shorts + top. vintage. shoes. f21

feeling the glow from the winter sun.

i know this is not extreme "color blocking" but by bringing in some color with my lips + shoes a more subdued look is achieved, as i am not one for crazzzzy colors.

after hopelessly falling in love with the dries van noten fall runway, i can see some muted vintage blazers, with bold jewel tone mini-skirts and trousers in my near future.
with winter showing its side, and not wanting to drown myself in all black, i think this will be the perfect balance. 


minimal me.

dress. sewn by city of petra. shoes. marni

i have always been a minimalist, so i never feel naked when i do not accessorize.

definitely rejoicing in our summer-like temps.

the bf is off for 5 days at spine congress (sounds like fun right?), so we coupled up and soaked in the sun.


top hat.


 re-igniting my love for hats again.

i have no idea why i never posted them before... i have HEAPS.

i was always the girl rocking a hat... remember when newsboy caps were all the rage?
my secret desire to be a "newsie" (the musical) was brought to life every time i donned my cap.

with winter on its way, they will not only be an accessory but their functionality are undeniable.

ps- on our way out...was trying to get the dog to stay inside the gate ;)



credit. tfs

 i shamelessly admit 
1. i watched and loved dawsons creek while growing up...dawson + pacey + joey were household names to me! and i spoke about them like they were my best buds
any other fans out there? 
the people who know me, truly know how nerdy i am.

2. i sometimes buy into celebrity gossip, and find myself telling my bf- "did you know so-in-so...." about something so random + silly, but i some how find a teensy bit of joy in it. why do i know these things or even care ? it still remains a mystery. oh well- it is the little things in life that make me laugh!

on a completely different note: diane kruger + joshua jackson are one beautiful pair. they're not only ferociously stylish, but they have a couple quality to them that radiates genuine goodness.

ever since joshua started dating diane, his style  involved into GQ coolness which has me seriously crushing. pacey ? really! while diane on the other hand, outshines not only her man but everyone around her- she has and will always be the most classic and beautiful women in hollywood, to me, and with a style that is top notch she is not going anywhere.


marni me.

nerd alert.

dare i say it, but these are my most comfortable heels as of late.
 definitely my highest, but i swear they were made for my feet.
lust ---> love.

ps- i have NO idea why my legs look two different colors ?


duck it out.

blazer.woolies. dress. vintage. boots. michealkors.

time to bring out the duckies.

the rain is relentless.
but a plus for me, as semester one finals are looming.

but i have to admit, i am looking forward to layering up. 
the possibilities are endless!

one last thing: i have honestly worn these MK boots more than i ever thought possible. they proved worthy of canadian winters, and now that we are hitting the rainy season i know these boots won't leave me astray.
they might be ugly to most, but to me they are beautiful.



rain filled saturday. 
tried to study.
drank coffee + tea.
experimented with cult favorite- mac- russian red.
flipped through magazines.
spent too much time on lagarconne.
made +ate a huge pot of homemade soup.
cuddled (don't you just love that word?)
dashed out in my trench + boots to replenish our organic espresso bean addiction.
spoke to my bestie who surprised me last week, but is away exploring.
awaiting her return from namibia in 2.5 weeks.
texted my bf all day while he was operated from morning till night.
dreamt of a trip to paris in the summer.
ate too many banana muffins.
read my books.
watched larrykinglive.

oh what a day!
it is still monsoon-ing.
time for bed.



green monster.

jacket+ jeans. zara.

a moto-jacket allows me to re leash the little rebel in me.
like Marlon brando in "the wild one" or the ever conspicuous james dean 

their snug fit allows for a more tailored look.
which is its key feature.
 pair with a frock to toughen up or trousers for a menswear look. 
throw over absolutely anything night or day.
which i do!

to me they embody a classic style which is truly eternal.

i have or probably never will own a motorcycle.
but this timeless piece will forever hold a place in my cozy closet.


7th natural wonder.


you simply cannot deny the beauty of table mountain.
i am blown away every time i see it, which is almost everyday.

it is actually in running to become the 7th NATURAL wonder of the world.

definitely dressed up for the beach. but still keeping it easy + breezy.




