slip times 2.

jacket. h & m. slip. Woolies. shoes. nine west
lace-y slip. I found this cheap-o slip at the Woolies quality sale and could not pass it up. It was simple. lace trimmed. and is a beautiful blush shade and for some reason I just felt drawn to it, so much so that this was probably my 5Th time checking it out to see if I REALLY wanted it. YUP- I did.
Of course its meant for sleeping in...BUT I thought it would be perfect with tights ( I would never wear this tight less. never.) + my black jacket.
My camera was laid to rest tonight as it *slipped* out of *someones* hands while the zoom was out...(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) therefore I was in a mournful mood all afternoon. I used an old replacement camera for these pics, so the pictures were a little wacky. BUT my mood was instantly brightened because I bought a new one already, with a few added mega pixels. YAY. So a weekend full of ups and downs.


Sunniva said...

Loove your lacey dress! It's gorgeous. Your whole outfit is amazing!


Alice Point said...

Nice outfit. And I think pictures are interesting:)

Fashionistadiary said...

lace dresses are so cool! and there is def. nothing wrong with wearing nightwear during the day! xo

City elegance said...

Nice pictures, I love your dress

Caroline said...

TOPSHOPS GOING TO BE OPEN?!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! oh my gosh, i'm seriously so excited right now. i heard it was opening in october! are you positive? oh you made my day, darling!

She's Dressing Up said...

This looks great, especially with the jacket!

makemoremistakes said...

you are such a sweetheart! I am super jealous of new camera...i want like 60 new ones right now. but am broke. hah. and I too have a slip (actually like 4) that i wear as dresses, skirts, shirts and all other manners of clothing.


Caroline said...

oh, its fine! seriously. i researched it and discovered it on my own anyway :) hah! maybe i'll make a trip in the spring... mmm.

Anonymous said...

Nice buy! I love the girly slip with the tough leather jacket. And yay, a new camera!

Wendy said...

I've been looking for some vintage styled slips to wear during the summer but have never gotten to it. But I can live through your brilliant purchase! Please more outfits!

Knight Cat said...

cute outfit!
and i linked you darling

stephanie said...

love the outfit

The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty! I am on the search for such a slip.

Maggie said...

thanks for the comment doll, same to you! Your blog (and your look) is bitchin'.


that is very cute
well done

cheers from Paris stylish girl


emily said...

omg, i love that slip! lace is amazing and it looks great how you've worn it.

Maria C said...

i like your pictures, it looks really cool :)

Lisa said...

sunniva: sooo sweet. thank you.

alice point: thanks girl. Yeah it was a wacky effect and was the only way that camera took pictures.

fashionistadiary: I know, hey? Its a piece of clothing and is a dress so it can be worn WHENEVER! *added bonus* its SUPER comfy.

city elegance: thanks love.

caroline: oh girl. I still feel horrible. BUT YAYAYA NYC!!! You will have to plan another trip for the New Year...

she's dressing up: thanks lady! I got this jacket when H & M first came to Canada.

makemoremistakes: NO need for the thanks lady! You are WAY TOO KIND. OH yes- the camera was purchased by it's destroyer ( :) ) Its nothing fancy but its perfect for me.

unwisepedestrian: thanks lady lovey! I love masc + fem.

wendy: sweet sweet girl. thank you times a million. Yes be on the lookout...they are out there!!! I also can't wait to throw my plaid over it:)

knight cat: AHHHH thanks for the link! LOVE your blog.

stephanie: thanks girl.

the clothes horse: I am sure you will come across some beautiful slips. Your eye is simply fabulous...goodluck + show when you find!

maggie: thanks lady!!!!

style and the city.com: WOW. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

emily: you are such a sweet girl. honestly. YAY for lace. I love how it is SOO feminine but can be "manned" up w/ leather...my fav. It pleases both sides of me.

maria c: thanks for checking my blog out girl! loves.

Ida said...

I LOVE how brave you are, and I ADORE the result! The leather jacket adds so much to the lace, beautiful.

Yay for the new camera, you should show us pictures!

Kicking couture gal said...

Love love your blog, the banner is so chic. Want to link up?

girl on the wing said...

oh, so so lovely! i've taken to wearing lace slips as outfits too recently. underwear-as-outerwear, or something like that.

thank you soo much for the nyc tips! i am so excited about it (but a little worried I won't want to leave). that's amazing you did an internship there - what sort of place did you intern in? (if you don't mind me asking)

boat cruise sounds good, think i might also do one of those uber-touristy bus tours on the first day to help me get my bearings!


Savvy Mode SG said...

couldn't tell it's a slip. i would layer it also. very savvy.

Kat said...

very beautiful outfit!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank youuu!!!

Great look, I love your shoes and jacket with the dress, and those knee socks, beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

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