you have NO idea how much this means to me
and to be featured among all the other beautiful bloggers.
i feel blessed & honored.

thank thank thank you.

Answers to the following interview questions.
1 Briefly introduce yourself. What’s your name? Birthday? Location? Job?
I'm Lisa Holowaychuk and was born on the 8th of November, 1984 in Edmonton, Canada. Although I moved to Cape Town, South Africa four years ago and now call it home. I had started my studies in Social Work but after two years of pursing this direction, I did a 360, and embarked on a new path. My passion has always been fashion which lead me down this new road without a cloud of uncertainty. I am now a student at the University of South Africa, completing my Degree in Consumer Science with Specialization in Clothing Management. It covers more of the business side of fashion - merchandising, buying, marketing. I have never looked back.

2 When did you first blogging and why?
I first started blogging in August after following a handful of blogs for about six months. I possessed such a desire and passion to express myself, and the blogosphere was awaiting me with open arms. It has truly allowed me to pursue my passion, while continuing to further my education and knowledge. Although with lots of professions and things in this world, experience, experimentation and a burning desire can get you farther than you ever thought possible.

3 What is your signature style?
I've always had a problem trying to put my style in a certain category! I feel like I am all over the place, and most things I buy /own are simply because I love them, and are drawn to them. But to put it into a few words : masculine flare, with an ever present feminine twist, with dashes of parisian inspiration and to top it off, simple and classic lines as an all-encompassing base.

4 When and how did you come about establishing your own style and look?
Through time and gathering inspiration that surrounds me on a daily basis. I dress for me, and what I truly feel comfortable in. Of course designers are an ever-present source of guidance but most importantly just a true passion to express myself in a way which allows my heart to shine, more so than my attire.

5 What is your fashion/styling rule?
Dress from the inside out.
Listen to your heart and wear what you love!
All the confidence of the world stems from this.

6 Explain how you get dressed in the morning, step by step.
I definitely look out the window first thing and take the weather into account, as I have been known to dress inappropriate for weather conditions, but for the most part I let it guide my foundation. Next up is the days activities, therefore if I out the door for a coffee run then heading back home to hit the books, while continuing to take my dog for a walk. I slip on my worn in Levi's or skinnies, a vintage t-shirt, and black flats with a clutch. That is my normal daily attire in Cape Town.

If I am heading out to meet girlfriends or out with my boyfriend then I love to stare at my closet and combine things that don't traditionally go together and just have fun with it. I love wearing skirts and dresses in the summer, and I always feel fabulously feminine in a long maxi coupled with a cropped leather jacket for the evening chill. But for the most part I stick to minimalist looks, with a touch of me!

7 What is your key fashion item? I have 3 key items:
- a killer pair of heels which makes any female feel like the most gorgeous girl in the room
-a large purse or clutch
-a masculine cut blazer

8 And what’s your favorite way of styling the item?
I think a good pair of heels can be worn with just about anything. Personally I love wearing them with skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and the plethora of dresses that are overtaking my wardrobe. The same goes for a classic and simple bag or giant clutch. Bags are an obsession of mine, and I will and always do wear a bag with everything. I don't have a rule with wearing a certain bag with a particular outfit. I definitely prefer oversize to miniscule as I tend to carry my life with me! Oh and the beloved blazer. I love pairing it with a floral above the knee dresses, jean cut-offs and a vintage t-shirt, leather-like skinnies, and classically cut black pants and a collard shirt, which has the most crazy, cool masculine vibe to it, which leaves me feeling incredibly empowered.

9 Explain how you mix and max color palette.
Most of my wardrobe consists of neutral basics (grey shirts, black & white tanks and skirts, jeans, nude tones) which can be paired with more bold colors and prints. I love pairing a print or floral with a navy or black menswear blazer. You still get the color, but it is classified and toned down with a monochromatic piece. I am always really drawn to bold electric pieces, like an electric blue clutch or a pair of magenta pumps. I also do not believe in color pairing "rules", because if you look to nature and our beautiful environment, there is no bad match. Marni, always showcases this point season after season. 

10 Who’s your fashion icon and why?
The ridiculously, fabulous Carine Roitfeld and the forever fashionable Kate Moss. Both of these ladies not only possess style, but they exude confidence that is unparallel. Style simply flows from their veins and is as natural as sleeping. They never follow a trend, are seen in high-street wear and their everyday wear is coveted day after day. Not to mention, they are both insanely gorgeous and successful. To me, they are and always will be an inspiration. Their longevity was established long ago, and their class will carry on through the decades.

