i've found you.

shirt. altru. jeans. gap. shoes. seychelles.

my p-e-r-f-e-c-t jean.

hands down.
alert the police.
they are just that good.

no wonder these babies took patrick robinson a year to dream. produce . and re-launch.

i know i'm making a bold statement by calling this "the perfect jean".
because do they even exist?
but to me. they are.

the details-

make: "always skinny"

the secret: order a size smaller. 

lust list: the deconstructed ones that anja rubik rocks in all the ads.


Emily said...

Love those jeans with those shoes! ...And glad the jeans come from a shop that's over here too :)


Gap gifted me these jeans last week, they're great and loks good on you, too :)

cody said...

that outfit looks so great on you!
xx cody


Antonio Barros said...

You look gorgeous with this jeans!

the singular

playwithfashion said...

So pure and simple - love U heels!!!

Pappelschnee said...

I love the shoe-jeans-combination. It looks great on you.

indie said...

They look perfect for you!

Missindiferencia said...

this jeans and shoes are lovely!
really chic darlyn!


Blan said...

HI! i'm from spain and I just have to know your blog. I LOVE IT! I like so much your ultraretromodern style, is FAB, really! I put you in my blog roll ;)


Luxe. said...

Those jeans are pretty damn perfect I must agree!.x

LoveMore said...

and don't the just look PERFECT on YOU! they were without a doubt - made for you hottie.

glad you are well!

xxx love to you

Andy said...

I really like this outfit !!
Okay sweety, i know it's been so long that i didn't put anything on my blog or whatever but i'm finally back !!!! just to inform you :-)



Vivian said...

those jeans are perfection on you. i love the simple jeans and white shirt combo. you look beautiful.

Anika said...

Yep, those ARE the perfect jeans. And agree with you on the must list: must be skinny and order a size down ;)

Looking fab, lady :)

rosalita fashionista said...

you are right those are perfect, and even better I love your shoes! they are tdf!


Couture Carrie said...

OMG they ARE perfect, darling L! You look stunning!


FashionJazz said...

U look stunning here babe!! How u been? xxx

Inspire the Starling said...

They make your ass look HOT!

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect boy jean. I thought I found them in my Cheap Mondays...but alas.


morena said...

such a great outfit


Style & Beyond said...



♥ Marta ♥ said...

They look amazing...and I love the tee, perfect combination :)

Don't you just love wearing that perfect pair and every time you put them on you get excited... Well,that's how I feel when I find a perfect pair.

Have lovely day darling and welcome back home :)

Krystal said...

hottie, you look amazing x

Jillian said...

<3 so classic my love

CHICMUSE said...



Natalie said...

I love your printed tee! the whole look is great, and your photos are amazing!
thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!


Kat said...

Well they certainly sit on you beautifully :)

New Zealand style at www.sophistokat.blogspot.com

Susanna-Cole said...

Ah, you always make everything look AMAZING and so cutting edge, even a t-shirt and jeans! Love your shoes too, they are beautiful!

Hope you're doing well, my friend! <3


Farah. said...

damn! awesomeeeeeeeee

sexyinthecity said...

You looks great with that jeans! Just perfect!!

Dylana said...

What a lovely blog! You look like a super model here! I haven't tried the new Gap jeans yet, but now I have too. So happy I came across your blog! Please check out ours!


I am following you now!

Elena Abaroa said...

You look amazing :)
New beginins are very good, im in the same moment than you, hahahaha, i cant tell you the details here cause its not private, but i understand you and even if im a bit sad im ecxited about the new things are comming next!
We are young babe, and we have to many new things in life to live!
Stay so beautiful :P

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes! Your skin is looking flawless!



Lizzie said...

Love that outfit - the jeans are just a gorgeous fit. I want a pair for me!

Raez said...

OMG. envy! you look great, please be a model! canada needs another representitive:) and welcome back dearie;)

xx raez

♥ fashion chalet said...

As perfect as a pastry, tasty 'n cute! =)


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