a decade past + new things for l e e s e l o o k s.

h a p p y 2 0 1 0 f r o m  l e e s e l o o k s ! ! ! 

i don't think 2 0 1 0 will be the year of chanel 2 . 5 5 , so this zara gem will have to do!
filled with some of my essentials for the new year ! ! !

with the winter season in full swing, i have been keeping my eye on all of the spring 2010 ad campaigns, spring is just around the corner- which ones are you lusting over? 

ysl w/ natalia ( still can't believe she is 27 & a mother of 3...)

chanel w/ freja + claudia s (again, can't believe she is almost 40!!!)

and givenchy w/ mariaclara //simon//eduardo//emil & natalia again. 
its going to be a very, very bright & exciting spring. 

wow what a decade.
the "noughties" were filled with fashion revivals, economic whirlwinds, farewells, global awareness + despair and too many good//sad//growth producing moments to count.
2009 was a crazy year for me- to and from South Africa, countless dreams of new york + finally making the CHOICE to apply to FIT and take a giant leap of faith.
now to be moving to the big.apple.
i still can't believe it.
2010 will be a wild, wild ride.

with a new year in tow- leeselooks needs a re-model. 
new year- new start. so sorry i have been a bit absent !
definitely working on heaps of things and hope to bring a better//brighter//more loving blog. 
also reporting from NYC + bringing you a brand new perspective on my life in the c i t y. 

happy 2 0 1 0.
keep on shining & as cheesy as this sounds. endless possibilities await. 
N O T H I N G is impossible.




jacket + top. zara. jeans. gap. boots. chloe. 

as the temperatures dip, all of the trees get coated in a frost like no other. 
although its cold i truly think its one of the most beautiful sites to see- as my best friend says " it looks like white coral reefs". 
natural beauty is such a gift.

definitely playing with frosty make-up and donning + purchasing jackets right and left! boxing day at zara- a m a z i n g ( check out the sales if you get a chance).

i also don't think these chloe's are winter boots by.any.means, but they are surprisingly slip resistant and semi- warm ( aka my feet don't go completely numb, just partially !!!)

well beauties, i hope you are all enjoying the holiday spirit and are gearing up for 2010.
moving to new york in t-minus 26 days... so much to be done still.
it's going to be a wild ride.
stay tuned...


family is life.

i truly hope everyone had the most magnificent holidays!

just wanted to take a moment to share my a m a z i n g family.
with my mom's passing in 2003 it has//never will be the same - but we have held tight and the bonds that we share are the most precious things to my heart and soul!

amongst the books, kiehls giftcards, $ for my G11, time with all of my family is the best gift in the whole entire world.

enjoy the rest of your holidays + happy boxing day to all the canadians ! ( will definitely be swinging by some shops to see some sales (!!!) on my way to my sis's house warming party)

stay festive.


x-mas. 09.

baby its cold outside! 

running around like a mad woman trying to tie up last minute shopping + cooking, etc.

had some blissful hours in between with my bestest girlfriends from around the globe. which to me is the BEST. present. ever. i soak up everything second i can get.

just running off to see Avatar with the family, before i roast my christmas eve dish, then dash off to my aunt and uncles for love. laughter and family joy.

i hope everyone has a glorious holiday.
wishing you happiness and joy.


boy meets girl.

with all of the holiday parties happening. it's hard to keep track of what to wear/ what to buy/ dress or pants ?/ accessorize vintage/ or simply re-vamp something for seasons far, far ago..... so many options ! ! ! 

i was headed out to a fete last night and knew i didn't want to purchase/or wear a dress + everything else in my closet just fell flat... 
so i channeled my l o v e for menswear and bought a bow-tie.  yes a tie !  i laughed to myself as every other girl was messing about in frills/ poufs and minis. the lady at the counter (h&m) asked if it was a gift for my bf...nope- for me. she said "cool" but probably thought major nerd alert! 

after recently viewing and obsessing over coco avant chanel (loved it to the extreme)... i not only wanted to be her, but i admired her ability to show up to grande events in her jodhpurs and silk ties. 
and most of the time be the most beautiful lady in the room. she owned it. it was her style. and it without a doubt came from within. no amount of clothes or expensive items can buy that- its about feeling good and having the confidence to just wear what you love!

wearing : shirt. joe fresh. pants. vintage. purse. urban outfitters. shoes. zara. bowtie. h&m


psychedelic winter.

can you believe it - 9 more days until christmas and then... hello 2010 !

due to the frigid temps outside, i was truly inspired by proenza schouler resort 2010( love love love proenza) and the thought of ringing in the new year on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere ( * giant dream* ).  

so instead of holding out on that magical getaway, i thought adding a bit of tie-dye into my life right now would bring me some cheer. 
now all i need is a embellished cropped jacket & a black-box-clutch and i'm more than ready for nye 2010.