11 Where do you shop? What are some of your favorite shops and why? I am all over the show with where I shop, and truly do not shun any store, as a treasure can be found anywhere you look. My favorites include: american apparel, h&m, zara, club monaco, net-a-porter.com, yoox.com, forever 21 and of course Vintage, anytime, anywhere. I love the hunt and gathering.

12 What are some things you keep in mind when you shop? Do you have any shopping rules?
For the most part I know what I like, what fits my body type and my go-to stores. Therefore, I am not swayed by trends or new items that hit the store each week. If I'm simply perusing the shops and see something I love, I will try it on, think about it, walk around the store with it in my hand. If after 5-10 minutes I am still holding it, and feel the exact same love, I will purchase it. But if I am shopping for a purpose I tend to only hit the stores which I know I can find a "hit" piece. I can get too sidetracked if I just simply browse, and end up purchasing things I do not need. 

I have one small rule: Never shop on an empty stomach! Hunger can make you do/buy crazy things. 

13 What’s your most recent purchase? Can you give any tips on how to wear it?
A pair of black Frye boots (Veronica shortie), and I have been eyeing the PS1 pouchette or medium satchel by Proenza Schouler since the day it was released! I think the Frye boots can be worn with anything, from a floral mini-dress to a pair of skinny jeans with a boyfriend blazer. A timeless pair of boots will truly carry you through the seasons and years, and are worth every penny. Oh and if I ever get my hands on a PS1, I would never let it go, so it would be carried with every single article of clothing I own.

14 What’s your favorite show from 2009 S/S collection? Has this show affected the way you dress in any way?
Hands down Stella McCartney. Stella and Chloe are my all time favorite designers. But Stella's 2009 S/S runway was like heaven walking down the catwalk. All of the nude palettes mixed in with black tailored blazers and jumpers, my heart definitely melted when my eyes met these beautiful creations. It also reintroduced me to sea-foam green which was showcased and brought to life in all its glory. 

Stella always pulls off the slouchy boyfriend blazer with perfection, and can put it on over anything and everything and look refined yet stylish. This collection has be hunting for the perfect nude blazer, sea-foam green pieces, jumpers, and more refined grey cotton dresses. It also reaffirmed my simplistic aesthetic, no one does this better than Stella. Complete and utter class, with a understated sex appeal.

15 If you can buy one item for the summer, what would it be?
A nude pair of leggings + PS1 ;)



PUG and PIPS said...

congratulations!! how exciting babe. Well answered too <3

Thankyou for the comment. Yes, I play music! I'm in a band with by boyfriend and his friend. Once we add some new song to the myspace page I'll send it to you.

Yeah..I'm savoring every moment with James. I know you understand how hard it is :( ..thanks for your kind words...xxx

lots of love,Laura

Fashionistadiary said...

Honey! this is so exciting!! i am exicted for you!! well done! all your amazing work has totally paid off! yay you are my hero!!! xoxox

much love to sunny sa xoxo


Missindiferencia said...

oooh! Congratulations! =D
you are fantantic!

Trendy Rock* said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your blog is one of my favourites blog, your style is awesome!

life . style . dissected said...

sweet L
you are truly a global style warrior!

this is so amazing.
congratulations girl.
sending you a big huge hug.

loved the interview too and hope your quest for that gorge PS1 ends soon.
you deserve it!

happy week love.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

Lisa, this is too cool! i nearly shrieked when i read the title of this post and you certainly deserve it. congratulations, love. and i adore your way of dressing from the inside out.

♥ fashion chalet said...

It's so cool to think that maagzines are checking our blogs out now. CONGRATS, LOOVE! =]


Emma said...

congratulations darling!

Keith said...

Congrats. That's great news. I'm really happy for you. I loved reading that. It was neat to learn more about you. I've only recently started checking out your blog. Take care. Cheers!

be valerie said...

Oh, how lucky you are! congratulations.!

Tinky Minky said...

congratulation for this article!! Normal, you have a such amazing style! :-)

LoveMore said...

OH MY! congrats darling one! so well deserved, and i am glad to see the beauty that is YOU is being acknowledged..you did a FAB job answering questions too :)

You deserve some free Stella M goodies i think!!!

xxx love lM

Couture Carrie said...

You are world famous, darling! Congratulations on your feature and a fab interview! You are so freakin knowledgeable and stylish, Leese! You totally deserve a PS1, gorgeous!


Krystal said...