WOW. what a weekend.
it was definitely lived in a twilight like state.

with creature of habit looks, i.e. grey is my favorite color and i seek it when feeling the need to be comforted by my clothes. Throw in a GIANT surprise by my bestie popping out of nowhere when out for dinner on friday, i mean last time we spoke she was traveling the world and was in France (a few days ago)--- next thing you know she is in Africa, in the restaurant,  causing my heart to seriously palpitate for a good few seconds. 

what a blissful dream, that is actually coming to life...


fashion fights.

small change = BIG DIFFERENCE.

topshoptee for breast cancer.

thus far this campaign + sales have saved 3.5 million lives.
WE can do something.
4,100 children.men.women die EVERYDAY in sub-saharan africa (where i live!). from this treatable and preventable disease. 
67% of people living with HIV/AIDS live in sub-saharan, even though only 11% of the population lives in SUB-S-AFRICA, 22 million people living right now with the disease in such a such a small part of the world, it boggles my mind.
to put it into perspective: it is the equivalent to the ENTIRE population of Australia!!!

stella is an inspiration of mine. not only for her beautiful designs but for her heart. passion for the environment and all that encompasses it. 
she was in TIMES top 100 most influential people.
here is a blurb that her bud Gwyneth paltrow wrote.
true true true beauty.

something that is very CLOSE to my heart.
after losing two of the most important people in my life to this...
both my mother and grandmother.
i want to help fight and give word. 
educate the importance of embracing our womanhood.
prevention = cure.

 JUST the power of a simple idea.

fashion fights.
i wanted to share my heart for charity and fashion. 
something that has a huge place in my life.
 the two coexist and that there is SO much more to "fashion".
 fashion/style comes from within. simple as that.
we all posses a different style because we were all blessed with a giving and loving heart.

i do not want to get too deep or try to "preach", but i am extremely passionate about helping... loving...sharing...and giving with my resources and by providing an ear to listen to anyone and everyone...

stella and Bono are two individuals who TRULY inspire me.
they posses hearts and a voice that ARE saving peoples lives everyday.
and they are doing it through this crazy world of fashion.

yes, i shop, yes i can buy into the materialistic side of fashion.

but i am aware. try to educate myself and give in all ways possible too.

THANK you guys. for everything.
your love and support is something i truly value.
yes. i am a cheese ball, but i HONESTLY just care so much, about everyone and everything in my life.
including this blog which does form part of my life.

this is just something i had to share. 
thanks for taking the time to read this.
it means so much.



let it shine.

blazer. target. jeans. joe. boots. vintage.

-obsessed with the covergirl lipstains- especially color 400
-have been considering these boots for over a year....might take the plunge. they will last f-o-r-e-v-e-r + be an investment. 
-i can't stop watching cnn. i watch it while having my morning brew + e-mail checking.i watch it at the gym. and i catch up before bed. my favorites are backstory. inside africa. larryking & vital signs.
-casablanca lilies are intoxicating. go out and buy some today! fresh flowers truly brighten my day.
- i love my denims. ordered these! hope they fit.




jeans. country road. suit. aa. shoes. asos. rayban clubmasters.

wow, now that i see my hair it really isn't as "short" as i thought.
but definitely a few inches + layers.
 award for biggest hair baby.

got these new black skinnies today.
am in love, as they are extra long.

i have been keeping things simple lately as i am trying to get back to basics.
but i have not been to a vintage shop in months...
must do some exploration. 
some nice chunky scarfs for winter + am still waiting/craving/saving for a nice classic black bag.
proenza schouler PS1 please....



shirt.f21. leggings. aa. boots. topshop. beanie. country road.

we were just off to grab some sushi for some quick eats

popped by this bridge, and almost broke my leg getting my heel caught.
so sitting was best.

i also have bandage finger.
dropped a giant voss water bottle yesterday and sliced my finger open.
clutz magee!!!

+ i cut my hair.
nothing too crazy.
but more will be revealed soon.