hi hi hi

trying not to melt in +38 celsius temperatures. guys, it's nuts in ny
definitely has me yearning for looooong summer nights / by the water / on a blanket/ star gazing/ sleeping under the open sky / wearing a oversized flannel shirt with bikini bottoms that have tasted the depths of the water earlier in the day / beach dried hair / just living a simple but full life!

summer in the city, sure is something else!
loving brooklyn though, definitely more chilled and have been blessed with the most amazing roommates.

hope everyone is having the most glorious of summer days.
stay golden


Roya said...

So jealous of you living in NYC. Those shoes are fab, loving them.

fashionbox said...

haha i wish it was summer down here in australia! ur so lucky to be living it up in new york!

chantelle xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic, enjoy your summer! <3

leflassh. said...

you look amazing my love.
hope you are having the most amazing summer.
much love

Emilie said...

Enjoy NYC and this hot summer ;)

"Une very stylish fille" said...

Beautiful photo.
Envious, envious, envious. :P :D

With love,
fashion abuse

Raez said...

looking drop dead gorgeous as always hun! and yes, your list of things sure sounds good right about now:)

love your bike too, and try not to melt!

xx raez

amalie said...

happy sumerrrr!

M* said...

I'm glad you're having a great time there! What you wrote me is exactly what I said in spanish: it's also too hot here that I can only wear my denim shorts with a sheer t-shirt!
Fortunatelly on friday I go out of the city until September and the weather will be much better there. (I hope!)



MOSCANA said...


FashionDesires said...

hi, you would def. hate on LA right now. We had drizzle today and our hottest hasn't been that hot. Any ways love the shoes super HOT lol

Fashion Tidbits said...

you too!

Anonymous said...

Aww you're an amazing roommate as well! I'm so glad you're happy here<3

Jillian said...

beauty you're back and looking gorgeous! coffee let's say Friday... :( they're making me work tomorrow but it's okay cause i'll get paid haha

<3 u

Bootstrapperboy said...

I was thinking of migrating to the US in the future.

Beautiful pic, nice ankle boots too, looks like Isabel Marant???

Also loving the black and white - which Camera do you use?


Dylana Suarez said...

Despite the heat, Brooklyn just sounds amazing! Cannot wait to go exploring! But I haven't even started packing yet! I am so bad at things like this! Thanks for your always sweet comments, they make my day! And you look like a babe here! Loving the shoes.

Anyways, cannot wait for our little meet up in the city!

Taryn said...

lovely photo. That hat is cool. I really miss NY, have to take a visit soon, but im highly considering living there again once i finish shcool.

Raez said...

hey gorgeous! if ever we meet, i shall defs take you vintage shopping, and in turn you should take me camping, haha:)

mentally sending you cold winds from the north to keep you cool in the city!

xx raez

anagracia said...

in love with your shoes
have nice days in NY)

Zoe said...

You look great!!

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Wanderlusting said...

Jealous... brooklyn gets the bEST concerts !!

Take care leesa,


Natalie said...

super cute! i love this :)


Elen King said...

the bike is yours? I love bikes! I want an old one, exactly from 1955. Stylish and sunny. Have a nice summer miss!

Marie said...

I always think it's a tricky thing to wear boots in summer, but you pulled it off here. It actually looks like a summer look - kudos!


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montse said...

love this photo!!! your legs are perfect!!!



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Unknown said...

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