night owl.

sweater. fcuk. jeans. paperdenim&cloth. boots.samed. clutch. clubmonaco

party time.

well everyone who knows me.
knows my grandma tendencies.
i love tea. reading. early mornings. long walks. 

but this weekend my sister and i ventured out.
samantha ronson was in town, and i know most of you are like "no biggie" ;)
but i am in northern Canada. in a small town. so it was major.
we put on our dancing shoes and rocked out to her spinning.
she definitely spins the beats to the max.

i think i could of won the award for the most clothing in the bar!
i was taken aback by the lack of coverage...
i sported a fcuk sweater and look-a-like current/elliot's which were donated from my bro, who has grown too "muscle-y" for them.

happy new week beauties.


Emily said...

so exciting that you got to dance to great music all night. that's just about my favorite activity ever. obviously you were the best dressed in the house...especially with those shoes!

brooke said...

amazing outfit, I hope you had fun! I love the jeans, the cut looks so good with heels and rolled up, and you styled the whole thing perfectly...

<3 brooke

Zanita said...

great sweater! im needing something of the like....
You know it still boggles me how similar we are... i love reading... am about to go on a very long walk... i wake up at 6am and love it! And tea? OBSESSED! My latest favourite is strawberry flavour black tea with a little bit of milk and sugar... it tastes like strawberry shortcake!
So right now im back in Australia just for a job for one week - such a long way to come for such a short time! I couldnt post about it on my blog because i was surprising my boy and didnt want him to find out.
Lucky you seeing sam ronson - im so big on dancing when i go out. I always make such a fool of myself.
hope you are well babe!

Anonymous said...

Oh that would have been a great night out! I really like your outfit, especially the jeans/shoes. xx

Ashleigh said...

haha,..I share in your grannie traits...and that sweater is perfect...I love how the sleeves are so roomy!

speechless_fashion said...

hi!love your blog!added you to my blog list. hope you don't mind!


Jordan said...

you need to read my latest entry. you will laugh.

aka i was there!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Sam Ronson? EPIC.

awesome night/outfit/adventure lady. <3

Nay said...

So your from South Africa.... my dads side of the family lives there. I love to visit! What I also love is this amazing blog! Great (hard) work!

The Clothes Horse said...

That sounds like a fun night! I want to go dancing with my sisters. :)
The accessories are great touches, I really like the heels.

belle.chantelle said...

love your clean look as usual!
still freezing?
I'm surprised I don't have frostbite yet!

sarah said...

Thats cool. hope it was good. love ur outfit as usual!! x

Fashionistadiary said...

hahah i am so grannified too, so no worries! it makes it more special when you do go out! and there is no better way than celebrating in style with your sis!! was the ronson set any good? loving your jeans.. did you diy them? xo

Elena Abaroa said...

I´ve just seen your comment!!!miss ya tooooooooooooooooooo!!!hahahaha and yes Natasha Poly is a godess :)u look pretty as always belle, love the shoes specially, love your shoes in general, im so jelous, i whish i could wear killer heels as you!!!!!!
LOVE xoxoxo
ps. Im going to corss the world for "love" like you!!!i already have my fligth to Sydney(in april)!!!yihaaaaa :)

Elena Abaroa said...

By the way, Im the biggest granny ever!!!i live with my granny from i was 0!!!!I stay with her at home watching old hollywood movies and reading newspapers lol!!!and i dont use to partying, but when i do it, im the mosttttttttt hahahahahahahahahahah!we can be a granny couple together if we meet someday somewhere haha!kiss

xs said...

you have a flair with words. interesting outfit. love the shoes.

Fashion Tidbits said...

it's lovely to see that clutch again!

Cindiddy said...

wow girlie u look great in that outfit!

Kenza said...

So tell me what dou you think about her set ?
I saw her (with Lindsay ) in Paris and Miami and i like it !

Biru said...

that sweater is awesome!

Inspire the Starling said...

I understand the grandma tendancies - I have a few myself, but it's great to get out and party sometimes too...we're young, it's our right! Looking hot as always my dear. x

Aless & Rocío said...

Very chic!!

Gala said...

hey you! how are you?
next time i'll try to swap the white shirt for a tight AA bodysuit under de lovely jumper..it will put more emphasis in the big jeans and will make it more girly..but I have to say...I LOVE THE WHOLE IDEA...and those boots!!!!

Isa said...

you´re such a cutie!
I am a night owl and love to go out but sometimes there´s nothing better than spending an entire weekend at home with loads of delicious stuff, books and movies..
I bet you had a great night though and I can practically see your astinishment with all the flesh! ;)

also, I LOVED your last post - "models eating", haha, now at last we´ve got a proof!