i wore this out for a special dinner but threw on about 3 top layers to insulate my upper body - while my legs turned into icicles ;)

wearing: tank. americanapparel. skirt. h&m. tights. club monaco. shoes. aldo. clutch. accessorize.


leeselooks x-mas *wishlist* oh-nine.

bottega veneta box clutch ( i've always wanted a box clutch... will have to keep my eye out! h&m is more like it for me.)

airline tickets to someplace tropical ! ! ! ( bali, maldives, cabo, fiji )

proenza schouler ski sweater ( how cozy would this be sitting in the chalet after a day of snowboarding ! )

stella McCartney lingerie ( said bra underneath ski sweater :) )

tom's shoes ( one for one. buy a pair and they give a pair to children in third world countries)

faux fur leopard coat ( have been looking for one since the temperatures dipped below zero, must go back to zara and weigh out my options )

cfda cookbook ( recipes by all of our favorite designers... YES PLEASE! )

ysl tributes ( purely classic... * dream * shoe. one day! )

kiehls (obsessed. gift cards galore please ! ! ! )

american apparel scrunchies ( these are the best ! perfect for sleeping in... putting wet hair up... no breakage! )

black ceramic watch ( this one is wayyyyyyy out of my price point- but i've been looking at ones by toywatch and micheal kors. think it is a nice twist from the silver and gold menswear watch)

2010 day-timer. moleskin.

FEED bear. 

frye. engineer. i'm a frye girl !

ah. chanel luggage. only in my dreams !

have a beautiful week ahead. soak up the christmas spirit and good luck if you are just starting your holiday shopping !


chillin in -30.

off to do my christmas shopping ! 

getting dressed for the cold is always a dilemma. how to look somewhat "cool" without wearing 5 layers & how not to sweat profusely when you get indoors.
i think the key is to invest in a warm/not bulky jacket - accessorize with scarfs & belt your coat if you can - it defines your waist and gives you some shape !
though i sometimes wish i could hibernate for the day when it's this cold - i won't/can't let the weather get me down.
when the temperatures dip this low- all i can do is laugh because it seriously is unreal.

have a gorgeous weekend & bundle up! ! !

wearing: jacket. joe fresh. jeans. topshop. shoes. zara. scarf. club monaco. sunglasses. ray ban. purse. prada.


walking in a winter-wonderland.

oh boy! stuck indoors. trying not to get too down about having to move inside with my photos. i l o v e natural lighting, but old man winter won't allow such a thing.

i think G11 fund + christmas could not come at a better time. 

this sweater dress melts my heart ! 
winter white/ pearl shoulder pads/ long sleeved and warm as can be. i thought about cutting it to make it a tad shorter - i wear it with black tights so i can definitely play around with the length a bit!

since the snow has held me captive from human life for what seems like eternity- i am out and about today on my day off- running in heeled boots from point A to B... praying i don't take a nose dive ( which has happened more than once ! ! ! ) oh winter, never a dull moment.

dress. vintage. shoes. marni.



good morning beauties!

so sorry for my absence but we had a m a j o r blizzard.
i still can't believe it.

it was snow for 2 days straight. and now the temps dipped to -30 celsius.
what? is this normal? snow dunes?

i not only had to walk in hip-deep snow to get to my car for work yesterday, i had to shovel the car out!

i even had to walk to the supermarket ( in my parka- free city sweats- and my mom's ancient "uggs") b/c my car would of gotten stuck.

oh boy- i could go on with a million little stories of thing i witnessed! ski-dooing through the streets... go 30km down a national highway....

i guess winter is here ! ! ! tis' the season ! ! ! all i can do is smile + laugh and enjoy the sparkle of the christmas lights against the snow at night.



shrug. winners. jeans. gap. top. zara. boots. topshop. sunglasses. roberto cavalli aviators (for sale, e-mail me if interested. brand new.)

okay... so i can't deny it any further. winter is here. i guess living in the southern hemisphere for 4 years has warped my mind to what a real winter in canada truly is ! 

but i guess i should not complain because i will be moving to n y c in january and although the winter can be harsh ( hello wind-chill-february ) spring comes quick, and its not like alberta where snow can still be kicking around in april/may.

i CANNOT wait  for spring time in the city- hello long walks through central park. i think i will become a picture-holic.  be prepared for pictures... just warning you!  i will be watching the canon prices after christmas like a hawk.

with the drop of mercury i've definitely been gravitating to all things faux-fur. it has actually become a bit of an obsession - anyone else with me?
 it's just so warm & cozy. and because i wear such simple/core pieces i feel a bit of faux-ness allows some luxury into my life. especially when it become -25 and i feel like the michelin man in heels !!!

shrug. winners. jeans. gap. top. zara. boots. topshop. sunglasses. roberto cavalli aviators (for sale, e-mail me if interested. brand new.)