chloe christmas.


i hope you guys had a GLORIOUS & SPLENDID day with family + friends.
mine was wonderful.
filled with love & laughs.
i am sure you guys got some incredible gifts.
can't wait to see.
i scored 2 amazing books ( which i'm sure you guys got too... )
thanks bro + sis.
books are my favorite.
these will be soaked up to their fullest!
AND my chloe's.
i think i am in love. they have such a weird aesthetic to them, and i know many will find them weird, but the nude shade + wedge/boot heel is something that i find utterly amazing. their fit and construction are undeniable, and nude shoes. i'm obsessed.
i wore this romper with my newbies for Christmas day.
nothing beats this suit for holiday play + eats.
i'm off to brave some boxing day sales with my sis. i haven't been in years... we thought we would see whats going down at the biggest mall in the world !!! ( West Edmonton Mall )...


janettaylor said...

Cute boots!

xoxo: Janet

P.S.: Happy Holiday!

StyleCopycat said...

Gorgeous outfit! Everything is so lovely!!!



stellawantstodie said...

love your chloe´s!!
I really love this brand, I´ve rememberd my fisrt chloè sunglasses with the little heart with swarosky...so cool, as your boots...

Santa has been very nice, lot of presents...hahaha


Jillian said...

you look beyond fantastic darling!
hope u had a wonderful holiday!

Mimi said...

How amazing is this romper?and the bag?

Oh love your outfit!

escritora said...

hello gorgeous!
you look beautiful. boots are fantastic!

Hot Bot said...

You look amazing Lisa :)
Good luck at the mall! Can't wait to see what you come back with.

hadley said...

I would die for those boots.


These boots are quite incredible, maybe weird but they fit you well.

DaisyChain said...

I hope you get some great sale finds. I adore your boots, oh so much.

ryder said...

amazing combination! chloe? obsessed!!! fantastic, very unusual very chloe. you got them as a present or? more more!!!

ryder said...

amazing combination! chloe? obsessed!!! fantastic, very unusual very chloe. you got them as a present or? more more!!!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Great (fashion)blog. I read on the facehunter that you live in Cape Town. Great city, have lived there briefly and planning to go back there in 6 months. But fashion-wise could be more upfront, what you think?

Couture Carrie said...

Oh goodness you look incredible, Leese! Love the Chloe boots sooooo much!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas, darling!


B. said...

Cute purse!
I need the Olsen's Book!

bec said...

LOVE the shoes! LOVE them! the outfit! fits, inspiring! very stunning!
have a merry one //bec


darling what perfect boots! the colour and shape are perfect,typical of Chloe.goes great with the romper.Love that you got those books as I know you love a great book.
darling thanks for sharing your xmas with us Leese.
have a beautiful new year ahead beautiful,
big kiss,

Krystal said...

well, the supermodel returns!! how amazing is this on you! seriously girl, sign with an agency now.

and come visit and well shop xx

merry christmas...and boxing day :) xx

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Have fun Boxing Day shopping ... I just came back it is a night mare....ugghhh. You look stunning and those boots oooh my ..... they are AMAZING :)

Merry Christmas Sweetie :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Gorgeous romper.
Gorgeous hair!!!!!

LISA you are a vision in CHLOE! x

Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Holiday. My new little sweetheart is going to be spoiled and very loved, you can count on it. We've already house trained her and taught her some tricks. Like "Sit" and "Stay" it's so cute.

Talk soon, beauty!


Nature Grafitti said...

you are so incredibly gorgeous
and those chloes!! OHHH they are amazing

happy holidays! my gift to you:


Jennifer said...

I love your outfit! Your boots are mazing!

Fashion Is Poison said...

hello beautiful! missed yah! omg aren't you cold in that cute jumper?? i was in 20-30 degree weather and felt SO cold! hope you had a marvelous xmas hon


leflassh. said...

love those boots and your posing :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

you look fabulous darling! great way to break into them boots

Karla said...

oh i love those chloe boots! They combine my two (well 3 if u count the brand too) shoe obsessions: wedge and patent leather! ...now if only they were black


MR style said...

so fab

M* said...

Wow, Lisa... speechless!
You look like a supermodel!
And good luck at the mall, keep us informed!

Merry Christmas for you all.


fashion meets art said...

visit this blog if you like fashion and art

Wendy said...

You have the best body, no lie. And those shoes rock.

Merily said...

I am in love with that clutch!

