feeling the blues.
this cold weather is definitely playing with my emotions.
SAD ( seasonal affective disorder) is no joke!
i must get my vitamin D jolt.

on another note...

i can't stop buying this bold color.

they look a bit subdued here, but i promise you they are electrifying!

TODAY is Ukrainian new years (aka "Malanka"). so officially my year starts today ;)
just went out to celebrate a tad last night, but nothing hectic.


Zanita said...

I have SAD too! Could also be because the love of my life is on the otherside of the world (enjoying summer)
I think maybe so intense exercise is called for....
Those pants are amazing - i was just about to post about trousers again but i havent collected enough pictures yet...

Emily said...

these pants were MADE for you (i'm so sad they're vintage so i have no hope in finding a similar pair). as far as SAD goes, i've never experienced it living in california, but i'd suggest playing loud music and dancing around with your closest girlfriends. xo

Petra said...

WOW! This outifit is complete and utter perfection. Everything about it is so stunning.

The pants! The simple, sleek tank, your elegant ponytail, the beautiful blue shoes!! All so amazing. You have brightened my day!

I hope you are feeling happier. I get so sad in winter weather as well. SAD is no joke! A good book, a cosy jumper and a hug from a loved one always brightens the day! And amazing music, of course.

Thanks for the last measurements! I'm hemming at the moment, and I will be posting it off to you on (our)friday. Exciting! I'll send an email your way with details and whatnot xx

Mila said...

Oooh wow Lisa!
This is such a stunning look on you!
I wish i could wear it like you do.
I love the simlicity and your ever so gorgeous feminine-masculine combination!

More love for you than you can imagine,


rachel said...

you look astonishing! the blue shoes do sound amazing.

♥ R

Maria said...

hi my love,

happy new year! hehe ;)

electrifying blue looks good on you! I'm loving this whole outfit, minimalism attracts me. so do you.

SAD is some serious business. go and get well.


V said...

such a great colour


Gala said...

happy new year girl! missed you! hows things?
hope very well..you look stunning!

50two said...

that outfit is so woww!!! simple and clean cut, looks really good :)

Anthea said...

Those pants are absolutely and completely marvelous! Bravo! Love it:) Happy Ukrainian New Year:)

Abstracción said...

Amazing outfit!!

Maya said...

Simple and Exquisite.

lacouturiernyc said...

those pumps are amazing. as are those pants!!

La C.

M* said...

You look stunning dear! Like an actress of the 40's. It's not that I don't like nowadays actresses but I think they were more glamourous then...


(melissa) life . style . dissected said...

happy official new year girl!

this is a beautifully chic outfit. am loving the clean lines and pop of color.

i am singing the blues a bit too.

it is light box time for sure...or an opportunity for crazy amounts of power yoga...either way, i am a summer girl trapped in a winter girl's outfit...and i can't get out.


Unwise Pedestrian said...

How could you be sad in those gorgeous, gorgeous shoes??

And those pants look divine - they're perfect on you.

diane said...

that's some classy shoes, love the color!
so Happy New Year! :-)

The Clothes Horse said...

Happy New Years to you!
It's funny, I've been on the hunt for blue shoes. Haven't found my perfect pair(s) yet.
Hope you feel better soon.

DaisyChain said...

Wow, you look amazing in those pants and I covet your shoes.

I hope you feel brigher soon.

Mode Junkie said...

this is one of your best looks ever lisa dear. i feel like such a proud mommy. :)
happy malanka.

Eelie said...

teehee A very Happy New Year to you then!

What a simple sleek and classic outfit. The proportions are perfect and the colours suit you to a T.

Winter always seems to be the dreariest season of the year but its the only season where you can rug up in all sorts of blankies without seeming too silly. Alongside a fireplace, with hot choco and candles beside you and a good book nothing much more can be better :)

T.R.S.A. said...

great shot - love the combo - i think some great vintage jewelry would go perfect with your outfit!!

Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna said...

Happy New year! I know that in Russia they call it the "Old New Year":)
I love how you master to get that simple but sofisticated look each time

i.d. said...

Awww winter can be tough. I hope things cheer up soon!

You look gorgeous as usual. I love the basics. xx


Happy New year sweetie,
Aww honey im sorry you have the blues,you know i really believe that weather can contribute to moods.
darling I think you and the besties need to get together for some good ol' girl time to help beat those blues away.
Sending you a massive cyber hug to warm you up to!!
the pants and shoes? FABULOUS and super sleek!
Big hug honey,hope you feel brighter soon my love .
Big kiss Leese,

brooke said...

those shoes are amazing - and the whole outfit looks fabulous on you! the hair is greta too, you really know how to complete an outfit.

