grey gradient.

thank you isabel marant ! ! !

can you see my red nose in the picture ?

it wasn't too chilly out  * by canadian standards * but the wind chill was atrocious

i took inspiration from isabel marant (love her), while pulling on these " sweats " for the day. 
anything that warrants sweats + outwear suits me just fine!
comfort +warmth are paramount on these crisp winter days

t-minus 9 days until n y c move.

x x x x

blazer. club monaco. shirt. zara. sweats. lululemon. purse. zara. shoes aldo.


[Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken]* said...

..looks to cold for those trousers and to snowy for those shoes!


Kait said...

adorable outfit! I just ordered sweatpants to put together a similar ensemble. Can't wait to get them in the mail!!

Anonymous said...

hey there..love your blog. anyway what made you decide to move to nyc and give the fashion career option a try at 25? i'm 26 and feel old already to start over again..even if fashion is all I want to be involved with job wise.ii i'd love to hear your opinion maybe you can make me feel a little better...

Anonymous said...

i'm michela anyway..i can't log in doesn't work!!

Ana Teresa said...
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Blonde Chicette said...

Yay sweatpants! Cute outfit, and I feel you on the cold weather.xx

6roove said...

i like your boots, they're great!
nice outfit ;)

Watching the waves

Eli said...

I love your shoes! They are great! Nice outfit!

STEFANIE said...

Love love love it! Isabel Marant is so effortless and you absolutely look the part! :) And wow I can't believe you're already moving in 9 days, how super exciting! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Canada!!

Tayler said...

love them!! <3


Nazneen said...

love the interpretation of the photos :)

brooke said...

good luck with the move! you look amazing here=]



This is a great outfit! I am excited for your move to NYC!


marian said...

You look fabulous darling. Love LOVE love! Isabel M is just dream inducing. love her work.
Hope you have been well sweetie! honey just to let you know your link is still in blog list pn new site.Could you kindly please update your link for me to the new url?
thank you

JT said...

I love your blog! Love your style too!

Keep up the great work, so inspiring!!!!!
P.s hows fashion school in NYC goin? im about to finish FIDM in L.A this march! So excited!


Jillian said...

truly gorgeous my darling!!

So proud of u buttercup! see in a few short weeks!! xoxo

wideawakethoughts said...

hi lovely one!

yes yes Y E S sweatpants. fashion's best kept secret. soft jersey makes for the perfect slouch and adds just the right amount of bulk.

i purchased a pair of Acne sweats before my New York trip and literally worn them with everything and never felt underdressed. how funny, the power of a fashion mood...

i'm super glad you liked my Too Perfect for Words article. I had a job interview earlier in the week for something related and in the days past i have been pulsing with energy and motivation. the thoughts just came together so easily on the screen, i just wish i had been able to communicate it better in the interview! i said the same things (i think) but i'm worried i came across as too... i don't know. It's the first time I've gone for a job that I see as my career not just a 'career move'. the pressure's on...

when i get to New York let's grab coffee and chat up a storm!

x jessy

Fashion Tidbits said...

woah! i never thought that sweatpants work as real pants but you look really nice

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

Sorry to bother I'm just stoping by to tell you that I've changed the address of my blog, now it's http://youcancallmeflanders.blogspot.com
Hope you can visit someday.
Flavia M.

LoveMore said...

YAY I love love the sweats look and you wear it to pure perfection! NYC so so soonnnnnn!

Anonymous said...

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Valentina_s said...

like it


Poni said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE ISABEL MARANT. im like checking her website before i go to shop. she is brilliant. she understands what women want to wear. xx

lauren said...

looooooove those shoes!!


FashionJazz said...

Hello honey : ) I luv ur trousers!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

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