thankfuls + inspiration.

OK. first off. a million and one thank yous for all of your kind/kind words on my acceptance. to say it warmed my heart, is truly an understatement. 

seeing as i already celebrated thanksgiving ( canadians do so in oct) i don't see a reason to have a second official thanksgiving day!
  i am definitely thankful. every.single.day. but a BIG day to acknowledge and let others know in a outward fashion is always welcome in my books. 

things i am thankful for : always + recents + fun stuff:

my faith/family+friends/ travel/ reading material/movies/ faux fur/ chunky socks/ my coffee maker/ being canadian/ peonies/ bags/ avocados/  menswear/ nature/ long walks/ starbucks/ dancing in the rain/ living in south africa/ frye boots/ moleskins/ stripes/ peppermint tea/ oversized sweaters/ new york/ my bed/ moksha/ freedom/ choices/ green beans + hummus/ memories/ laughter/ days at the beach/ romeo/ blazers/ jeansjeansjeans/ poladroid/ chanel/ dreams of paris/ vintage shops/ raybans/ the internet/ stilettos / green grass/ music/ flannel sheets in the winter/ reconnecting with old friends/ the smell of someone familiar/  puffins/ honeycrisp apples/ freshness/ cuddling/ old theaters/ internships/ my passions/ the blog/ you guys/ oh my... i could go on forever.

these are just a few.

happy thanksgiving to everyone that is celebrating.
wishing you a wonderful holiday + black friday (!!!)



Ava said...

Great photos (you've reminded me it's about time I watch Love Actually again this year :D) and such kind words of thanks-- congratulations again on your acceptance! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it--I'm sure it'll be something great!!


LoveMore said...

can't WAIT to see you truely BLOOM in the big city!


hadley said...

Great photobomb! [: It will be so exciting to see and be a part of your new life in the city.

Maialen said...

you are right, everyday must be the day! tHE DAY TO HAVE FUN, TO CRY, TO SHOUT , TO DANCE, TO SAY...I LOVE YOU, OR JUST, I DON´T MIND.

tupersonalshopperviajero said...

Lovely pics + words

The Golden Cupcake said...

so happy for you, really.
u seem so nice that just feels u truly deserve it.

nice inspiration photos! the one with the pink lips is amazing!!!

hey if u'r looking for inspiration for your christmas parties outfits, please visit our blog!!!


cupcake girls ;)

EmerJa said...

All the pictures are fantastic. I love the scene of Love actually you show here.It's so romantic!!

Charlotte said...

I love all the things you're thankful for =]
Congratulations on FIDM =]
Charlotte x

Marta Represa said...

How lovely. The photos are indeed very inspirational!

Love from Paris

Couture Carrie said...

Hello my lovely Leese!

How have you been??

Love your list and inspirational pics... fabulous post, darling!


Raez said...

great inspirations and thanks lists! i am feeling extra thankful too--but mostly to my hairdresser, he works wonders with scissors;)

have a good weekend!

xx raEZ

moded'amour said...

i love the second pic so much!!


Ivania said...

love how his hair and his shoes are exactly the same color in the second pic, and the fluo pink socks with the pastel outfit!

AMIT said...

Just to say lovely pictures.

Kings Lingerie

Ellevictoire said...

that guy in the second picture is absolutely gorgeous. happy thanksgiving!

Marian said...

Darling CONGRATULATIONS on FIT, super super happy and excited for you! Here is to that wonderful news!! Utterly wonderful darling!
Adoring all the things you are thankful for and my fave image is the screen shot from Love Actually! How adorable was his Unrequited love and that particular scene with Keira?! Heart...
big kiss,

brooke said...

congrats on your acceptance! only just got around to all your posts - this is amazing. well done!


Mich 'ELLE. said...

love your blog<3
xx Michelle

Szymon fotograf said...

form now you are in my RSS reader ;)

eda said...




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