fashion fights.

small change = BIG DIFFERENCE.

topshoptee for breast cancer.

thus far this campaign + sales have saved 3.5 million lives.
WE can do something.
4,100 children.men.women die EVERYDAY in sub-saharan africa (where i live!). from this treatable and preventable disease. 
67% of people living with HIV/AIDS live in sub-saharan, even though only 11% of the population lives in SUB-S-AFRICA, 22 million people living right now with the disease in such a such a small part of the world, it boggles my mind.
to put it into perspective: it is the equivalent to the ENTIRE population of Australia!!!

stella is an inspiration of mine. not only for her beautiful designs but for her heart. passion for the environment and all that encompasses it. 
she was in TIMES top 100 most influential people.
here is a blurb that her bud Gwyneth paltrow wrote.
true true true beauty.

something that is very CLOSE to my heart.
after losing two of the most important people in my life to this...
both my mother and grandmother.
i want to help fight and give word. 
educate the importance of embracing our womanhood.
prevention = cure.

 JUST the power of a simple idea.

fashion fights.
i wanted to share my heart for charity and fashion. 
something that has a huge place in my life.
 the two coexist and that there is SO much more to "fashion".
 fashion/style comes from within. simple as that.
we all posses a different style because we were all blessed with a giving and loving heart.

i do not want to get too deep or try to "preach", but i am extremely passionate about helping... loving...sharing...and giving with my resources and by providing an ear to listen to anyone and everyone...

stella and Bono are two individuals who TRULY inspire me.
they posses hearts and a voice that ARE saving peoples lives everyday.
and they are doing it through this crazy world of fashion.

yes, i shop, yes i can buy into the materialistic side of fashion.

but i am aware. try to educate myself and give in all ways possible too.

THANK you guys. for everything.
your love and support is something i truly value.
yes. i am a cheese ball, but i HONESTLY just care so much, about everyone and everything in my life.
including this blog which does form part of my life.

this is just something i had to share. 
thanks for taking the time to read this.
it means so much.



Ina said...


TheCat said...

Very inspiring post

LoveMore said...

you are gorgeous babe...i read every word. makes me so sad too to hear so many are suffering..something we all know is going on..but never feel we can help. but i guess all we can do is do a little ourselves...cos if we all do a little..means it will equal A LOT! good on you for spreading awareness. your beauty shines throughout :)

hope you have a wonderful weekend planned! and thanks for your tips from your talented bf on sleep! i am trying i promise! :)

love bel xxxxxxxx

BirdyNumNum said...

Amen to that lady. This is a heartfelt post and one that I relate to on a personal level. The 'fashion' side of me is often in conflict with the side that wishes I could do more to help and that what I do do, is never enough. But as you say:

small change = big difference.

Thanks again for sharing, you have a good good soul.(and if that makes me a cheeseball...bite me.)


kayang said...

I like this post.. Prob one of my favourites by you.
We need to care about things other than ourselves.. Because there's things so much bigger.

It makes me happy that we can enjoy fashion and still make a small, yet important, differences.

harlequins party said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss babe. You raised such an important issue though. We all need to be aware of our bodies and any slight change must be acted upon immediately.
Don't ignore it!!!
I've just found out last week my partners mum has Breast Cancer and is about to start her chemotherapy.
The news has shaken us all to the core, and it does make you take a step back and appreciate every little part of life. It's so very very precious.

Thanks for your inspiring post. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Jes :)

Eeli said...

Leese, you are one of those rare finds who has a strong heart and a poignent message that you are not afraid to say. Just like Bono and Stella there is no doubt in my mind that you will incorporate your two loves and interests seemlessly.

I agree with your sentiments its unbelieveable and seemingly impossible to make any considerable impact but a little difference can and does mean steps towards a greater good I believe.

Thankyou for telling me abouth that mention too lol. I hadn't even known they'd published it already! You cannot imagine the stress I'd had from coursework in the days leading up to itw sriteup. I havn't read it but I'm pretty sure I seem unlike a twat haha.

Have a wonderful weekend hun.


Wanderlusting said...

Great post - people often forget about this, so it's great to remind them, especially with some passion!

PS - did an interview on my blog with a Canadian designer, hope you like it!

Ania said...

I just love people who care!

there's nothing wrong with being excited about fashion, new clothes, etc., if you're aware that ultimately none of it counts and there's a greater purpose in life.
it's all about finding balance and remembering that even our littles actions can make all the difference in other people's lives :)

Anonymous said...

no offense, but your a fucking moronic idiot if you think this is helping anyone. do your homework on who is really running things...if you want to be informed AT ALL, because you are so wrong. i love it when idiot fashion wannabes act like they are helping. learn about freemasonry, then write up something.

Love Simone said...

This was an amazing post. If we all give a little bit we can make a difference, especially if it goes hand in hand with fashion, something we all love so much!

M. said...

You are a wonderful person, and I think that it's so great that as a powefull blogger you let people know about your values.

Hopefully you inspire more people to think in those ways.

Beeing aware and to take care of the environment and people around us is so important and we should all do what we can.

I'm really so sorry for your loss.

Have a lovely weekend darling


Mila said...

Very inspiring and lovely, sweet friend of mine.
I am grateful my parents taught me to be aware of the world around me. I think about others a lot and support multiple charities. We just have to do something!

(Stella is my inspiration too....)



mady dooijes said...

inspiring... something we all should take a moment to... x mady

Carolina Botelho said...

tanks for sharing this with us lisa.. has you said prevention = cure, and you are doing the part of precess of prevention! and we all should do the same! thanks for this lovely post! :)xx

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hey sweetheart! ♥
Thanks for the comment. :)

Hoping your weekend has started off to a bright start, telling by this post, I think it already has.

I love the "THIS IS NOT A SHOE" with Gisele. :)


NADINE said...

great post!! very inspiring!

STEFANIE said...

very inspiring!!
I admire people like Stella for caring so much, really, makes me feel guilty for not doing enough for other people :(!

Anika said...

Inspiring post.
More so because of the focus, which is sometimes easy to forget about.

Every little bit helps, its true.

I relate to this post on a personal level as well, and am glad to see it and the awareness you bring to light.

Thanks for caring, and for being you *cheese factor and all*....that makes you special :)

have a lovely weekend, my dear

wreckedstellar said...

Lovely post!


Miss at la Playa said...

thanks for this post

you are such a nice person, you must be a really good friend :)

Maria said...

I'm so glad you're writing posts like this Lisa. Eventhough it's such a "little" thing to do, at least you're doing it - and making people aware, you know. :)

I think about it quite often actually, how materialistic I am, but at the same time I think it's ok since I'm aware of it. Fashion is fun and I love it, but it is nothing compared to being with the ones I love and appreciate the great things in life.. Be thankful of our lives, and help those who struggles.
I'm glad that Stella McCartney who is such a big inspiration in the fashion world, is so passionate about other things than fashion. Aah, kind of hard to express what I want, because my english isn't that advanced.. but all in all I just wanted to say that I like this post a lot.

love you

boubou said...

hello ! im new on your blog and i'm simply impressed by your personal style and you seems to deliver positive attitude that's what i like !
i m so sad i can write a lot in english cause i'm french !
but i'm even trying lol
so im gonna visit you often for sure ;)

a bientot !

Boubou xx

sa said...


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