photo cred: craig arend

met craig from altamira aka modelsoffduty.com !

way too much fun roaming around the city !



liana said...

those suede boots are fantastic! love the facial expression!

Dylana Suarez said...

WOW! These are great shots! I love your booties and your expression in the first pic! It makes me smile!



Simply love it!

misslikey said...

awesome..love the boots

The Fashion Cloud said...

Great pictures, fun and pretty


MannequinMe said...

Haha very cute. Your booties ROCK.

Talia said...

Very nice shoes. I love your purse and I dream about one for myself ;)

Anonymous said...

So cute!! :)

Natalia said...

I really like the boots :)
and the photos are fantastic :)

FashionJazz said...

U look gorg honey!!! Happy Easter! Mwah xxx

Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!!

Jes said...

Great outfit hun. Love the muted shades against that red bag

Temporary Homes said...

I love the shoes!! great look, great city:-)

STEFANIE said...

I loooove Craig's blog, he takes the prettiest pictures, the models always look super happy & cute! And you definitely look super cute as well Lisa, loving these shots :)!
Have a great great weekend love!

Allie said...

You definitely fit in with all the models he shoots! You look great and looks like the shoot was super fun.

Elyse said...

Adorable, the pastels look gorgeous.
Haha, love the expression!

Caroline said...

Beautiful boots... and beautiful photos! You look very happy, dear!!

JSizzle said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! The more steps you take in the direction of your passion, the more the universe responds!! Love you my beauty!

electric feel said...


happy easter!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! You maike the world seem like a much happier place! Where's your side? It's always sunnier!

Fashion Tidbits said...

lookin great Lisa!!! love those suede booties! where are they from?

Emilie said...

Great pictures!

cla-sib said...

wonderful pics of you.. they make me smile..

xoxo cla

RaceforProsperity said...

simple and cute

SuzieM said...

love the attitude!!! and the pictures are perfect!!!

Juliet said...

those boots are incredible perfect!
I really feel in love with them!
xxx darling!

pd: Happy easter!

Anonymous said...

Your are gorgeous! Love this look.

leflassh. said...

oh bebe, you look stunning.
these photos are unreal.
such a perfect outfit!

Jillian said...

gorgeous results my love xo
cannot wait to see you today!!! yay!

Emi Troy said...

Haha, great photos! The first one made me smile! Love this post!

xx Emi


Kate said...

these shots are just brilliant! hope you had a lovely easter darl


moded'amour said...

love this look, amazing shoes!


abataba said...

Simply fantastic!!

I wanna tell you that the web page and online shop are now open! (www.abataba.com)

Wanderlusting said...

This is so awesome.

I totally thought you WERE a model, like it just happened when we weren't looking, lol.


TorontoVerve.: said...

Love her energy...great shots!


Clare said...

Love the first image, amazing!

tweet tweet tweet


MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discover your blog and I love it so much.

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment. Thanks a lot.


Marta from With Love... said...

You look radiant here :) Absolutely stunning, darling!!!


jessica danielle. said...

Great outfit, that bag is to die for!
And amazing blog!!!


LoveMore said...

OMG SO funny! I was just going to say you look SOOO altam here! taDA! you ARE. you NEED to model.

what a shining star you are!

xxxx bel

Ana Aguilar said...

Good to see you laughin with that amazing background of the city!

Emm said...

Amazing Leese!
Not sure if you got my comment from ages ago.
It was quite a few photos ago so you might not have seen it but let me know,


Chloestyle said...

love your outfits!!


Glamour Bbey. said...

It's my first time on your blog and I really love it!

Can you check mine too please?
Maybe we can follow eachother?

Love Cindy.

Glamour Bbey. said...

It's my first time on your blog and I really love it!

Can you check mine too please?
Maybe we can follow eachother?

Love Cindy.

Slimbykings said...

u are great in optimism looks!!!!!!

Pennerad said...


Jenny Cindy said...

Oh wow I love her shoes!!

Wishing you a happy saturday.

Luxe. said...

Aww I love the first picture! So cute!!.x

stylestalker said...

You are amazing babe!

We adore your style. Congrats on being shot by such a great streetstyle photographer :)

Stay in touch!


Vanessa said...

Ooh! too cool, you look great.


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