hoodie dress.

dress. aa. jacket. h & m. shoes. JS. shades. ray ban.

hoodie dress. Yup it's out there.
It definitely gets cold here in Africa ( South Africa ). Which still boggles my mind after living here for over 3 years... I guess you always associate Africa with the blistering heat. But alas it gets cold. Not blizzard cold, but a chill that gets into your bones leaving you with no hope for retaining a normal body temperature. This can be attributed to the fact that our houses do not have central heating (!!!). Craziness, I tell you. So although our winter is only a few months, it is more often than not, warmer outside than inside. Which leaves me bundled 24/7.
But being a Canadian, I will never complain about "winters" here... as I've witnessed snow taller than me and temperatures of -50 degrees celsius. no joke.

Therefore this dress suits me + my bi-coastal winters perfectly.


Leni said...

lucky you! who lives in Africa!!!!

cause i am a girL said...

i wanna go to south africa someday. cold weather sounds much better than living in the tropical in my whole life now. btw, nice outfit (;

CoutureCarrie said...

I love this!


♥ Marta ♥ said...

Such a cute outfit... Love the sweater dress, I've been looking for one myself... P.S. I absolutely adore your blog, would you like to exchange links?

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

you always pair such great pieces that i'd never think of putting together! i love this and the black tights and matching boots is super slimming and chic!

LEESH said...

that blue with the black is seriously so perfect. blacka nd blue can be hard to pull off decently.. but you did it. and it looks WONDFERUL!

holly said...

you're canadian too!

Mila said...

Wow, you look amazing!!

emily said...

i love this outfit! please be a model!

Snowshoe said...

you are a master of basics. you always make things look so effortless and cool!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your look today, Leese! :)

This is absolutely stunning. Inspiring, indeed! -----| ♥

glory said...

hi... i jus discovered you blog and i love it a lot... and you live in africa??? very interesting....well i`m from mexico and i`ll like to xchange links...let me know.

Krissy said...

wow! thats cool you live in south africa
i love the hoodie dress:)

Wendy said...

I need a hoodie dress asap.

ramona.mia said...

darlin'!! we are so sorry we haven't likend you up, we are getting used to "the blogging thing". Will do it right away.

It so interesting to know about your life in Africa!!! gosh I hope ramonas can go and visit one day.

love the outfit!!! :)


Vanessa said...

I'm loving your blog...you have great style!

Sunniva said...

wow it must be very interesting to live in South Africa!
I love your AA hoodie dress..Agyness Deyn has one too, and I've been drooling over it ever since I saw her wearing it. You wear it so great with the leather jacket and those amazing shoes!


Lisa said...

leni: it is stunning BUT far from my family + friends.

cause i am a girl:thanks girl. you must come.

couture carrie: you are the sweetest.

marta: thanks love! its comfort is unparallel. i have it in grey as well. yes. of course- lets link!

cupcakes and cashmere: thank you for your kindness.

leesh: I didn't even think about it until you said something. I thought since they didn't clash I would be fine. THANKS GIRL!

holly: yup, born and bred- SUCH a beautiful country. I love it.

mila: thanks beauty.

emily: HA HA! you are too funny. SOOOOO sweet. thank you. i think models retire at my age ( ??? ) ;)

snowshoe: oh you are so lovely! thank you.

fashion chalet: erika love. thank you thank you. I am already looking forward to your next mood board ( !!! )

glory: thanks girl. yup - at the southern most tip of Africa. yeah for sure!

krissy: giant hoodie. comfort factor VERY high.

wendy: yes, yes you do! On those chilly school days. Throw one on & your good to go all day...

ramona.mia: oh no worries ladies! you girls are too sweet. YES you must come visit. You would love everything about it.

vanessa: thank you!

Lisa said...

sunniva: thank you love! Yes its been an adventure... really? OH agyness. With her tall gams it must really look like a hoodie.

Ida said...

I have always wanted to visit South Africa. How did you end up living there? And I think it's a common thing with houses - warmer outside than inside.

Keep on rocking that hoodie, darling!

Francis Girard said...

you are my first south african blog read - what a lovely part of the world you are from. I will be tuning in, great pictures. xf

RAQUEL said...

wow!amazing!((new blog))

vogue_wants_me said...

i think u juz look like a professional model.
r u ?

and u r so tall and slim .
btw,good pieces on this pic!


yes it does it cold in Africa depeneding on where.It there area is mountainous with slightly higher altitude it will get chilly.
loving that hoodie dress on you.

claire said...

perfect boots right thrrrrr

unfortunately i am too short so the aa hoodie dress was v. unflattering!

y-s x

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you<3

You are so sweet and kind and just such a great person (!!!)

By the way, what makeup or facewash do you use? Your face is perfectly smooth and beautiful!!

Mimi said...

very casual but you turned to a hot chic way.lovely

Gala Gonzalez said...

nice pics..Not so sure about the jacket...ill have choosen a baggier jumper-dress on it's own! but with the boots looks pretty cool!

WendyB said...

I would hate to live without central heating. I'm so spoiled by it.

Aurore said...

I love your boots! You are nice, as usual

ashleigh said...

i looove the first photo! i've never seen the hoodie dress look so great! and i've always wanted to try it.

it's so great to read this blog i'm yet to stumble across a great blog from south africa and now i've found you! can't wait to see your coming posts.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are you wearing?

chauss said...

i love this outfit! and hoodie dress...so cute on you. :)

Nothing Elegant said...

I have this hoodie dress in maroon and I live in it when the weather is cool...love it!! I like how you've toughened it up a bit! Too bad it is still so hot here!

makemoremistakes said...

Hi cutie!!

Thank you for the awesomely sweet comments all the time. You make me smile.

Also, this is a cute look, and I want to come to south africa some time, and talk politics, and go surfing, and look at pretty things like yourself. maybe you will be there when I come adventuring.
I hope you are well my dear!!


quang ba web said...

So so so so Cuteeee …

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