more baggage.

i have been asked a few times to do--->  a "what is in your bag" post.
i definitely have a bag obsession, but this is the current front runner!

"brenda" alexander wang
wallet - old f21.
h20- life necessity.
pen- gift from my dad.
moleskins- i am constantly jotting. 
concealer - ysl touche eclat. stubborn spot sprouts.
mirror- MJ from a girlfriend ;)
rosebude salve- key to all dryness.
ray ban clubmasters- i am never shade-less.
hair ties
bubblegum- no sugar free stuff for me. i love gumballs!


Delmy said...

Lucky girl...

Mie said...

Lucky you!

rebeca said...

Love your bag Lisa!!

Emma said...

are you a moleskine girl? haha, my house is full of them.

love your bag too, darling.

cat said...

i love that bag, its looks even more amazing in that color..and rosebud salve is a god send

smarties said...

that MJ mirror is amazing!

Petra said...

Gorgeous bag and perfectly filled!

Moleskins are so wonderful, they are so beautiful it feels like a luxury to be writing in them!

Your bag is such a perfect colour... it's sparking bad bag-desire in me...


Missindiferencia said...

I like your bag!:)

♥ fashion chalet said...

somebody present me with this bag?? ♥


Wanderlusting said...

Wow - how on earth do you keep yours so neat? My is full of single earrings, receipts, crumbled up kleenex and a million tubes of lipgloss!

July Stars said...

I want your bag, honey!

Stompface said...

Ohhh I love these in your bag posts. and I love yours a whole lot!

I actually have a compact mirror just like that in my bag but it is turquoise and another brand.


Maverick said...

Oooh, love your bag! What a fun post :D


xx. mavi

Fashionistadiary said...

fabulous! i love rooting through peoples bags and your name was right there on my list ;) loving how you have your moleskins in your back. wish i had you aw bag! hope you are better and nothing too serious happened. lots of love xo


Kathy said...

love your bag, it's gorgeous!

geisharock said...

when i see that bag, my heart skips a beat :) its so gorgeous - is the leather as soft as it looks?

i have read your blog for a while but have not commented before as i did not really have a blog up and running but now that i do i thought it was about time!

your style is SO inspirational - i love how you mix vintage and designer with such ease and flair.

reading your site all the way from london - geisharock xx

The Stylish Wanderer said...


Don't Be A Hero said...

one day I will be this organized, or so I keep telling myself hehe

don't you just love moleskines? I'm addicted. I can't walk in a shop that sells them without buying 40 more blank softcovers in all sizes. and those cahiers! ah, I love them

TheMinx said...

I love moleskins, they are the best for jotting down one's thoughts...you have such gorgeous style :)

bonokat said...

that bag is lovely lovely wonderful;
i like it a lllloooottttttt


Lisa said...


thanks guys!!!!!

"brenda" is quite the friend ;)

emma + don't be a hero + petra + theminx : YES moleskins are thee notebook! i feel so smart writing in them. "the official notebook of ernest hemmingway" !

wanderlusting: i don't know really? i try to de-clutter as much as possible!

geisharock: it is supppper soft. thanks girl !



ashleigh said...

same ipod!

and mmm acqua panna, this sounds stupid to some, but it IS the best tasting water.. so.. smooth? haha. yum.

and i have nothing else to say about the bag because i am way too jealous. love love love!

so yes nyc, i'm considering it, but i need to figure out school and all and it wont be til next year anyway BUT, i really want to get out of my town as my bf is leaving for europe for a year (which equals breakup :() and my best friend is leaving again too!

so i need to get myself into gear. my, i have missed you too but i have kept obsessively updated with you anyway :) so perhaps you should migrate over to nyc and i will have a friend!!

sarah said...

i love this alexander

Y said...

i love your photos!

Couture Carrie said...

So chic and streamlined, darling L!


Queen A. said...

i love your sunglasses!

LoveMore said...

oh your bag..i still want it! but i know you will love it to death so am happy someone has it who appreciated is beaty :)

your bag contents mirror mine!

happy friday to you doll!

xx LM

Marian said...

Darling Leese,
Now that's a yummy bag and so you! Adore the cute marc jacobs mirror from your girlfriend, i love that you like gumballs and moleskines too! I like you my sweet am constantly writing something, somewhere. Sometimes when theres no pad close,it ends up on old receipts,tissue etc.:o)
have a delish day.
muah x

Fashion Is Poison said...

glad you're feeling better <3

M. said...

I love that bag!!!! Perfect content, I'm bearing with me just about the same stuff + handcream, can't live wthout it.


Cyrielle said...

amazing bag! really original! so tendance, love it!

La Mode is Rad! said...

We have the same phone! I love him.

Great bag!

Tinky Minky said...

whaou I'm totally in love with your bag! :-)

shaminista said...

SUPER bag!!!

Mari said...

You are so cool!

Sushi said...

Lovely things! That MJ heart compact is the cutest x

Anonymous said...

I have it in denim leather..you made it really hard for me to decide what color because I love the tan..great blog by the way..

alissa said...

rosebud salve is the best stuff on the planet! amazing

Anonymous said...

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