shrug. winners. jeans. gap. top. zara. boots. topshop. sunglasses. roberto cavalli aviators (for sale, e-mail me if interested. brand new.)

okay... so i can't deny it any further. winter is here. i guess living in the southern hemisphere for 4 years has warped my mind to what a real winter in canada truly is ! 

but i guess i should not complain because i will be moving to n y c in january and although the winter can be harsh ( hello wind-chill-february ) spring comes quick, and its not like alberta where snow can still be kicking around in april/may.

i CANNOT wait  for spring time in the city- hello long walks through central park. i think i will become a picture-holic.  be prepared for pictures... just warning you!  i will be watching the canon prices after christmas like a hawk.

with the drop of mercury i've definitely been gravitating to all things faux-fur. it has actually become a bit of an obsession - anyone else with me?
 it's just so warm & cozy. and because i wear such simple/core pieces i feel a bit of faux-ness allows some luxury into my life. especially when it become -25 and i feel like the michelin man in heels !!!

shrug. winners. jeans. gap. top. zara. boots. topshop. sunglasses. roberto cavalli aviators (for sale, e-mail me if interested. brand new.)


kiss me quick said...

great boots. indeed ^^

xxx kissmequick

cla-sib said...

you look so amazing.. like your combination and your boots.. =)

Love claudia

Mariezee said...

Love your faux fur shrug. Great for Alberta winters! (I bought myself a faux fur coat from H & M and I think I can probably bring it out of my closet now.) I can't believe how bitterly cold it has gotten in the past couple of days. Stay warm and keep posting!


rubennieto said...

I love your boots! Your outfit it`s fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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Caroline said...



Juliet said...

your look it's always amazing but today it's more perfect than the other days!

I love your boots! so beautiful!
xoxo darling!

Antonio Barros said...



Fashion Tidbits said...

i'm not really into fur but at least you look nice and toasty and that's the important thing!

Dylana said...

Gorgeous shrug!


Natalie said...

that little jacket is so cool, love this look! :)



Tayler said...

LOVE this, so chic! <3


MARISA said...

i was just in nyc...and it's actually so much warmer than canada!

can't wait to see all your posts from nyc. i'm sure they will be even more amazing than normal..if thats possible!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur faux fur shrug!! Looks so divine!! Thanks so much for super sweet comment hun, yes CT has been so busy with events, I cant keep up. Last night I was at the Miss World Fashion preview at Sol kerzners hotel,it was amazing, will def post pics! : )
Cant wait to see all the pics you will post from NY! Your so lucky! : ) Have a good wknd, chat soon xxx

Emilie said...

Great pictures!!!

Joan D. said...

Stunning! That shrug is really cool... and with those boots fits great!!!!

jane said...

Great look
great post
great blog.
Lucky "great" you!

eda said...




Talia said...

the boots are amazing. Their shape is amazing. But they don't seem comfy ;p

Isabelle said...

As much as I have been fighting it a nice vintage fur coat is really what I'm aching for. I have no will of my own.

Dejana • shopsterium.blogspot.com said...

it hasn't started snowing in Toronto yet :)
I really like your blog, I'm following you and looking forward to new posts!

Suzanne said...

jacket and shoes are stunning! simple but perfect

Mademoiselle HELI said...

you look beautiful

tam-goddes said...


duckalicious said...

hey dear, I tagged you in a 'blog game', come check it out here: http://sweetandsourduck.blogspot.com/2009/12/pass-it-on-like-virus.html

p.s. looking good as always!

Fashion Chalet said...

My Husband was as thrilled with the place as I was. We both want to go back. I would love to live there... :)

Those booties!


Raez said...

hottttt! you sure you dont model? just look at you;)

loving this whole ensemble, the faux fur is gorgeous and perfect for winter!

also, those are really great achievements:) mine are not even close to being as amazing as getting into FIT or livin' in africa!

hope youre having a fab weekend.

dani kreeft said...

i hope i get to guestphotog when we are both together in edmo for christmas!!! something tells me when january comes along, we won't be seeing a lot of each other...hey! IDEA! nyc stop-over on my way to africa in may...yes?


can't wait to see you in a few short weeks.

Zanita said...

Wow - You look like a supermod in these pics! I think this is a very smooth and glamourous look. Props for braving the elements up there in the Northern hemisphere, i can imagine what it must feel like after all your time in South Africa.
I cant wait till you get to NY and starting showing some of the shots on your blog. Will be gorgeous!

divine bunny said...

so lovely. black is best.

LoveMore said...

looking gorgeous girl! hope your weather shapes up a little! xxx bel

Carolina Botelho said...

so hott lese!! :)) u rock the snow!

Taylor Sterling said...

you look amazing in those skinny pants and those heels are fab!

thehautepursuit said...

I love these shoes you have! Great outfit :) I love how you keep everything else minimal. Where are you in Canada? I'm Canadian too--woot woot!

Zhcsyra hp said...

love ur hair looks so awesome.
cool glasses,fabulous shoes and adorable jacket.
amazing poses^^

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