crazy cool.

thanks for sticking by me!

packing // moving // sleepless nights // running around like a mad woman .

only 3 more days & i jet from EDMONTON --> LA --> NYC.

my head is spinning and i'm nervous beyond belief, but i know once i get there and "settle" in. . .  some of that will wear off.

i also got news of a very exciting internship - will let you know once i get into the city + start. beyond cool. 

to be honest - i have just been living in jeans this past week, and intermittently changing my tops to suit the occasion - dinners out = blazer ; movie nights in = mens t-shirt + mugs of tea.

i'm off for the day ! first stop starbuckssssssss.
hope everyone is having  a beautiful week
thanks again for being so.amazing.

x x x x 

blazer. vintage. scarf + jeans + boots.zara.


Emilie said...

You look very chic!


Love your outfit!

Kait said...

don't be nervous! you are going to have so much fun and nyc will love you!

nuheila said...

Love this outfit-colour of your blazer is perfect!


Maria@chicisimo said...

Oh! Don´t worry!! You don´t have to be nervous (it´s so easy to say ;D). You are going to love NY for sure, and NY will love you :D!
Just, have fun and noy the experience!!!!

Dylana said...

Chic blazer!

Talia said...

amazing blazer. i like the color of it.

[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

good luck with all the packing!!
I love the coat and those boots!


Anthea said...

Gorgeous. Love the jacket, belt and scarf. Good luck and congrats on your internship!

Caroline said...

Wow Lisa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit SO much. The watch, scarf, belt and blazer look so chic with your jeans. I can't wait to hear more about NYC... with looks like this, YOU WERE BORN to be there.



Gizelle said...

omg, i never thought u're currently at edmonton..hehe. i work for edmonton utilities..and i know how cold it is there! but nevertheless, you look gorgeous and fab everyday!

good luck on your new york move!:D


duckalicious said...

hey, even I got a bit nervous when I read that you were off in 3 days! I wish you stress-less packing, a relaxing flight and an amazing journey to your dreams! damn, that sounds a bit corny but you know what I mean =)

Eli said...

Really chic outfit! I love the blazer, it´s beautiful.
Good luck in NY


Susanne said...

Hey, I follow your blog for a long time now... I love your outfits, especially the sternly ones - and the pictures often have austere beauty - love it.

Just started my own blog a few days ago. will you have a look at it?

xx Susanne


Anna Jane said...

I love your look, and that blazer looks so luxurious. Looks great combined with the leopard print scarf too!

- Anna Jane xxx

MannequinMe said...

I imagine it is very difficult to look chic when it snows- what a feat you've pulled off!


Fashion Tidbits said...

oooh tell us soon! :) good luck

Fashion Tidbits said...

oooh tell us soon! :) good luck

Anthem said...

Lovely outfit!
Wishing for winter x


Raez said...

so chic, even when living out of a suitcase (as i presume;))! seriously loving the khaki belted jacket, how awesome are you!

best of luck at NYC, cant wait to see some of your first ever NYC:):)

xx raez

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read stories like this. Just add more pics :)

Farah. said...

nothing to say just perfect !

ur shoes looks like YSL BOOTS

xx from paris

Malu said...

I love your style!
Great blog :D


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Philadelphia personal injury lawyer said...

Loooooooooooove this!

MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it! You've a great style!

If you want, check out my blog and leave a comment! Thanks!


lacee said...

love the jacket + scarf!! enjoy nyc!! it's cold here!

cla-sib said...

wow, love the outfit.. the blazer with the belt looks gorgeous..

xoxo cla

Luxe. said...

Love the tailoring on that jacket! Looking good as always!.x

Anonymous said...

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Zanita said...

Wow how great is the light! The snow must be fantastic as a natural reflector too, lucky thing! Then again, it must be hard to keep original when you are favouring your warmest pieces consistantly.
The belt with this is great, I love how it folds the fabric ever so slightly, similar to the coats with belts in the last fall Prada show.
I can't believe you'll be in NYC so soon.... of course I'm completely green with envy. I know you're going to do fantastically, you should be thrilled - not nervous.
Enjoy these moments, its such an exciting change!
Much love

girls jewellery said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pics! I love that jacket. The background is great too!

eva said...

the heels are fierce.

+i'm envious of the background

Maya said...




Isabelle said...

I'm excited for you, I cant wait until your NYC posts :)

Pina Colada Kisses said...

OMG where did you get the shoes

Becca said...

This blazer looks georgeous on you! beautiful! :)

Jenny Cindy said...

This is such a great look - the blazer is soo chic! You look beautiful, girl.

The F Word Online said...

loveee the outfit. so chic and simple !

xx lue

Olviya said...

amaizing tayloring. abs cool blazer!

S. said...

Your look is so so great!

Anonymous said...

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