sunday lunch.


the wackness pattern.

I acquired this dress during my internship at Tracy Reese.

The 70s/80s bathing suit print drew me in instantly.

It possessed a mad ruffle at the bottom, but I seam - ripped it off, to create a more streamline look.

coupled with a white tank took to take it down a notch.

pure silk with a gorgeous swing, makes for a perfect sunday afternoon birthday lunch.

on a different note:

*** Dec.1 st is World Aids day***

living in South Africa has opened up my eyes to its devastation.
up north in some communities 1 in 2 suffer from this crippling disease.

they are having a moment of silence throughout the world.
so if you have a moment to reflect...


Kenza said...

your dress is really beautiful.

I think you don't realize how lucky you are to live with the sun all the year...!

(My brother is not my twin, i'm just one more year than him !)

Have a nice day pretty girl.


Stompface said...


That's what you are!

That dress is stunning! You look so girly in it, yet tough at the same time. I'm loving it.

Gosh, I just love your face. haha oh that sounds a bit weird, it's just so naturally beautiful!

Hope you are fantastic!


Fashion Therapist said...

I'm so jealous you interned for Tracy Reece I LOVE her stuff!

CapuccinoB. said...

Your dress is beautiful! :)

Once I heard something of a campaign called "Fashion against Aids", the singer Rihanna represented it. One of the coolest things she's ever done.

I hope, when i get older, to do something to help this huge problem of the Aids, really.

Love, x


lovely lovely dresss.you shine in it dear!love the print so much,its quite endearing.
AIDS is so devastating.my prayer is for a cure one day soon...
stay inspiring.

Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

Love that dress on you, you wear it so well!

World Aids Day really needs to be supported, when i worked in Zambia, it becomes so apparent what an insanely huge problem it is!

Emily said...

i love how you toned down that dress with the white tank. it's such a fun pattern that fits you wonderfully!

B. said...

lovely dress!

I also want to help people, but not only with AIDS, HELP is the word.

life . style . dissected said...

lisa, you look gorgeous!
and thank you for spreading the prayer on.


Billie Jean said...

Last year I was in CT and it also opened my eyes about aids, it's such a big problem. It's horrible that so many people have to suffer. I went to a children hospital and it's scary to realize that a lot of small children are infected with HIV and probably won't get older than 10 years old.

We can be happy that we are healthy..
Really good from you that you give it attention!

lots of love

Vintage Me New You said...

lovely u, the dress is very cute and it seems a sunny day...
ohh i miss the good weather:)
here it's almost snowing!

Fashion Tidbits said...

very Chloe~ :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Lisa in pretty colorful colors! :) I adore the dress, how was the Sunday lunch? I am still full from the long weekend Holiday festivities..

Thanks for commenting and congratulating me on the interview-article. JUst glad that you enjoyed it. :)



Gaya said...

Your dress is amazing!!!! Kisses

Petra said...

You are so stunning! This dress is so beautiful, and I love how you wear it in a way that makes its girlieness a bit tougher.

Your hair really is so gorgeous!!

Have a beautiful monday xx

Cilla said...

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Cindiddy said...

hey girliee!!!

BEAUTIFUL dress.. love it!

Couture Carrie said...

OMG Leese I love you in the sweet floral print!! It is so lovely to see you wearing color and that print is just divine!


Maya said...

LOVELY. I love florals!

S of Modern-Guilt said...

Your dress is so gorgeous on you! And you are a seriously, seriously stunning lady. With a heart of gold, might I add :)
Hope you're having a lovely day!

Hot Bot said...

Great change of color palette pace Lisa :)

Mode Junkie said...

woman you can't do no wrong. grrr. the silk dress is a dream. but i am kinda enjoying layering at the moment. makes my heart smile though seeing sunshine in your pics.

Andy said...

Hey you!
What a cute and colorful dress!
You look totally amazing.
Kenza is right, you're really lucky to live in a sunny place :-)

New post on my blog, check it out!


Zanita said...

have you watched the wackness recently? i watched it two days ago. Also yesterday i watched a whole load of documentaries and TV regarding Aids and its really shocking the effects of the social stigma surrounding the disease. I have a friend with Aids and the ignorance of people is astounding...so much persecution. Even children with aids are treated like second class citizens... Awareness it the key!
On another note i love this dress! Sparkling colour! I wish i was a teenager in the early 90's....I'd also be a modelling superstar im sure! Damn stick figure trend...
Hope your week is off to a lovely start

Fashionistadiary said...

OMG lisa, you look amazing! that dress is a dream!! i cant even tell you how jealous i am of seeing you being kissed by the sun!!! pffff will send you some pics of my new dress--- really want you to tell me what you think!!! xo

makemoremistakes said...

You are so sweet. And also, incredibly adorable.
Thank you thank you for all the sweet words.
I hope you're well dear!


Domonique said...

The dress is perfection, it looks so warm in your pics! (slightly jealous) ha!


