blush. whimsical. raw. sexy. ruffles. simplicity. belted. natural. clean. 

"I wanted to teach my customers not to be afraid of the simple stuff,"

militant. sharp. nude. classic. wedges (inlove). understated provocative. luxuriously sporty. pull back. 

"I just thought I'd clean it up. Make it strong and powerful—a kind of contemporary minimalism," 

2 designers + collections who i am madly head over heels for.
this is the "woman" i want to be + dress like.

*** loving all the honey -colored- hair. thinking of a change in color for my virgin hair?


[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

mmmmm...yeah...honey...why not? I'm sure it'll fit you :)


Rina said...

great choice! I enjoyed Stella's collection!

rian said...

hey,what's the name of first model?

Juliet said...

I really love stella's collection!
how are you baby?

STEFANIE said...

beautiful! Stella & Celine are SO you Lisa! I'm in love with that orange belted stella dress...

Veronicahhh said...

love these, love this hair, too.. but don't dye yours! don't dye it!!! natural is always best.

Veronicahhh said...

rian: abbey lee kershaw

Erica said...

Please don't dye it.
I've dyed mine shades of brown and blonde over the last couple years, and i enjoyed the changes for a very short time, haha. I really really wish I never touched my hair. I was lucky enough to find a color close to my natural color (we have the same color) and I'm just gonna let it grow out.

I'm an avid reader of your blog. I love your style. :)


i'm janis... said...

i love that orangey-red strapless dress! {always hard to tell the exact colour on a computer screen!}

oh it's a toss-up about dying hair isn't it? i was an au naturel girl myself for a long time and recently started getting blonde in... it's always nice to go for a change, but then you're stuck constantly fretting about roots + touching it up.

rian said...

thx a lot,veronicahhh

Wanderlusting said...

You would suit ANY hair colour.

Love the nude makeup they've all got going on here.

Ah, Vancouver! Come back lol. It's warmer here :P

I actually work next door to the Art Institute - the majority of my friends are artists and I think the ones who went to AI enjoyed it. However, most of my friends go to Emily Carr...

Anonymous said...



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the style spotter said...

wow, that make-up is flawless! beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

The Celine collection really fits on you!! :)
I think your hair is beautiful, but if you want a little change.... but I wouldn't dye it if I were you
Love your style and your comments, but this is the first time I write since I discovered your blog, about three months ago. Hope everything is right! :)
Greetings from Spain

FASH said...

stella was ah-maze-ing!!


iamhiawatha said...

lovely post.. Stella & Celine are great choices, gorgeous hair and makeup too.


Anonymous said...

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Fashion Tidbits said...

Hannah MacGibbon has just transformed Celine, hasn't she? i totally love it now

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Great collections. I love the lace and denim in Stella's collection. AND I wish I could go back and never colour my hair! So I say keep your hair or you'll be colouring it forever! Its gorgeous as is :)



Dc Shoes said...

Sounds like an exciting year for you!! I'm such a huge fan of yours and wish you the best in 2011! I love all these shoes too - my favorites are the white pumps with the floral sash - they are freaking awesome!

posicionamiento web said...

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