<3 brooke

Anika said...

Ohh, those shoes are electrifying indeed.
Loving them!

And those pants too, I agree with Zanita!

Hope you're not too cold there, we're sitting in 40 degree celcius heat here!

Wanna trade links, p.s.?

Inspire the Starling said...

Simple and sophisticated...just perfect. Your style is impecable!

LoveMore said...

oh cheer up muffin! i am in the mind frame right now that i would much rather be cold than hot from the heatwave we are having...it is so bad! and the flies are so gross too! eeeiiik yuck yuck.

love your outfit! so simple and so chic. you look stunning, as per usual!

oh and yes, i think we and the rest of the blogging fashion world are all addicts..of shopping that is :)

hope the ice melts in your neck of the woods gorgeous xxx LM

agus said...

Halo :-)
I'm here for the first time, but I think, I'll be here often. I'm glad, that I found you, because I love your schoes!!!! They are really amazing.
And Happy New Year!

Greetings from Poland

Montse said...





Kenza said...

Hello pretty Lisa !

I so agree with that "this cold weather is definitely playing with my emotions.
SAD ( seasonal affective disorder) is no joke!"... In Paris it's so cold and it's snowing !

Yours pants are incredible for a vintage one ! Wouah !

Tell me if you come in Paris by the way, i will be your personal guide !
(And yes, this is my mother on the pics !)


Aless & Rocío said...

You look AMAZING!! I'm looking for a pants like these.

Leesh said...

everytime i walk into f21 i try on those shoes. my boyfriend gets soooo annoyed. i LOVE them though.

♥ fashion chalet said...

the picture book is like mini paintings of fashion!

adore your hair and heels, I lovelovelove it, Lisa! xxxx

Andy said...

You look amazing! These blue heels are simple but still fabulous, i really like them :)
i love this simple outfit.


mademoiselleb said...

What a gorgeous outfit ! Perfect to feel good with this weather.

STEFANIE said...

wow great outfit again! so simple with the plain white top =) And I love the shoes too, great deep blue colour!

ryder said...

this is a bit like YSL. elegant! love it.

Krystal said...

ok, ill go with you: the new year starts today...it's all happening :)

you look great in the vintage 70's look x

sara sani said...

so smart and simple!

M said...

ahh i need my vitamin D too!!! but its too freezing to go outside!!
i love those pants!

Nature Grafitti said...

aww, girlie, dont feel blue!
one of my favorite cures for a winter funk is to go running. Or, go tanning. Or (my personal favorite), indulge in some retail therapy.
hope you feel better soon!!

p.s. you've been tagged!

葛瑞塔.greta said...

lady's power!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Love it lady!

JUSTJR said...

Wow! You look stunning here :D

Sweet Things said...

great shoes!!

Zoë said...

This outfit looks great!!
It's so simple yet chic.

emmawhoisee said...

I had SAD and it is no joke! I had winter for two and a half consecutive years because i love snowboarding. But, my energy decreased, I was less enthusiastic, more snappy, lethargic.

Now i'm in an Australian summer and it was 42C today. A little too hot!

Fabulous outfit yet again. Hope you feel better soon.

Happy New Year


Gabrielle said...

this is so beautiful, so elegant & timeless. it reminds me so much of the late & great audrey hepburn (:

amberb said...

great outfit! feel better!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i love it when your hair is sleek and pulled back like that! i wish i could pull that off

Anonymous said...

you're beautiful

Lisa said...


AHHHHHHH you guys bless me everyday.

if you see these shoes from f21- snatch them up.

for the price and their comfort- you just can't beat it.





sarah said...

love this its so simple, im a fan of simplicity. oh i never knew they had a different new years! xx

Jillian said...


brittany said...

loveee this outfit. i wish i had an office job where wearing something like this was totally expected of me!

thanks for the heads up love, i think it had something to do with my photobucket and i fixed it (i hope?) let me know if you still can't see them!

LANA said...

Your shoes, love them!

Mel said...

how are you my dear??

i cannot tell you how much i love this look, so beautiful!! hows the holidays going for you?? xx

Montse said...

I really love this outfit!!

Iris said...

I love this outfit! Very feminine and classy

Mel Carrey said...

I bought similar trousers the other day and I'm loving them ! :)

Jagucha said...

men look but still very sexy, I like it very much!
(great shoes)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Seriously, I love your style... so simple and so perfect all the time. Those pants are incredible.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice shoes

sa said...


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