stay indoors.


the season of the glorious holiday parties.

I think up until christmas I have about 4 or 5 to attend!
SO much wonderfulness in one night.
friends. food. fun. laughter. christmas carols. nostalgia. cheer. hot drinks. fire places...

Everyone just seems that much happier.

And the fashion.
I think only so many holiday dresses can be purchased and worn.
I am also someone more into separates then one blingy dress.
That way I can take a simple pair of grey trousers and play around with them.
Some parties also lend themselves to a more casual attire ( chunky holiday sweaters + sequins anyone ??? yes. please.)
Therefore this year I am going to use my limited holiday wardrobe and re-use, accessorize and spruce things up with make-up!

I also bought the most glorious evergreen jacket the other day - so I am sure I will be putting it into good holiday use!
and this gucci-Esq scarf.
oh and my first time wearing leggings.

My bestie snapped this on a splendid afternoon at chapters + starbucks.
With the temperatures coming to a halt outside, what's better than friendship. cozy couches. bountiful books + magazines & holiday sips!


Mode Junkie said...

wow the shoes are killers! and i want me that scarf! arrghh..

you look amazing lisa dearie!
i think if i would be living there, minus 30 and all, i'd rather cosy up in the couch and drink coffee with friends too.

have a merry xmas. enjoy the parties!

Stephanie said...

Those shoes are amazingg! I wanttt them.. are they comfortable?

Lisa said...

mode junkie: yes coffee and couches! Thanks for your sweetness. the scarf is massive & so cozy.

stephanie: they do fit a tad small but I am hoping they will stretch a little. But other than that they are really stable + comfy!!!!

Emily said...

your posts simply ooze with happiness and good vibes...that's why i revisit everyday. i'm so happy you're enjoying yourself and might i add that your legs were made for leggings and heels!

Fashion Therapist said...

I love this look on you. The shoes are an awesome balance!

thesil said...

wow!these shoes are amazing. good heels!

Couture Carrie said...

How much do your accessories rock, Leese? The scarf and shoes are inCREDible! You look so perfect there, perusing Vogue :)



brava on the leggins,
no longer a girl... you're a woman now... ha.
that scarf is gorgeous, looks luxurious, f21 does thing pretty well

have fun at the partays!


Andy said...

I really like denim shirts! i've always loved them actually.
with leggings yay you rocked it !
and this scarf, (looking like a gucci one as you said it) looks perfect with that outfit!


oL said...


Amy (Shades-of-Black) said...

You wear that denim shirt so well.
I always wanted to get one, but was never too sure how to wear it!


Jen said...

those shoes are hot!

Maria said...

What's that I see to the left? No, thank YOU. Gorgeous.

Oh the holidays! Everything is so cozy <3 I love it, the best time of the year! Have a great time at the parties. I'm sure you will.

You are crazy beautiful on the first picture, and the second is so chic. Just look at you. And
those heels are killler!

You've got great ideas for the parties btw, sounds good! Can't wait to see.


Hot Bot said...

I am so spoiled with warm weather winters, but sometimes I crave some chill. It's hard to cozy up to a gingerbread latte when it's so warm outside.

xo xo Fifi said...

those heels...are absolutely ADORABLE.

love them. love them. love them.

SteloucheBabouche said...

I love your pics , your style , your shoes ... in fact i love your blog !
Ur so lucky to live in South Africa , its my dream to go there( im french :( !)


Fashion Tidbits said...

have a fun time~~~~
i love that shirt, i have something just like it

leflassh. said...

those shoes are to die for

Nature Grafitti said...

those shoes are stunnersss
its absolutely freezing here too...
a warm drink sounds so lovely right now!

happy holidays! have fun at all of your holiday parties!

makemoremistakes said...

Hi beauty.

You are the sweetest. And look absolutely wonderful.

I hope you're well, and that all of the parties far exceed your expectations of fun!


Miss Urbanita said...

Amazing scarf and shoes!!! Kisses ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay for holiday parties. If nothing else the dressing up is always fun! And like you said, everyone seems happier.

The shoes! And that scarf! Oh, I'm in love.

suis_aimée said...

LOVE your outfit!!!!

shoes are fantastics!!!!!



Kirke said...

amazing shoes!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are pure love. You look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Just so cool love it !

♥ fashion chalet said...

That's it- I am stealing your shoes!! haha- my love- they are so great.

You do what I do, get all dressed up just to read fashion magazines at the local bookstore; one of my favorite hangouts. :)

Erin Wasson + Nicole Richie??... *sits down* and is ever so humbled by such praise (I LOVE THEM so much!!) esp. Nicole! ♥

Thank youuuuu!

wishing we could meet IRL.


Leesh said...

leggings + pumps are the hottest hottest

girl next blog said...

This scarf is great!
Looks like it's really cozy.

And the whole outfit is so cool!


M* said...

My dear! I'm happy to see your pictures in "cold land"!

Wow, these leggings really suit you, you must wear them more often!
I have read on your last post that finally you get your luggagge... good!
You're lucky you can attend to parties, I'm like an old woman like now, I get tired very soon...


♥ Marta ♥ said...

Got to love Chapters.... I go there whenever I new time alone.

AS for the outfit, you're definately rocking those leggings.... really hot look. I am still tooo nervous to try leggings but you really did inspire me... so I might give it a try.

