above 0.

i can't even explain how warm it is.
after being in a deep freeze for ~ 38 days.
today was a glorious day.
above 0. sun shining. SO much to be thankful for.
another crazy JOE find.
this coat.
the quality is impeccable, and leaves me blown away everytime i sift through superstore.
some of these coats go for hundreds... and mine, well it is too cheap to even discuss ;)
and oh micheal kors- i have worn these boots to the max.
i have to contact MK headquarters and let them know just how amazing these duckies are.
i truly put them through the ultimate test.
cold canada.
-40 temperatures.
freezing rain.
endless hours of thrifting.
and no joke : every time i wear them in the snow, people come up to me to ask if i'm okay!
just about to head out to watch the bro play in his basketball game.
oh what a beautiful day.


Emily said...

your bright outlook on life never ceases to amaze me. despite the current 80 degree weather in LA, you've still managed to warm me all up. looking beautiful as always, love! xo


that coat suits you very well and i cant help but envy that snow in this 37c heat! (with no air con argh)

Anonymous said...

People that stay fabulous and stylish in temperatures below - 5 mixed with some snow and ice - remain fabulous forever.

M* said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful you!
I understand you, Lisa, people come up to me to ask if i'm okay everytime I'm on a queue (on this sales it has been a nightmare!!)
I'm pregnant but I'm not dead!



leflassh. said...

im so jelous of the snow.
i wish we had some.
and i really really adore those boots

Anonymous said...

oh lucky! -50 for us...
note to self: go to superstore now!!

Anonymous said...

Love the MK's! I could never survive in such a climate I don't know how you do it, and so fashionably!! Hun I tagged you check out my latest post for the details xx


I really love your blog! I get so sick of cali girl blogs that can get away with wearing open toed shoes in winter, while i'm freezing wearing 2 pairs of pants!
it's great to see someone endure cold weather and not sacrifice fashion! also, it's good to hear that mk boots can withstand such weather conditions. i'm always scared to wear designer boots in the snow. <3

Maya said...

SO much snow. You look lovely. I love your coat

myslumberingheart said...

That coat looks like it is warm and its def. stylish. I am obsessed with coats but its always hard to find one thats warm and you dont look like a marshmallow. This one totally works. Of course those shoes are awesome. Nice to know they can withstand anything.

diane said...

that's so cool you found beautiful shoes you can wear on the snow!!
I'm still searching, it is difficult not to look like a polar bear with those temperature, i think. :-)

LoveMore said...

amazing pics! glad to see you embracing the weather!
hope you had fun at the basketball
:) xxx love LM

i.d. said...

Love the fur-lined hood!

I can't believe how up-and-down the weather has been...

brittany said...

loveeeee the joe jacket! i wish i looked half that stylish over winter break

have a good weekend lovee!

Mode Junkie said...

hurray for warmer temps. :)
you look beautiful as always. have fun in the basketball match.

Sunniva said...

Lisa, you really shine in all of your photos. You have a radiance that is so true and special! Gorgeous outfit as always, do you ever have a bad style day?! I don't think so haha. Have a lovely day, sweetie xox

CapuccinoB. said...


i want your style and your wardrobe... will it be possible? :P


hande's closet said...

ohh god my favorite mk boots!!u look amazing!

Antonia said...


J'Adore Fashion said...

so much snow, lovely purse!!!

Leesh said...

that first picture is EPIC.

Dooder City said...

Those boots are so beautiful! I love them. I am so jealous of the warm weather. It is freezing here but my outlook is good so it is warming me up!

Beka said...

Those are some fierce boots, lady! I absolutely adore them! You look so warm and cozy! Great outfit!

Jordan said...

i know wasn't yesterday brilliant!
that's not the same house you've always lived in is it? because i've been to your house once in junior high...haha creepy!

Couture Carrie said...

Love your jacket and clutch darling L! You look fab even all bundled up (are we surprised? nah!).



Lisa my sweet your faith and outlook is beautiful,please dont ever lose that my dear.
im glad it was slightly warmer as the below 0 temps cant be easy my sweet.
Leese the vintage clutch is beautiful! love also the coat,you have a great eye for them.
Hope your spirits are up my sweet.
have a gorgeous wknd dear,hope you have a great one.
big hug,

Mimi said...

I'm really in need of such a coat.It looks wonderful warm,cozy and stylish.

claire said...

its crazy how cool you look in the weather!

y-s x

Charlotte said...

