credit: italia marie clarie ( as seen first on Knighttcat )

Off to Cali for the week to a small surf town 3 hours south of LA.

i can't wait to surf my little heart out, lay outside and count the stars, wear my flannel when the nights get cold, hike mountains and revel at the views, delve into my book on the beach and just be, oh and laugh until my tummy hurts.

have a rad week, and i will be back soon!


"fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life" Donald Miller


C´est la vie said...

fantastic photos!!! have a good time :)

Raez said...

ah! that sounds fantastic leese:) hope you have the bestest time! can't to hear all about your adventures.

xx raez

Natalie said...

really awesome editorial! i loveee it :)


miriam said...

oh you're lucky!! wish i could come with you hehe
love those clogs on the first ph..

Lulu said...

that sounds like so much fun.
have a great time =]

postcards from dreamland ♥

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Miss Molly said...

these are incredible!

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Wełniane Bambosze i Pantofle Wełniane said...

What an awesome colletion of great photos! Just stunning ...

javiera isidora said...

nice colors, love the photo with the naked back, really pretty!


prince said...

so adorable..:)

buzzmeout said...

i simply love it girl

Fashion Tidbits said...

have fun darl!

ryder said...

i think that most of us here stopped after seeing photo n2 because it toaly resembles to you.
have a great time abd be california girl!!! hug

Jessica said...

awesome photos! wish i could edit my photos like those incredible editorials!

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NYC said...

that is beautiful.

Eva Ana said...

talking bout perfection.,.

Zoe said...

amazing photos, i love them!


therawpower said...

nice editorial.
thanks so much for sharing

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brobrand said...

such lovely photos

iamglen said...

indeed beautiful photos

STEFANIE said...

Sounds like SO much fun! Hope you enjoy your week of sun, sea & surf! ENJOY :)!

Jenni said...

Absolutely loving the photos. Love your blog!


moded'amour said...

love these photos!

Anonymous said...

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Dylana Suarez said...

Hey girl! I miss you, too! I hope you had an amazing time in the Cali surf. Wish we could have met up, but I know you were far from where we are. Next time! And yes, I want to come back to NYC so badly! I miss it too much! But I would just as quickly go back to Bali. Most delectable place ever!

Have a lovely night girl . . . in the city . . . lucky you!


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Charleston said...

safari attitude...stunning!!! x


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Yuliya xoxo. said...

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Friend in Fashion said...

Absolutely ADORE this editorial!

Luv Friend in Fashion

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kelsea said...

ha i wish more people would wear clogs to the beach :3

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