SICK. said...

love that dress !
you're right, the bathing suit print really is killer.
i expecially love pairing tank tops with strapless dresses.
it makes it feel like you're an urban princess or something.


MOLLY GRAY said...

the dress is beautiful!

STEFANIE said...

aah I love that you paired that dress with a tanktop, it really does take it down a notch!
Oh and are those the nine west sandals Camille has too? If they are, tell me, are they comfy? I found them on ebay today by coincidence, very cheap & my size (lucky me ^-^) and I need to now if I could walk in them, I usually don't wear heels you see!
Aah yes and AIDS day, I've seen the movie 'And the band played on' in class last week, it's about AIDS and the whole story how they discovered it etc etc, really, it touched me! To see how it all evolved... and now I'm struggling on an article I have to present tomorrow about HIV and very strange stuff I do not understand. Yikes. I should go do that a bit haha ^-^
Oh and about the subscription, I'm thinking that maybe I should still get US Vogue, you know, just in case it gets any better ^-^ and take teen vogue too. But there are so many magazines I'd like to read! ha, too many choices!
Oh and HAVE FUN IN CANADA! I guess you're pretty excited to go home right^-^?

sarah said...

love your dress its so bright and colourful! x

jaime said...

oh my lisa! you look stunning in that dress! the color pops and you totally pull it off so well :) and my prayers go out to all those affected.

Sharlo said...


the healthy ghost said...

How lucky with all that sun

Terencesambowrites said...

love the dress... enjoy the sun girl haha do drop by my blog got a new interview with one of the hottest models right abt now :o)

sophie ward said...

My dad and Gemma are involved in a program called The Hunger Project, which not only deals with the question, 'how can we stop world hunger, seriously?!' but it also provides epicenters in 3rd world countries that have libraries, food storage places, pharmacies and small banks in them which have been insanely effective. It actually works! Small villages are turning around, and seeing their vibrance shine through is an amazing revelation.
"The day Africa is liberated, the world will witness the biggest spiritual explosion ever seen"

I find that amazingly exciting...

But sadly, one of the chiefs of a village told my dad (who is a GP) "the people who die in Africa are very heavy. It's because they die with their dreams"


Maria said...

Your legs are so killer.

Really. They are to die for!

And the dress is looking gorgeous on gorgeous you. Hehe :D The print is so wacky-tacky. I love it.


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh my goodness, I adore your dress sooo much! And when you said "70s/80s bathing suit print", I realized why it gave me a sense of familarity... I'm pretty sure my mom had a swimsuit in a very similar floral print in the 80's or so! :D

The weather looks so warm and beautiful there, I'm jealous! :P Hope you had fun at the afternoon birthday lunch you were attending! :)

And thank you so much for your comment (when am I am NOT thankful! :P)! <3 Hey, I'd be happy if even just 1 person was able to recieve inspiration from my blog, but I don't "thousands" do hehe. ;)

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday! <3


Ashleigh said...

they were doing demonstrations/seminar sort of things at my school yesterday for world AIDS day....glad you mentioned it in your post- a child dies EVERY minute due to AIDS..it is tragic...I took a whole course on HIV/AIDS..both sociological and molecular...in regards to your outfit...your a beauty as always

♥ Marta ♥ said...

the print on the dress.... is so pretty :) Love the dress...and you look stunning in it.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your comments are nothing short of complete positivity. You inspire me, help me to shine brighter and feel happier. ♥

And for this, I thank you ten-fold! :)



claire said...

i NEED that dress for my winter ball! my god

y-s x

Fashion Is Poison said...

hey sweetie!

the chloes....hmm i THINK they may be sold out. they run a whole size small btw. i think the white ones are sill around at barneys. what size are you? i'll keep an eye out for you O_O i think browns had them, too...

the print on the dress is beautiful <3

btw, one of the most influential teachers that i ever had is from south africa. she bought me this tribal keychain from there when i was in 6th grade. but after and during all the moving, i lost it :(

LJ said...

Ooh I'm so jealous of your sunny weather. I like the flowery chic look..

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

its freakin cold wear i am, and i just wish it was warm enough for me to throw on a little cute dress like that one...

ashleigh said...

oh my goodness.

this is gorgeous!

i am loving all these kinds of prints at the moment, in fact, i'm debating over buying a strapless dress with a similar print at this moment.

ahhh love, my dear.

i love it all :)

Miss Urbanita said...

So beautiful!

Lisa said...

*** YOU GUYs touch my heart every single time.

i know i may sound cheesy everytime i say it. and i hope it never comes across as over-the-top.

i can just never stop at thank you.

i simply want you to know how much each word means.

we lead busy lives and to take the time out to support me, means so much.

so my forever grateful heart is warmed.



Mimi said...

Beauuuutiful dress!

Krystal said...

yes for world aids day--cure it!! you look fab xx

Trendy Gourmandise said...

very nice dress

*Lady D* said...

this dress is beautiful!

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