Anonymous said...

night owl / hibou de nuit, love those words together!
the sweater is so beautiful!!

Lisa said...



my one night on in aggggggggges. ;)
too funny.

her set- she did spin well, but she did not look up once or say a single word! very disappointing.
she did not seem happy to be there at all.
+ i am sure she was cold.
it was below -20.
that is never good.

zanita: we are blog sisters! xx

GRANNIES UNITE:) i am the biggest one.

speechlessfashion: thank you love.

NAY:thank you!!! I am Canadian, but moved to SA 4 years ago! where do they live? i am in cape town.

belle.chantelle: STILL SUPER COLD! but today it is supposed to "warm up" to - 1 !!!

elena: THANK YOU with my whole heart. you are the sweeeeeetest.
ah- are you moving to australia?

Kenza: hi lady love. she was good, but very disappointing as an individual. seemed very "above" everyone :/

isa: you are too sweet. thank you. granny love!

gala: hi beauty. you are the best!
ah. i know? i totally should of worn something tight. i think i was too cold to change out of my baggy tank. Next time though. i will be rocking a aa bodysuit. yes yes!!! as i love the sweater and it needs to be emphazised. thanks gala!!!!





Mimi said...

The shoes and this belt are yummi!

MJ. said...

Love your shoes!!!!
And these jeans look great on u! :)
Do u thing u have grandma habits? 'Cus Love green tea, I "eat" books and go walking everywhere just for the pleasure of it even though I have a car... i never thought I was like my grandma! :P (u opened my eyes...lol!)


Miss Urbanita said...

Wow, great look! Love your boots. Kisses ;)

my fashion-diary said...

you look fabolous girl !!!

kisses :*

Elena Abaroa said...

hello again sweety(im a pain)!!!
i just go for 2 weeks but with the idea to have a look around the country, culture and people to decide moving sooner or later...its sooooo far and i love my family and my new job here in Spain so muchhhhhhhh but i want to be with my silly face oneeeeee and not speak in skype with him anymoreeee!!!hahahaha big kiss!!

Maria said...


I bet you party like a rockstar! Eventhough you're the sweetest grandma on the inside :D Haha.

Nice shoes. Supernice.
I wouldn't mind borrowing them!


Nature Grafitti said...

sounds like a great night!
and this outfit is simply perfect...
love t!

Krystal said...

i think shes hot

you look fab, i bet it was a great night x

cazoo said...

fun!! im sure you and krista had a blast!! and good for you, grandma :) heehee xo


mm this outfit looks so comfortable! thats what im all about at the moment the comfort. which i guess is a bit of a granny tendency too ahah

Michael Oats said...

Hi! I posted a new photoshoot today!

Photographed by Michael Oats


I hope u like it

Couture Carrie said...

Hey Leese! So fun that you rocked out to SamRon!

You wear the boyfriend jean better than anyone, celebs and mortals alike!


rachel said...

sounds like a rockin night! i love those jeans with the sweater! :)

♥ R

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey hun....
I love this outfit...well, when do I not love your outfits, you just dress to perfection.

I thought that I would also mention how much I love your jeans... I think that you're one of those people who looks incredible in bf jeans. I'm still a little nervous and have to idea what kind of jeans to buy,lol...

Have a wonderful day lovely and stay warm :)

Anonymous said...

you're beautiful

Dooder City said...

lovely outfit. i really am in th emood to dance.

stellawantstodie said...

gorgeous Lisa!
happy week for you too!!



darling sounds like a so FUN night Leese my sweet.You looked super dear,that layering is delish! The knit is just perfect and im coming for those jeans! they hang perfectly,great wash too honey. I'm told Samantha is a good dj so Im sure she had you all dancing non stop :o)
big kiss my sweet L,

Laroux said...

Killer boots - I love the colour and the detail on them.


Mila said...

Oh wow, that jeans and shoes are such a match made in heaven!

LoveMore said...

hey girl! oh good on you for having a night out! glad you had fun! i am a semi granny too...i go through stages...party animal..or i am in hibernation mode!

the jeans look fabulous! i have 2 sass and bide pairs which are a similar cut! loves it.

almost home time for you my dear! hang in there..not long til dog mummy and bf cuddles!!

love LM xxxx :)

Kim said...

Perfect girl :)))

♥ fashion chalet said...

She's a great DJ. You look gorgeous, dear!!! =]


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