rain filled saturday. 
tried to study.
drank coffee + tea.
experimented with cult favorite- mac- russian red.
flipped through magazines.
spent too much time on lagarconne.
made +ate a huge pot of homemade soup.
cuddled (don't you just love that word?)
dashed out in my trench + boots to replenish our organic espresso bean addiction.
spoke to my bestie who surprised me last week, but is away exploring.
awaiting her return from namibia in 2.5 weeks.
texted my bf all day while he was operated from morning till night.
dreamt of a trip to paris in the summer.
ate too many banana muffins.
read my books.
watched larrykinglive.

oh what a day!
it is still monsoon-ing.
time for bed.



Ania said...

I flipped through the same issue of Elle UK today :))
and I also tried to study but unlike you - failed.
loving the lipstick colour.

gnarlyd said...

you have fantastic skin.


B said...

I liked reading Garden of Eden...I think it's one of Hemingway's stranger novels. Also, you have such cute handwriting! <3

Kathy said...

lovely quote!

Shen-Shen said...

Cuddling, (the word and the act) is lovely.

Morrizor said...

Lipstick colour - I like. It's a really pretty shade of red and it almost looks kind of orangy (is it really or only the tint of the photograph?). The quote is quite nice, it's good to have something, anything that gives us hope in the world of broken wishes and dreams we live in.


Delmy said...

Yes def say I WILL.
BTW you look great in red lipstick

Petra said...

Sounds so perfectly relaxing! You have inspired me to make a huge pot of soup! Yum.

Gorgeous lipstick as well. Is it bright, bright red, or more toned down? Photos seem to mess with the actual colours of lipstick, darn it!


Nini Nguyen said...

First time at your blog. I love love your style.
Have a beautiful day,

kayang said...

I really like that quote, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to steal it!

Jillian said...

oh how i miss u!

when will you return to new york
and this time the three musketeers WILL meet up!

<3 <3 u
sweetest dreams!

Ashita said...

you look so beautiful!

Anika said...

gorgeous mac russian red face makeup my dear.

and hell yes to the organic espresso bean addiction. and the banana muffins.

yum. hope you're having a lovely sunday too

electric feel said...

want the elle uk with the amazing lara stone ed

by the way...love your cup

morena said...

ohh love the red lips :]

harlequins party said...

I love your blog!!! and the above pictures. Nothing better than a lazy Sunday at home with your favourite things.

Jess x

Fashionistadiary said...

your day sounds like total perfection, minus the studying. i love the red colour on you!!!! your skin is perfection my girl!!! much love to sa xo

Rocío Lafuente said...

You look gorgeous inj the second photo!!!


Allure said...

You know, there's this girl here who named her group Russian Red after the MAC liptstick...she's good.

kirstyb said...

I love those quotes! xxxx

Girl next blog said...

Cool day

And your skin is perfect! How do you keep it that pure?


Marian said...

Darling you know be on that cover of Elle, you are gorgeous!
Love your run of your day,adore the word cuddle too. It is so adorable.
That shade of lippie is so divine on you.
Happy Sunday darling Leese!
muah x

boubou said...

im in love with your cuttie words ...
im becoming more and love with your blog !

a bientot !

Boubou xx

Anonymous said...

this is said bestie who may or may not be going to Nam, but will most definitely be returning to the Vlok household in June :)

you inspire people Lis, you really do. so keep doing it and i'll see you soon.


Luxe. said...

Your skin is literally perfect!.x

Michael Oats said...


Spring Evening
Photographed by Michael Oats

I rellay hope you like it!



alexandra said...

love this post : ) xoxo

chantelle said...

i really, really do love your inspiring quotes. You look fantastic btw.

Lara Natascha said...

i love your blog.
so amazing.
exchange links?

ryder said...

i neeeeeeed to know what foundation you use!!! xx

Anthea said...

Great words!

BirdyNumNum Numb Numb Brain said...

Ryder - I don't know if it is foundation, just phenomenal skin!

Bestie - Good call with surprising Leese the other week. Her happiness was contagious.

Leese - good luck with study/exams, I am done with mine, so will party on your behalf ;) x

deep_in_vogue said...

Great quote and I completely agree. You look gorgeous, Lisa. I love the red lips!

Isa said...

lisa, you´re glowing!

and I love that you write things down!
I´m completely crazy about notebooks, always carry up to four moleskins in my bag where I write down random things that I don´t want to let go.


Alice X said...

such beautiful quotes.

Anonymous said...

that red looks great on you! xoxo

leeselooks said...

AH. i do not deserve all your sweet words!!!

thanks so much guys.

morrizor: thanks girl! it definitely does look a tad orange-y in the pics, but i promise you in real life it is a much deeper red. my BF even said it looks so strange on film!

girlnextblog: thank you!! simple stuff- just cetaphil wash + drink heaps of water + try not to use too many products as it strips it of its natural oils/cells. our bodies are amazing things so i just let it do its thing. oh and SPF :)

boubou: you are too sweet, thank you.

anon (aka bestie) LOVE + MISS YOU!!!! be safe + thinking of you always.

birdy: you are too cute!!!! thanks my girl.

ryder: i actually don't like/use foundation! i think concealers are the best. i like/use a few different ones: laura mercier- secret camo. in shades # 2, ysl touche eclat in #2 and NARS concealer too! foundation for me, are too heavy and i like my skin to breath! I also love love love MAC Fix + (hydration spray). i tend to collect things but only use about 5 skin/make up items in total ;)

thanks loves.
have a beautiful week.



M. said...

That quote is so true, it's nice to get reminded of that sometimes, even though I know it too well.

That photo of you with the red lipstick is stunning, it suits you oh so good. Model looking you are.


ryder said...

tnx love,
your complexion is perfect!!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

you make me want to make a post just like this :) love the lipstick, your journal & handwriting, dear. :)


Anonymous said...

I love that lipstick on you! GORG! and I am in love with the sayings on the back of the Starbucks cups! Cute idea to write them all down.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiment in that photo! And I love your rainy day!


Mila said...

you are so gorgeous.
I just LOVE looking at you.
And i'm not ashamed.


Belle said...

I love this!!

Anonymous said...

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