a decade past + new things for l e e s e l o o k s.

h a p p y 2 0 1 0 f r o m  l e e s e l o o k s ! ! ! 

i don't think 2 0 1 0 will be the year of chanel 2 . 5 5 , so this zara gem will have to do!
filled with some of my essentials for the new year ! ! !

with the winter season in full swing, i have been keeping my eye on all of the spring 2010 ad campaigns, spring is just around the corner- which ones are you lusting over? 

ysl w/ natalia ( still can't believe she is 27 & a mother of 3...)

chanel w/ freja + claudia s (again, can't believe she is almost 40!!!)

and givenchy w/ mariaclara //simon//eduardo//emil & natalia again. 
its going to be a very, very bright & exciting spring. 

wow what a decade.
the "noughties" were filled with fashion revivals, economic whirlwinds, farewells, global awareness + despair and too many good//sad//growth producing moments to count.
2009 was a crazy year for me- to and from South Africa, countless dreams of new york + finally making the CHOICE to apply to FIT and take a giant leap of faith.
now to be moving to the big.apple.
i still can't believe it.
2010 will be a wild, wild ride.

with a new year in tow- leeselooks needs a re-model. 
new year- new start. so sorry i have been a bit absent !
definitely working on heaps of things and hope to bring a better//brighter//more loving blog. 
also reporting from NYC + bringing you a brand new perspective on my life in the c i t y. 

happy 2 0 1 0.
keep on shining & as cheesy as this sounds. endless possibilities await. 
N O T H I N G is impossible.



marian said...

Love this post honey and you are right nothing is impossible.
Happy new year darling! Wishing you the best of the New Year! Hope you had a lovely New Year's Eve, I just posted my adventures from seeing the New Year in.
Big kiss honey

Fashionista Diary said...

yay! a new look! i need to work on dusting off too - good luck with everything stunner! you're truly amazing! xo


Ania said...

can't wait for your posts from nyc!

you know, "nothing is imspossible" sometimes sounds scary, cause it's just so overwhelming ;)


Becky said...

Love the bag, happy new year!

Ava said...

This is such an inspiring post-- you've got the perfect go get 'em attitude to conquer New York :) Just remember that if you set your mind to it, there's nothing you can't do!
Happy New Year!!


WendyB said...

Hoping for a better year this year!

Renee (eatliveshop.com) said...

all the best in 2010 and your new journey in NY! can't wait to hear all about it! :)

kayang said...

that first picture would make a really amazing banner for your blog.

Happy New Year.:)

brooke said...

good luck for 2010! I hope you have an amazing year and everything goes perfectly in NY. thanks for blogging this year, youve been a definite favourite, I love leeselooks.


Dylana said...

Gorgeous purse!

Happy new year!


Faridah said...

Love this post. Your daily essentials are beautiful. Beautiful brands and choices. Love the moleskine too. My fav!

Happy new year! Looking forward to it.

C´est la vie said...

I like your purse! happy new year!!!

Jamie said...

Big Big Big Happy 2010 to you! Hope its successful + enjoyable!

Kenza said...

Happy 2010 !
I wish you all the best !

Sasha said...

I hate how right after December spring fashion campaigns are already in full swing. Firstly, it makes me sad because spring is still months away. And secondly, it totally rushes time and life's too short to rush. Still yet, Natalia Vodianova looks great for both Givenchy and YSL. I love her.

I wish you a fantastic year and look forward to reading more from you.

LADY REBEL said...



leeselooks said...




M* said...

Happy new year, Lisa! Wishing you the best for you & your family!

PD: I can't believe Claudia is almost 40, OMG!


Sunniva said...

Happy New Year to you too, sweetie! I am sure 2010 will be an incredible year for you as you are such a magnificent woman xoxo

LoveMore said...

oh BEST new years post yet! looove it. can't wait for more leeselooks and adventures in 2010. yay!

much love to you xxxxxxxxxxx

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