ice ice baby.

dress. vintage. tights. joe fresh. shoes. zara. stole. zara ( faux fur from one of my coats!). bag. accessorize.

this is what a wore for my birthday a few weeks ago, and wore it out again as it made me feel great! ( the secret, feel good = look good). i am a firm believer in everything on the inside, radiates outwards ( including eating your green veggies and getting ample vitamin D, especially during the winter chill)

the dress was an absolute steal from value village, and with a pair of scissors i simply snipped up the hem, and made it into a mini to fit all occasions! after finding such a bargain (we are talking a few dollars) i even start to eye of prices at h & m and zara !!!
craziness i tell you.


electric feel said...

oh wow
this pics look like an professional editorial!
i like your dress, reminds me kind of the swinging twenties!

janis said...

those tights are from joe?!?!
i MUST get myself a pair!

great steal with the dress!


Dylana said...

That dress is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Love you in it!


rubennieto said...

amazing!!! I love it !! Your look it`s fantastic =D

dani kreeft said...

lovely birthday outfit lis!!
and edmonton is looking chillier and chiller these days...brrrrr!!!

Isabelle said...

I adore this, makes you look like a 30's heroine ;) great find!

Sarah said...

ice ice baby?? do you actually know what that means.. It has to do something with drugs.

love your shoes!!

greetzz from Holland, Amsterdam :)

Talia said...

this little bag is so cute and elegant. It makes the whole outfit different.

LoveMore said...

loveeeeeeeeeee this! editorial. editorial. editorial. amazing. amazing. amazing.

LOVE to youxxxxxxxxxx

Stevie said...

The dress looks great! Whole outfit is well put together. Plus you're gorgeous!

leflassh. said...

oh i need tight like that so bad.
such a perfect outfit!
dress is awesome, great find!

The Golden Cupcake said...

wow!!! i love the dress with the fur!

and i can't believe how you manage to walk in heels when there's ice&snow everywhere!! :)

cupcake girls :)

Mariona said...

Congratulations, better late than never. You was chosen a wonderful look , blue favors and the dress cut is ... I love twenties !!!

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!nice coat, very original, and you have great LEGS!!!!!!

MOSCANA said...

beautiful dress!

Raquel said...

Amazing pictures! Lovely dress!


geisharock said...

love you in winter chic :) xoxo

Fashion Chalet said...

I am the same way, dressing up makes me feel good! Bah to the men who think Women only need 1 pair of shoes and the same handbag day in and day out. Dressing up is better than any other higgggh! :)

I hope this will be only the first of many trips into the City. I would love to visit you in Feb.. !


ryder said...

oh es, you can work this in ny!!!
amazing&posh! so ny!

FashionJazz said...

U look amazing here, the tights, the dress, wow, its perfect hun!!!! Hope u had a good weekend : ) xxxx

♥ Marta ♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

i want tights like theese!!

sexyinthecity said...

Beautiful, the dress is absolutely amazing!

Kenza said...

So chic !

Womens Dresses said...

Nice pics! I love the jacket! It's gorgeous!

getyourway said...

I completely love ur outfits!!

the style spotter said...

i love the faux fur collar!!


jessica said...

oh YES .
love everything about this.
the bright blue roses, the lush fur, the polka dot tights ..
too perfect.

Anika said...

the dress is gorgeous, the tights are perfect and the stole just finishes the look off fantastically.

Amazing, gorgeous girl.

Dylana said...

I tagged you with an award!


ITSOLA said...

I lvoe the swiss dot tights! I just got a pair myself and a second pair with little hearts. Can't wait to put together an outfit like yours!


Meggstatus said...

I adore this dress and the fur was a very nice addition

Dirty Hair Halo said...

Cute dress, leggy lady. XO


Szymon fotograf said...

I love your high heels!

Tayler said...

I love value village! most of my clothes are from goodwill and value village, great find <3


eda said...




The Fashion Cloud said...

Great pictures and love the fur collar with the dress.



Miggy said...



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