair and the booties especially! Hope you are having a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

love this look!
yummy banana ice cream!! and the white peonies are the best! i love the name and its pronunciation in English. :-)

Petra said...

Oh YUM! The banana soft-serve is truly delicious. Did you get the idea off the blog Choosing Raw, by any chance?

Oh dear me, and Topshop now ships to NZ... this is going to get very expensive!

Looking gorgeous in your plain shirt. I love the mix of fabrics and textures you've used. Lovely!

STEFANIE said...

love your little list Lisa! I'll have to try that banana ice cream! Oh! and which stella fragrance do you use? I have Stella in Two, with peonies + amber! ^-^

The Queen of Hearts said...

I think the reason why your blog works so well is because you are a real person that isn't trying to be high fashion or wear the latest trends. You are real, healthy looking and take really great shots.

Anonymous said...

that legging is so pretty...lovely blogs!

KAELA said...

Russssssssssssssh! ♥

Raez said...

amazing, leese! the leggings and those kick ass boots add the right amount of fierce:)

xx raez

Panda said...

Awesome outfit with the shoes.

OHmyygee! I have finally found a sharer in my love of BANANA ICECREAM! it is amazing. hahaha.

Panda x

Great blog btw!


Those leggings are so amazing! I love wet leggings and I just bought mine! I also love the booties so much, Topshop is really amazing!

Wanderlusting said...

Do you want our BC summer? Yesterday was the hottest day ON RECORD in Vancouver...EVER! 34 degrees at the airport! Love it though, and pass those winds of change on to us. I could use the breeze :P

leeselooks said...


thanks guys!!!

jen: totally! but i'm thinking i might cave ... :) i need a new phone anyways as mine is 2.5 years old. ancient in cell phone years.

luxe: you will LOVE them

petra: banana ice cream sweetness! no, i actually just googled it. but i checked out the site, all the rawness is a bit to hectic for me but some fun stuff on there. no way- beware of topshop- i promise you. danger zone. thanks loves.

STEF: oh stella! it is the one in the purple bottle. its always been my day. so light! the roll on is the BEST.

the queen of hearts: thank you for your sweet, sweet comment. that means a lot. xo

panda: it is AMAZZZING!



Maverick Malone said...

Loving those boots so much!!

sexyinthecity said...

Lovely outfit!
you have so amazing legs!!!


Isa said...

could you look any more fabulous?
seriously, can you just get fat and ugly or ANYTHING?
haha, you're lovely lisa!

and I really need to try that banana ice cream, sounds heavenly..

mucho love

Jillian said...

hot hot hot!
love ur shoes!! i love ur favorites! So wonderful such an amazing mixture of things you're into!

Jillian said...

p.s. did i mention i love u!? haha <3 ttys

♥ Marta ♥ said...

You're stunning it is as simple as that :)

I love those leggings, they look amazing....you've inspired me to give them a try next time I am in AA.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

You're stunning it is as simple as that :)

I love those leggings, they look amazing....you've inspired me to give them a try next time I am in AA.

July Stars said...

You haven't updated for a while ... Miss you and your beautiful face!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i'll say it again and again lisa but you have amazing, amazing legs!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this outfit..the leggings are gorgeous


Ilyssa said...

Loving this outfit my dear!


FashionJazz said...

So luv ur shirt and ur faves!! Woolies makes fantastic coffee!! xxx

olya baileys said...

U have very beautiful legs!

Maria said...

I'm seriously drooling over those topshop boots!
Topshop is actually opening a store here in Oslo and I'm so excited! Their shoes are always so crazysexyyy.

Indy Jimenez said...

love this! so cute

Marizia. said...

i love your shoes !!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia said...

Me gustan los leggings de vinyl con camisa vaquera!!!, te copiaré este look!

Anonymous said...


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