t f s .


as i was sipping my morning coffee ( hello starbucks via, such a savior in times of chaos), getting ready for my 8 am class.
i clicked on tfs, which is ALWAYS a daily read. and pretty much a fashion internet bible.
and i managed to pop up on the main screen.
toooo cool. so blessed. thank you tfs.

you can read my interview here

i hope everyone has the most beautiful start to their week



Patty said...

Congratulations on the feature! I was also looking at tFS awhile ago, and was like, "Hey that girl looks familiar!" Yay for you! :)

Jillian said...

quite lovely, you always sound so sweet even in your interview!

i miss u dearest coffee this afternoon will txt u after class!

loaf u tons!!!!

T. said...

Interesting interview! Especially what you said about jobs.

And I read (in your last post) that you are going to Paris? Why?- I mean did you get invitations for Fashion Week?!

CHER CHLOÉ said...

I read the interview, its pretty good. That's how I found out about your blog! What exactly are you studying at FIT? xx

Eli said...

Great interview!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the feature! GREAT PICTURE!



Caroline said...

Congrats - great feature.

Dylana said...

I just ready your interview on tfs! So wonderful to learn more about you! I was also thinking about applying to FIT about a year ago, after I graduated from university, but changed my mind! But who knows what the future holds! Maybe I will see you in NY someday!

Nika said...

thanks Lisa! Good luck with everything!

Marta from With Love... said...

Congratulations, that's my morning read as well :) YAY Lisa!!!!


HAL said...

Congrats, what a great interview!


Fashionista Diary said...

HONEY! well done!! Congrats on the feature, you have been posting some great stuff lately. Hope NY is treating you well!!! Tons of love from LA to NY xo


Ivania said...

congrats with the interview, great interview :)

Afef said...

congrats! the interview is great! I'm glad to see that people who love fashion are also interested in humanitarian work, I hope you'll get to do what you want.

Ana Teresa said...

I loved your interview. Very down to earth. It is a bit hard to find people who's getting into fashion and keeps in mind humanitarian goals. It is easy to get blind with the glamourous lights.
I hope you have a great luck in whatever you do.



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Clara said...

lovely pic
your blog is great!

rhai♥laborte said...

Omg! I just read yur interview with tfs and I should say you have what it takes!! Your answers are so sweet and gentle!


javiera isidora said...

congrats for your interview : )

Marla Singer said...

congrats for the feature!
love the gorgeous pic <3

Ally said...

Awesome interview :)
I just adore your blog!


Raez said...

Wow! congrats girl on that feature:):) Hope yourweek is off to a great start, and good luck with the move!

xx raez

LoveMore said...

ahhhhhhh CONGRATS! loved seeing some of those old snaps of you too :)totally SO deserving on the feature talented lady.
keep loving new york you will take it by storm!

xxx BEL

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