i made it to NEW YORK ! ! !

SO sorry for the brief absence - things will be up and rolling in no time.

been a busy bee and still trying to find a permanent residence ! and with school orientation tomorrow  and wednesday . . . WOW i don't think any of it has set in it.

my head is spinning but i am excited beyond belief.

i will keep you updated on everything  ! ! ! 

thanks for ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT . it means more than you know.

love you guys .

& see you soon.

x x x x


janettaylor said...

Great post!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Gypsy Warrior Brand's giveaway!♥

Good luck!


[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

keep going!! everything will be fine!


Patty said...

Oh New York! I can't wait to see pictures of you and your gorgeous outfits out and about in the city. :)

Ania said...

and soon you will make it IN New York ;D

good luck! soo excited for your posts from ny...


jenbern said...

absolutely love the first photo!
best of luck!!

Mackenzie said...

good luck! can't wait for your posts from new york:)

Becca said...

You are perfect :) wish you the best :)

Fashion Chalet said...

Ahh the song kicks into playin my mind... "New York, New York...!" lovely, lovely, lovely place to be!

I can't wait to join and meet up with you one of these days there. =)


Talia said...

I hope you will find all the solutions soon ;)

Anthea said...

Great photos! Good luck. Do dish on school life. I am going back to school in September (fingers crossed someone takes me)! So exciting!

Mariezee said...

Good luck in NYC! Can't wait to read your future posts : )

Gizelle said...

good luck in new york!
have the time of your life! :D

DominiqueAimee said...

I'm so excited (and also unbelievably jealous) for you!
Keep at it, it will all fall into place soon enough.
And don't forget to stop every now and then and appreciate where you are: New York!! <3

Caroline said...

I'm so glad that we get to follow your adventures here!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh your so lucky doll, good luck with your endevours. I am starting full time fashion design studies next week too! Cannot wait!!

javiera isidora said...

good luck! best wishes for you in ny! hope after seeing pictures of ny!

brooke said...

oh congrats! hope youre having a great time, can't wait to see your adventures (and hopefully tips on shopping + eating in ny!)


Pascaline Sordet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pascaline Sordet said...

Good luck for everything! Hope you'll have a great time there (and i'm sure you will!) enjoy

playwithfashion said...

Great inspiration...

Susanne said...

"I want to wake up in a city / that never sleeps ..." Good luck!
xx Susanne

will you have a look at my new blog?:

Fashion Tidbits said...

so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!! go and rock it gurl, you can do anything!!! :) sending you lots of luck & love

Miri said...

oh this is amazing. What a beauty, I wish I was a guy so I could fall in love with her.


Isabelle said...

YAY!!!! So exciting! :)

6roove said...

good luck! :)

Elena Abaroa said...

Good luck Lisa, im sure u´re gonna have a great time in NY!!!

Marta from With Love... said...

My goodness, I am so excited for you :) Best of luck...everything is going to work out beautifully!

With Love...

blair said...

your blog is awesome!


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cla-sib said...

the first pic is gorgeous!love it!

xoxo cla

Pennerad said...

yay! welcome!
it's 'nice' weather now, so enjoy it and have a great stay!

ElodieVeryPetit said...

Natasha poly looks amazing !

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