Lovely pics! Just discovered your blog and I love it!

JUSTJR said...

If only all people in snow looked this good! You look great :-D

andrea said...


ryder said...

0? oh my, last week, i was away in capital city, and there was -5 and i though that i will freeze. than i remebered u and -30. i literally couldnt walk from the cold. i live in sunny area. :) xx summer!

The Clothes Horse said...

THIS is how to stay stylish in the winter! Those boots certainly look stunning.

belle.chantelle said...

it's soooo cold
i just want to curl up in a ball and cry
..but you mentioned JOE which i still haven't managed to look into because the small sizes fly off the rack in toronto...
well, that's what they say anyways.
Who are "they"!?

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the shoes and coat. You look so cozy and warm. I wish we would get colder instead of Summer year round. =[

Thanks for the comment, loveliest Lisa! Your weekend shall be as lovely as you, and that is my wish to you!


...love Maegan said...

oh those boots!

deep_in_vogue said...

you look fantastic, babe! as always :)

Margherita. said...

Really cute clutch! I wish it would warm up here.

Andy said...

It looks sooo cold outside where you are :s but you're able to look stylish in the snow ! :-)


Fashion Tidbits said...

you can play baseball in that snow?

biba_46 said...

Oh I love when it snows. Where I live it doesn't snow much, you're lucky. Really nice pictures.

Ashleigh said...

The cold is really getting to me ...lol....you look great!

Mila said...

Oooh my dear friend!!
Always so happy to read and see your posts. Always gorgeous and your words...so optimistic.
I love to read how you wnjoy life and what an amazing sweet and special person you are.
I am so thankful to have met you!

Lots of love,


Zanita said...

how divine is the sky in the background?! beautiful.
And those shoes are stellar, such a good buy.
I mist remember to stop complaining about the cold, at least it could always be worse. You have an incredible outlook, the secret to happiest it part being happy with what you have.
Wish i had a supercheap superstore...aint nothing cheap when the pound comes into play!
looking goregous as always, much love dear

(melissa) life . style . dissected said...

above 0 = bathing suits galore, right?

i went to school in vermont and as soon as it was above 0, everyone wore shorts just to say &$%* you to the weather.....insane!

your new coat is gorgeous, the collar is so fierce! did i just use the word fierce???

oh yes, FIERCE!

love it!


Valentine said...

Gah.. wont walking in snow be a bit difficult? never been anywhere near snow so I wouldnt know.. hehe..



Anonymous said...

i love your outfit- and your clutch is so pretty!

ps- come check out our new january style spotlight! :)


Abbey at MilkChildren said...


you do it perfectly ;)

Anika said...

Bella, you look fab in everything you wear. So effortless, I love it!
And errr....congrats on the above 0? ;)
(coming from someone in 40 degree celcius weather!)

And those duck boots look tres cool on you too, haha :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

hey precious! omg that looks so cold! it's like 80F here! can you believe it....! you're working those boots so well ;)

i'm going to ny next month! :D

DaisyChain said...

I love all the snow, and I'm so happy life has warmed up for you! Being cold is such a miserable feeling.

M. said...

Ahh sweetie it's so perfect in real life, I'm so sad it has to be so expensive..

By the way, I've been lusting for a jacket like yours here for ages. It's so perfect in the cold. Warm and cosy.

Thank you, lots of happiness and a superb Sunday for you too.


Aless & Rocío said...

Amazing Outfit!!

STEFANIE said...

Wow finally! Above 0!
Love the coat, it looks like the perfect coat to wear now =)

♥ fashion chalet said...

you inspired me to buy some boots this morning (wait and see!) =]

when I sat down last night, in front of the computer, after dinner; I thought "hey why not a collage? it's been a while." so glad you approved!! =]


Maverick said...

Love the boots, but it looks cold there to me...heh

xo, mavi

♥ Marta ♥ said...

I've been dying to get those boots in blue... but I have yet to find my size... Lucky girl, I wish it was warm here... it is like -20.

P.S. amazing clutch.

I love everything about this outfit...:)

Petra said...

You truly do just shine through your images! Beautiful!

I love these photographs, they are so amazing (and so cold-looking!).


Sing-me-songs said...

GOOOOOOrgeous boots ! love em !!! x

Trendy Gourmandise said...

lovely clutch

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