t.bitten. leggings.aa. scarf. country road. boots. topshop. bag. h&m.

everyone carries baggage.
and sometimes you just need a giant bag to make it all better!

thanks for every single word. thought. e-mail...
it  really touched my heart.
i know i am very gushy, and sentimental and this is not what the blog is about!
but it is about ME, how i express myself, my passion and the fact that i truly, genuinely care about everything that is a part of my life and everyone that crosses my path.

so thank you.


Kathy said...

oh god i love your otufit and your bag is to die for!
you have an awesome style!

Ane said...

Oh so good you´re back!!

You look amazing!

Love from Germany ;)

Andy said...

That h&m bag is hot!
first time i come here since you said you were leaving the blog for a few days, i'm happy to see that you're back darling :)


zoë said...

in my mind, those leggings will never go out of style .
neverever .

++ fierce bag !

Delmy said...

Simply and FAB!

Daily Kopfkino said...

You're one of my most beloved daily reads and it's only been 5 days and I missed your posts. Good to have you back, hope everything is or will be fine again!

Lainey said...

It's all good. I love your blog. And I love your outfit!

Mie said...

Laidback and cool. Love it.

Mode Junkie said...

do i spy a bag from the men's section? amazing how it looks designer on you.
love to know you're back. i hope you're well now.

STEFANIE said...

Glad you're back Lisa! I hope you're OK :) I always smile when I see you commented on my blog because you are THE sweetest, really you are!
Love the bag too, I like having all sorts of sizes of bags and this would be a good LARGE bag for my collection ;) x

life . style . dissected said...

so glad to see you.
here are my thoughts on baggage...
emotional & of the leather variety.

the more baggage you have, the more places you have traveled.

and the more lands you have seen the richer you are!

lots of x,

Isa said...

you´re beautiful inside and out!

I saw your pictures and was delighted with your stunning appearance (those tights do all the best for your legs!!) and then I read your words and you just make me smile.
you´re a true sweetheart and I´m glad you´re better- and if you´re sentimental you´re so right: this is your blog and it lives from your personality!


Alice X said...

i love that bag and your outfit, mmm:)


Flashes of Style said...

Simple but perfect! <3

Cup of Coffee. said...

I love your outfit!
You always gorgeous!!


Petra said...

I hope you are well, and that everything is okay!

I love this look on you! Brilliant. The bag is so gorgeous, it looks increadibly roomy as well.


LoveMore said...

WOW honey! you look like a perfect little off duty model! i love this outfit..and you look so great in it.

yes we all have baggage..if we didn't life would be still and without any emotion i think..it is what keeps us all alive.

hope you are infact feeling better! and your blog can be about YOU if you want it to, that's why it's YOURS :)

much love xxxx bel

Lisa said...



YES, the bag is from the mens collection !
it is great for traveling or a hefty-day of running errands.



Anonymous said...



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Vintage Me New You said...

it's all super nice, you rock:)
happy day and lots of fun!


NADINE said...

great taste!!! love the entire outfit!! xxx

alice said...

Gosh! What a nice outfit!

DiscoVery said...

Very, Very Sexy!!!!
Beautifull outfit my dear.



ryder said...

looks liek max azria, harve leger... love it. a model style.

Wanderlusting said...

You're back and looking better than ever.

Missed you :)


Sara said...

hi!!nice the bag!!visit my blog!!


Sara said...

hi!!nice the bag!!visit my blog!!


Fashion Fille said...

SO sleek and gorg!

Anonymous said...

Really like your bag and have been looking for one like that for some time now! Did u happen to get it recently in Canada in the women's section? Thanks so much for yr help!

frances said...

look at you! you look SO incredible, it hurts me a little bit. x


Also, giant bag to make it all better & slimmer! ~Take care beautiful*

Linda said...

You know, I've been looking for boots like that for ages. Love the heels on those babies.

F Blog said...

I am loving your bag and your shoes!!
Hope you are feeling better!!

[Tara] said...

Yay! I finally have some spare time to ctach up on your blog...I have been out of the loop for a few weeks. 1. Congrats on your blog being 6+ months now -- I remember when you started! It has grown so much. 2. I hope you are feeling better. Love this bag!

Raych said...

I love you because you're sweet, passionate, and completely genuine. You rock MY world, plus your style is bomb.

Lisa said...


thanks guys!

ryder: you are the best.

anon: i purchased it in edmonton at west ed in the mens section ! i got at the beginning of february, so it should still be there. Go check it out!

tara: thank you!

raych: no, love you!!!!


cat said...

you look like a model. straight up.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love it. Your shoes the scarf the bag YOU! :]


Don't Be A Hero said...

I love this, you're blog is epic for serious

Nika said...

I LOVE the boots

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your reply about the bag purchase, very sweet of you!

M. said...

Lisa beauty

So good to see you back ;)

I <3 this outfit! So simple yet chic.

And the bag is great, is it from the mens department, think I've seen it there..?!

Hope you're doing well sweetie


Lara Natascha said...

amazing!! wow lovely blog!

thischicksgotstyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thischicksgotstyle said...

Oops something went wrong with my post.
That first pictures is FIERCE.
Love it. You are truely rocking those leggings

check out my style too at

Moded'amour said...

love your outfit!!

M* said...

It seems these leggings were made for you. Only someone with your legs can wear them as trousers.
You are the cutest!

Signed: the mother of a little baby who used to have plenty of time for blogging but now all these free time have gone!


Fashion Tidbits said...


Nil said...

Amazing outfit and those boots are just GREAT!

JackieGloves said...

Your hair is so cool! and I love your bags!

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