best corner coffee shop.

my east village home/building.
apt # 8.

joys of a 8 am class. watching the sun rise over the city as i sip my coffee, and walk the streets.

stella f/w 10.

simple yes, but what would we do without those thick- juicy cardigans and simple yet structured to perfection ensembles ?
she not only promotes veganism and a more sustainable planet, but she dresses woman for every day life events.
doing what she loves while making the world a better place.
my thoughts exactly.

happy monday



Britt said...

New York looks beautiful in the morning! Love it there! Even the air is a little different. Lucky you!

Jillian said...

how i adore you my dear!
you seem to love absolutely everything so deeply... simple things like early mornings, tea, sunlight, sidewalks! it makes me appreciate things more as well! your attitude is contagious!

hope i can see u before i head home for the week
love u TONS

Caroline said...

Gorgeous shots of the NYC streets. I am pining to go there one day!!

Hope you are settling into your new place!


STEFANIE said...

Ooh your appartment building looks perfect! So happy you found a great place in NY Lisa :)
And I hadn't seen pictures of Stella's show yet! They are SO you, seriously!!
Have a great great week my dear!

CHER CHLOÉ said...

i'm so jealouss! that's a gorgeous building. I would kill for a trip to nyc. xx

Dylana said...

I just saw the images from the Stella show and they blew me away! I love simple looks, and Stella's got the look down pat!
New York looks amazing!

kayang said...

So envious of your apartment!
I love that too, waking up early only to watch the sun rise.

I really like that collection too. All very simple and easy to wear.

M* said...

New York's light is amazing! So happy you've found the right apartment there!
Btw, I love Stella's collection. In fact, I do love everything she does!


leflassh. said...

those NY photos are so damn beautiful.
seeing them always makes me jealous!
stella was beautiful also.
hope you are having a fabulous week gorgeous!

Erica said...

I love Stella's collection! And great shots! :-)

Donna A. said...

you're apt. building looks great. I hope you have one of the fire escapes to lounge on come warmer weather.

I don't think she's ever put out a bad collection.

Sasha said...

What a gorgeous collection.

I'm glad you're enjoying New York. It's gonna get even better now that the weather's warming up : )

Maialen said...

new york new york!

jessica said...

unfff, unbelievably jealous of your nyc life.

cc22 said...





Fashion Tidbits said...

i totally love stella!!!! and everything she believes in!

suziem said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the camel and black striped jumper outfit!!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwww!!!!! sooo soo beautifull lisa!!!!
we want to see your home from the inside!!! :)
a silent super fan :)

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Great shots of the city! I would just die to live there, or even visit there! I love the Stella! Its so simple yet so incredibly chic!



Kate said...

ahh I love having an early class, well not always, walking through the city before everybody else is awake! nothing better! beautiful pictures & blog x


Anonymous said...

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Francesca said...

i live in East Village too! love the pics


lekisskiss.blogspot.com --> Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

javiera isidora said...

everything looks great! congrats again, hope you`re doing well, good luck with the decorations i`m sure your doing perfect! and good luck with the class!


Inspire the Starling said...

New York looks so achingly cool - especially the architecture. One day I'll get to take a trip!! xx

ryder said...

stella- why i love stella. because the design is simple, colors always fit to every skin tone, you can actually wear the clothes 24/7, practical, always elegant and sophisticated and sexy. so you tell that stella that i love her.

i see you enjoying life and that makes me so happy.

Emilie said...

I love this collection! I was in Paris Fashion Week and I went to the CHLOE show, it was amazing!

Barcelonette said...

I really adore this collection of stella f/w 10! so natural, sexy and simple.
I'm dying to go to NY again... miss it so much!

dani kreeft said...

i cannot WAIT to see this building and your wee flat in person.
SO exciting. so very, very cute.

Kourtney Pulitzer Style Blog said...

hands down, my favorite collection in a LONG time!@!
love love love


liz said...

darlin erase the flat number at least! this is nyc! you just can#t tell the world where you life and reveal so much of your life at the same time

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