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the cfda health initiative.

the whole evening was about "resizing the sample size" and with fashion week it raised quite the stir.

amazing highlights :

- seeing ms. anna wintour in all her -perfect- hair glory! honestly not a hair out of place. i was in awe.
- witnessing dvf's graceful & elegant beauty. she is the definition of a
w-o-m- a - n.
- being surround by all the hip - voguette's - including Hamish Bowles and Meredith-Melling- burke. i felt like a nerd.
- sitting next to model, Ali stephens and her sis. they are gorgeousssss and so down to earth !!!
- saying hi to coco rocha !
- Doutzen is a GODDESS.
- zac posen is so outspoken and firey ! he was on the panel and definitely voiced his opinion.
- marcus wainright from rag & bone is super cute !
- so many hip and stylish woman and men i did not know what to do with myself. i definitely felt like a frump.

to sum up the evenings discussions in a few words : models are WAY too young & casting directors, designers, and the fashion community as a collective have to take action now, many of them actually want to enforce an age limit of 18... but will it ever happen ? fashion week and the industry as a whole is greatly rooted in tradition. Therefore change is hard. . . as in any area of life and society. but interesting times are ahead . . . and i definitely think times are changing . . . i already notice a difference on the catwalks of yesterdays shows - what do you guys think ?


Emilie said...

It must have been a great evening!

kayang said...

Wow, sounds like fun!
I mean Doutzen is beautiful in photos and on the catwalk but I could definitely imagine her looking like a goddess in real life.

A/C said...

i really loved this post. It sounds like so much fun! i'm very jealous!

Caroline said...

What an AMAZING experience this must have been for you!! A realization of where you are, what you're doing, and a confirmation of what a driven, motivated and inspiring person you are! Thanks for sharing--I'm loving reading about your adventures and your opinions on the fashion industry. Thanks for taking the time to post when you are so insanely busy with NYC life!



leflassh. said...

i am so crazy jealous of you right now.
sounds amazing.
you lucky thing :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment doll! So jealous that you get to attend such events... sounds like an interesting meeting to say the least! Xx

claulovesfashion♥ said...

wooO.. GREAT POST!!*
im so so jealous...

Visit my blog! =:-)



Pony said...

u r such an inspiration lisa. i mean u life path.
u should write a book.
i do agree with the age limit! for many reasons.

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BimBim said...

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It must have been a great evening!