in my dreams...


i will be riding my bike + wearing celine... every. day. all. day. come spring and summer.

f i n a l l y on spring break. although its raining like mad- i have been out and about, meeting new amazing people + unearthing hidden gems in this big apple of a city.

will be back w/ some really cool pictures asap . PROMISE.



rouli said...

cool post!

loved the last pic!


playwithfashion said...


Clara said...

wow i love all those looks
amazing post

Tatiana Cohendy said...
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electric feel said...

lovely illustrations.

6roove said...

I love the 2 last pics with the girl, so cute!

Talia said...

I really like the pants you presented, especially their shape. And these lather clothes are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

love the collection!

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

love it!

followed :)
come visit mine

Maria said...

i found yout blog like a month ago thanks to leflassh and now im addicteed! i loveee it!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

oooooh! i so want a intergalactic teeshirt!!!

Marta from With Love... said...

Aww...so cute, I would definitely join in on the fun :P I adore Celine's spring collection so perfect!


jessica said...

oh oh oh CELINE.
gotta love it.

hope you're having a ball in nyc lovely!

June Paski said...

I love celine too, but why the're very expensive >.<


Aleisha Z said...

Ahh my dreams also!!

Love Aleisha xxx No Rock Without Plastic

Patty said...

Oh my god that black wrap dress is so perfect!! Thanks for posting ;)

Anonymous said...

there are so many things in my dreams and chloe clothes and shoes are so in it


Erin said...

I just happened upon your blog and I love it...have been reading through all your posts and I think they are truly gorgeous...will be back!

Love love love,



Robins said...

Celine is what dreams are made of!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tell me about Celine. I'm already itching for my trip to the UK to get some awesome stuff (okay, maybe not stuff but one thing?) haha :)

Natalia said...

Who is the artist for the graphic art you posted on march 29? And is there any way that you can post the website? Or email it to me. I am very interested in those two pieces and would like to see more for future projects. You can also email me at Nataliahoyo@yahoo.com

Your blog is wonderful, I love following it.

chloe said...

loooooove the space drawings. those are stunning!!
great blog.
naughty mess vintage

Sandy said...

Nice pics, amazing dresses, I'm a huge fan of fashion, I love shopping and hunting latest fashion dresses. It's a hobby of mine.

Super Saiyan said...

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