You look stunning as always .. :)

shimu's holiday said...

i think it's not about how many clothes you have but how can you match it again and again.
Quality over quantity, huh ?

:) love this look!

Pan's Holiday

The Stylish Wanderer said...

omg! I wish your shirt wasnt vintage, because Ive wanted one like that to cut up (lol)

Lovely pictures! you look warm!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm in love with your scarf!
In fact, I must say that I love all your blog. It's just fabolous!
If you don't mind, I add you to my fav.blogs list.


ryder said...

i want those shoes!!! but i thought it was snow outside? :) thats lisa: fierce.

Mariane M. said...

your legs are KILLER.

discothequechic said...

ahh, denim shirts, how i love them!

but i'm undeniably biased as I have one of my own!

you look lovely darling, and those heels are incredibleee.

happy christmas!


50two said...

is it just me or is that glitter on that scarf, ive been looking for a scarf like that, was it thrifted? either way those shoes are awesome. you could probably hurt someone with them. thats how awesome they are.

Anonymous said...

you're so good for a first timer at leggings! oh and I have been searching high and low for a denim shirt like yours, I want to channel Givenchy paired with glossy leggings and what not. Oi, the search continues...

Mila said...

You beautiful!
YOU are true beauty.
Your face is really one of the most beautiful and sweet faces i've ever seen.

You look amazing, but more important: i am sure you are an amazing person with a gorgeous heart.


Fashion Is Poison said...

hello beautiful!

yes yes yes i agree on the fashion. i, too, am re-using some oldies but goodies. it's fun to take out old things that you once fell in love with and will fall in love with all over again. and yesss makeup! <3

Anonymous said...

love your outfit!

La C.

deep_in_vogue said...

you look gorgeous as always, the shoes are fierce!

simply.steph said...

you are sooo going to have to post your outfits for them Christmas celebrations. Agreed with everyone. The shoes are killlaaa. and it is tres interesting... you are one of few I encountered that actually enjoy mall crowds. I had to read "christmas shopping. asap. i love the crowds!" about 3 times because of that comments rarity.

Lisa said...



the shoes are super-pumps.
and i bared them walking to and from the store!!! ;) crazytown. only a Canadian!

they might still have them at asos.com so check them out!

oh and the jean shirt- super 90's and I got it at a vintage shop for 3 dollars. yay.

50two: The SCARF is from forever 21!!! And it has glitter interwoven in it. Subtle sparkle. Go check it out.

simply steph: THANKS GIRL! I am a tad crazy.
I think I just love the CHRISTMAS RUSH + hoiday spirit more than the long lines & crowded bodies. But it is only once a year so I remain cheerful through it all.

thanks amazing bloggies.
you guys shine like no other.
have fun last minute shopping ;)

Jordan said...

aaaa! sp mall. literally haven't been there in years.
yay for wearing leggings!

cindercircle said...

Oh how fantastic blog!! U have a incredible style, and this scarf is amazing!!

Jenny Cindy said...

Wow, those shoes look so hot on you. I don't think I could walk 10 meters in them so kudos to you for being able to wear them out an entire afternoon! You look lovely dear, I love the fact that the oufit is so simple and comfy and then -dang!- there come these killer shoes which add a nice touch of glamour to it.

I wish my best friend were here to come to starbucks with me and have cozy afternoons >.< She's currently overseas so I have to do with my male friend who are not that into fashion magazines and coffee =P

Madeleine said...

Looking good Lisa!

Is that the aa mate leggings finally? :) I still haven't made my order, gathering up my needs.

Have a wonderful time sweetie, winter wonderland for Christmas is the best.

Lots of love

rebeca said...

Those shoes are amazing! I want them!

so cute lisa:)

escritora said...

amazing shoes!
fantastic as always :)


Darling the scarf is divine,you look so beautiful.
Really Lisa you must start to model.You have a stunning face,bone structure is amazing.
There is nothing more important then time with friends and loved ones.
Hope you have a ball at all the festive parties.
honey I know you will look fabulous whatever you wear to them.
Like you, I adore seperates too.They gave more versatality and allow for more creativity as opposed to one pieces.
have a gorge day beautiful.
big kiss!

Krystal said...

aww, you look gorgeously hot in leggings, never take them off-i put on a pair every day to go to starbucks and read, comfortable, and sexy! xx

sarah said...

the first photo is such a good picture of you. ahhh im so jealous of yyour shoes AGAIN! x

jennifer, said...

your heels are amazing. love them!

Petra said...

Your shoes are insane!! They are completely amazing, and i love it how you've paired them with casual leggings (which look INCREDIBLE on you!) and shirt.

I love the happiness in your posts! Have a beautiful weekend x

Kat said...

cool outfit!

Maya said...

ooh I love this pic. Your shoes are hot.

Dane said...

Im lovin all these winter outfits, but I miss your summery ones too. Looks like youre going to have a white christmas, I miss that sometimes. Happy holidays!

Olviya said...

Oh, Leese
at least u have so much parties!
when was ur last time in ukr?

andd...fashion... love your shirt. just bought almoust the same vintage. love it)

Trendy Gourmandise said...


Trendy Gourmandise said...


-h of candid cool said...

you look absolutely beautiful.

and wow! those shoes are killer!!! love it!

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