no more pants.


i am totally "pants-out" !

northern canadian clothing attire is simply boring me out.

what to do?
just soak up all this wonderful time with my family.
wear my pants.
know that i get to wear shorts. dresses. skirts galore in 3 weeks time.
gallivant on the beach with my better half!

have a glorious weekend.



mix it up.


was just running out for dinner with a childhood friend.

this was definitely pre-jacket.
i chucked on my green military coat. with a faux-sheepish-hood to dress it down a tad.
nothing crazzzy.
just a jambalaya of patterns.

i seriously cannot believe it is almost february already ??? 
what . what. 2009 is already flying by.
i am in Canada for another 2 weeks.
then in NYC for a few days.
then home. 
cape town is a calling.
my man + dog + sun + surf.
sweetness to the max.


night owl.

sweater. fcuk. jeans. paperdenim&cloth. boots.samed. clutch. clubmonaco

party time.

well everyone who knows me.
knows my grandma tendencies.
i love tea. reading. early mornings. long walks. 

but this weekend my sister and i ventured out.
samantha ronson was in town, and i know most of you are like "no biggie" ;)
but i am in northern Canada. in a small town. so it was major.
we put on our dancing shoes and rocked out to her spinning.
she definitely spins the beats to the max.

i think i could of won the award for the most clothing in the bar!
i was taken aback by the lack of coverage...
i sported a fcuk sweater and look-a-like current/elliot's which were donated from my bro, who has grown too "muscle-y" for them.

happy new week beauties.



all photos: style.com. tfs. models.com. jak&jil.

inspiration + fav pictures as of late.

 streetwear. favorite models. glamour girlfriends. nyc subway chic. models eating!. STELLA MCCARTNEY. boyfriend love. black&white. parisian envy. bare faced beauties. nude. scallops.

oh and check out THIS blog. The +2009 guide = BEST POST EVER.
you will be blown away with inspiration.

happpppy weekend loves.



aviator me.



it was our last day of "heat".
back to - 20 temperatures.

so to keep the sunshine Gods happy...

i FINALLY purchased the classic rayban aviators which i have been wanting for over a 1000 days now ;)  ( it sounds so long when you put it in days, instead of years!) 

after wearing these beauties for 2 minutes, i questioned my ability to resist this purchase for so long.
nothing has come close to these. YET.
i can now bare witness to their greatness.

so if you are in the market for some sunnies.
you will not regret a single moment with these upon your face.


snow flats.



Even though you see snow here... do not be fooled ;)
i was able to wear these black flats all.day.long

IT WAS + 12!!!!

for canadians in the winter-time. that means HOTNESS.
get this- i saw people with no jackets + guys wearing shorts...
up north - we are a different breed.

so i was thinking if i could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life

a part of me would say nude perfectly moulded to my feet Loubs.
but i would fear i would not be able to enjoy them that long, as my feet would probably fall off.

number ONE for me- would be a black. pair of classic flats.
nothing crazy. no design.
most likely repetto's
just simple and beautifully crafted black flats.
it would be like walking on clouds

coming in close second.
my black Frye boots ( which i had to send back as they were too small...but you will see soon!)
i have never owned a comfier boot.

well it is another GORGEOUS day here ( +8!!!)
criminal not to soak up every last ounce of sunshine.
off to walk. dream + read with the sun beaming down.


rip ysl.

check it out.
tried to order this T before christmas but they were sold out to the max.
now i never want to take it off.

sorry for the "mia-ness"!
as you can see i have been lazy bones Magee.
just stayed in on a saturday night, in my comfy giant jeans + the most amazing T.
oh and ate about 6 bowls of cereal... such joy.

you guys are amazing.
thank you for every.single.word.



above 0.

i can't even explain how warm it is.
after being in a deep freeze for ~ 38 days.
today was a glorious day.
above 0. sun shining. SO much to be thankful for.
another crazy JOE find.
this coat.
the quality is impeccable, and leaves me blown away everytime i sift through superstore.
some of these coats go for hundreds... and mine, well it is too cheap to even discuss ;)
and oh micheal kors- i have worn these boots to the max.
i have to contact MK headquarters and let them know just how amazing these duckies are.
i truly put them through the ultimate test.
cold canada.
-40 temperatures.
freezing rain.
endless hours of thrifting.
and no joke : every time i wear them in the snow, people come up to me to ask if i'm okay!
just about to head out to watch the bro play in his basketball game.
oh what a beautiful day.




feeling the blues.
this cold weather is definitely playing with my emotions.
SAD ( seasonal affective disorder) is no joke!
i must get my vitamin D jolt.

on another note...

i can't stop buying this bold color.

they look a bit subdued here, but i promise you they are electrifying!