Ashleigh said...

crazzy you..I cant stand boxing day...too much madness for me all packed into one day..:s....those shoes are GORGEOUS...

Demi said...

wow, love the romper and the chloes!!
hope you had an amazing christmas too!

fabulous blog, could we trade lnks please?

The Stylish Wanderer said...

happy holidays!

omg! your chloes! AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG

have a good new year

claire said...

WOW. Usually I am averse to mustard shades, but those boots are strangely...damn fiiiiiiiiine.

y-s x

Knight Cat said...

those chloes are awesome! i love your clutch too :) beautifullllll


Angela said...

i love the chloes!

and you must tell me how influence is!! i'm debating whether or not to buy it. i've heard some people say it was a letdown so..i'm a little wishy washy!

i'm glad you had such a marvelous christmas, dear!!

STEFANIE said...

EEEK! ^-^
Your boots Lisa! oooh I love them!!
I was in love with them from the moment I saw them walking down the runway (well on style.com actually haha)
Oh have fun with them!

Mode Junkie said...

happy holidays dear!
the chloes are very nice.
glad you had a blast.

Lisa said...



I HOPE you all had a wonderful holiday.

oh yes the chloes are so comfy + oh so lovely.

thanks so much for your beautiful words.

they look a tad yellowish on here but in person they are more nude!
my legs also looked red in every pick. maybe thats why they are looking a tad off. weird!

enjoy the rest of your holidays.



Anthea said...

WOOOOW love those boots and the romper :)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I dont want to spoil the fashion flow, but to answer your questions :)
Have been in Cape Town before for 3 months as an Intern at Darkie Clothing.
Now I am planning to do a final thesis for 6 months there on anthropology and the fashion industry in SA.

Loving Cape Town, if you get a chance, please check out a party called Zou'k at Karma every month. :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Same here, I think I need a new iPod. I use it so much the battery runs low really quick. :( Luckily I still have my shuffle for such emergencies.

Christmas without the socks, too sad. I need my little reindeer socks. :)

Hahah. Happy Holidays, lovely Lisa! :)


Fashion Carnival said...

ohh you look so great! is epcially adore your shoes!!

you are obviously in lookbook, aren't you?

LoveMore said...

you look lovely! glad you had a happy christmas! :) LM

freya said...

beautiful shoes, i love them!
and the whole outfit is simply great, you look as amazing as always ;)


Eleh said...

how very chic!

Tinky Minky said...

whaouu your boots are just so perfect!!! I like so much your style, full of inspiration for me! :-)

Abing said...

gorgeous boots!!! fits u so good!!

happy new year and hope u had a wonderful xmas!!

[Tara] said...

These shoes are unreal and the color is stunning! I am always amazed at the way you are able to pull off such unusual items and you make it look effortless and classic. Have a lovely new year!!

Stompface said...

Oh I am amazed by your beauty in all your posts lately. You little stunner you.

I read Kate Moss style in one day. Gosh I love that lady.
I wish her and Johnny were still together.

Hope you are all kinds of fantastic

Lisa said...



for reals.

fashion carnival: no, not on lookbook ! i think i was sent an e-mail awhile back but i lost it!

thank you for every single word.
i hope you had a glorious holiday!!!!!!!!


Fashion Fille said...

utterly amazing...you can say that again!

Petra said...

Wow wow wow! Such a stunning outfit, I adore all the different textures.

The Chloe's are phenomenal!! LOVE the colour and wedge. So amazing.

Sounds like you had such a wonderful day! Wonderful gifts!


jaime said...

lisa, can i please raid your closet? pretty please? oh gosh i LOVE this outfit and your SHOES! wowwww

Miss Urbanita said...

Looooooove your booties! Need them. Have a very similar bag. Kisses ;)


Olviya said...

ohh, so lovely look! as always)

geri said...

ahhhhhhhhh chloes! you lucky girl!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice jumpsuits

susie_bubble said...

They are perfect.... !

Zoë said...

wow what amazing shoes!!

V said...

your boots are amazing. you should check out my post on my studdded/fringed ankle boots, you would love them!

lets link!

goa said...

beautiful boots and a much beautiful style and smile.....delightful New Year Wishes...

Kenza said...

The boots are amazing !

Zanita said...

despite these pics being inside they are looking FABULOUS. i adore this first shot.
I love your style Lisa, i would wear everyone of your outfits. Clean lines, occasion bright colour or quirky piece.
Love love love

Oda said...

looking fab!

xxxx Oda

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