My Lisa is VOGUE!!!! I just adore you darling, really. xo

Elena Abaroa said...

heyyyyyyyy congrats beautiful :) Vogue Korea!!!wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! There are so many bloggers from Spain, California, London, New York, etc, but no one from Cape Town!!!just our sweet Lisa!!!yihaaaaa

Wanderlusting said...

Wow - this is awesome. You lucky girl. But how could they not pic you, you're gorgeous and always right on target with your clothing choices :)


oniomania said...


Fashion Tidbits said...

congrats congrats Lisa!!!! :) you so deserve it! and in Vogue Girl Korea! my fave mag in Seoul!

M. said...


Wow, that's amazing, I'm so happy for you, well done!! :D

Lots of love


Mila said...

Lisa! My dearest!
I am so so so proud of you!
Really, this just made my day, and it was already a quite good one!

Gorgeous pictures and so lovely and interesting to read!

Just adore you even more and more...



Kathy said...

congratulations! how lucky you're! you're famous because your style and blog!

Vivian said...

congratulations, you deserve it so much!! and i lived in Korea before, it's a HUGE deal!!! i'm so excited for you.

zoë said...

congrats lovieee .

you totally deserve it !
i loved reading all your answers, you're a great interviewee .
xx love .

Jordan said...

OH EMM GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how the eff did you pull this shit off?! well, the answer to that is obvious. but seriously! wow wow wow

brittany said...

awwwwwwwwww i read every last word!

congratulations! you totally deserved to be featured! i wish i could get my hands on a hard copy of the mag

belle.chantelle said...

lol fantastic interview
congrats hun!

F Blog said...

congratulations! Great interview!!

Veronicahhh said...


but you should do a q&a type thing. why did you go to South africa? especially from edmonton!

Lisa said...



You girls ARE THE BEST.

you truly touch my heart.
sorry for always being so mushy.
but i REALLLLLLY mean it!


mmm yes i will do a q & a soon soon!



STEFANIE said...

I'm so happy for you! Loved the interview too, perfect answers! Big congrats to you!
Mmm I'm still dreaming of a PS1 too, it's just THE most perfect bag isn't it?

Andy said...

Congratulations! That's kind of exciting. i wish this happens to me but...no. haha :)
You're wonderful darling.
Talk to me some times it's been a while that you're not commenting any of my posts, i want some news !!!!!!


dreamy said...

Hi! I live in Ukraine! I have learnt from comments that you the Ukrainian too. Will pleasantly get acquainted ;)

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Awesome! Congrats! :)

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~


Julia mode said...

congratulation !! i like your blog !!=)


Isa said...

oh lisa, I love it!

the whole interview is amazing and are you serious??
OF COURSE you belong in the row of amazing bloggers, you are gorgeous and amazing and all!

and `never go shopping with an empty stomach´ - agreed!


xs said...

that is amaazing! congrats on this honor. loved reading more about you. :)

poni said...

wow!!! this is major. you are ion vogue!!! :D . congrats lisa!!! im so proud! (again). lisa=anna. ;)

Luna Supernova said...

babe, you are stylish and gorgeous and all round amazing. love the blog and a huge congrats on the article.

thanks for the lovely blog comment x

Mimi said...

Oh my gosh Lisa this is awesome. Congrats!You totally deserve it.

♥ fashion chalet said...

as much as I love Ash. O. there is something more MK in my bones!! =]


thank you, Lisa! <3

Euro Tailors said...

Very nice photos!

sarah said...

omg that is so exciting your answers were great. you deserve it though your blogs so good, congratulations!!! did you end up doing anything to your hair?! x

jenai said...

hi! I'm Korean. :)
The report came to this blog in the magzine Vogue girl Korea.

Your fashion and photos are great!

Marian said...

FABULOUS!!! darling the feature is gorge! CONGRATS honey! I adored reading it! Loved all your answers to the rad questions. Your gorge sense of self comes straight through honey! Like how the piece feels like your chatting to a good friend.
If i were closer I'd give you a big hug! so heres a cyber one coming your way!
BIG HUG my beauty,

Petra said...

OH MY GOODNESS! One million congratulations, and more besides!! This is amazing and you deserve it so very much. Yay!

I am so happy for you :)

Beautiful interview as well. Such wonderful, inspirational answers xx

Olviya said...

thats fantastic!
your blog is really fabs)

Kenza said...

Congrats pretyy Lisa ! It's amazing !

신아 said...

wow congratulats!
iam Korean, so it would be exciting for me to get "the VOGUE GIRL KOREA" to read your article!

xxx,love Shinah.

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