TODAY is Ukrainian new years (aka "Malanka"). so officially my year starts today ;)
just went out to celebrate a tad last night, but nothing hectic.


happy MAC

i was a PC user for 23 years.
mr. MAC has been calling my name forever...
call me a nerd...BUT...
whenever i think of mac's, i still think of SATC when Carrie's old-school-mac gets sick and shows that scary mac face with giant X's instead of eyeballs.
it sends a genuine laughter through the room.
can't wait to play. play. play.


mr mccartney

t.vintage. skirt. JOE. boots. samed. watch.bulova

went vintage shopping in a blizzard yesterday.
coupled with INSANELY cold temps.
and to top it off, it was on whyte ave, which is outdoors!
i had just finished bikram, and was in the area of a vintage store called, Decadence.
how could i not?
so i bundled up, parked my car near a meter and browsed for a good hour or so.
i found this crazy. cool paul mccartney tour 89-90 T.
vintage rocker T's = pure bliss.
and a few summer dresses ( i return to south africa in february) and a couple of lounge-y old-school sweat shirts.
i am a bit of a nerd/hardcore over here!
also found this skirt at JOE ( aka superstore) for merely a few dollars.
it vaguely reminds me of the cotton ysl greatness.
and finally. after a year of no haircutting ( not on purpose :) ). i am just extremely hair lazy.
i got a trim!


don't slip.

oh snow.
what a love / hate relationship.
good= snowboarding. brisk winter walks. the first snowfall. witnessing the intricate details of a single snowflake.
bad= -40. starting the car 10 minutes before you go anywhere. scraping ice off the car!
i have been living in this green coat 24/7... so much so that my brother actually calls it the "24/7".
i picked it up at h&m in the little boys section!
i wanted a tough. military-esq coat to contrast my sky-scrapers & feminine self.
it works perfectly.
today is also ukrainian christmas.
Христос народився! ( "christ is born" )
we celebrated the eve of this precious holiday yesterday which is accompanied by 12 meatless dishes. all served in sequence. so pretty much 12 courses.
i have been celebrating 2 christmases and 2 new years since birth, so i feel super lucky to have such celebrations.
i am still here for another month so heaps more snow to come!


first of 09 factoids.

tagged by jillian at novastyle + thestylishwanderer.
some facts about moi.
*the siblings. my soon -to- be nurse sister + business man- brother are my heart and soul. they are my best friends and i could not love them anymore. ( used a picture of us in new york this summer, as they really wanted to be on here ;) )
* i stopped plucking my eyebrows a few months ago. i am just going to let them be au natural and see how it goes. i've always preferred a bush-ier brow... so i am just going to embrace my natural shape.
* i am really into dainty-feminine style watches...thin-leather strap - gold details - roman-numerals. very Cartier
* 09 challenge. READ MORE. anything and everything. reading is one of the best things you can do + is such a gift... expand my horizons... soak up knowledge...be more open to new things.
* obsessed with butternut + spaghetti squash. i'm afraid i will turn into a squash someday soon!
* if money/opportunity permits. travel to europe sometime this year.
* purchase a much needed new laptop. why does technology become obsolete after a few years? will definitely be making the switch from a PC to the new ECO MACBOOK... it is insane...+ is the first enviro-friendly computer. i like its belief systems.
* listen more. open my heart. the greatest gift you can give someone is to just listen...
* dream car: lexus hybrid.
* SO obsessed with the NEW covergirl lipstains. go out and find them! i bought one...then went back the next day to buy two more. they truly leave you with the color + staying power of a popsicle.
* i love LOVE!
* style.com - what would i do without you?
* chloe + stella mccartney.
* soy coffee mistos. addicted. yes.
* pray for a more united. safer. healthier planet.


a new year. a new first.


its a first.

i finally found the perfect red lipstick (rimmel.long lasting.shade- alarm)
not TOO red and it's matte (key criteria)
i've NEVER worn this shade, outside performing (in my dancing days), but upon its discovery i simply could not resist.

new year = growth + trying new things.

so i went for it.

was just heading out for a dinner date with a girlfriend.

it is -40 out.
so i bundled up BIG TIME.
(indoor snaps are a must for fear of losing our hands;) )

i also think 2009 is the year for electric blue. something about it draws me near every time. I'm like a magpie drawn to weird colors & things.

new year = be bold & have fun!!!
ps- totally forgot my camera on nye. crazy. will have to recreate ;)


1 of 365.

Here is to the most GLORIOUS year.
and how crazy that today is my 100th post !
LAST NIGHT sky: new years eve. dolled up to the nines. proenza schouler dress & heels. dinner reservations at a beach side restaurant. sips of champagne. sushi galore. clock strikes twelve on seiko. fireworks. kick off the schoulers. walk on the beach holding hands with the one you love... a beautiful year ahead.

TODAY the morning after: sleep in until 11. stretch. brew a cup of coffee or head to starbucks to grab a soy misto. gather the group for brunch. buckle up the marc's. bundle up with a leather coat. stash everything in PS1. and SOAK UP day one of 365.
one fashion resolution: be more bold & have more fun. more color. experiment. diys. put dream bag fund towards the DREAM BAG!. soak up and continue to be inspired by EVERYTHING around me.