in my dreams...


i will be riding my bike + wearing celine... every. day. all. day. come spring and summer.

f i n a l l y on spring break. although its raining like mad- i have been out and about, meeting new amazing people + unearthing hidden gems in this big apple of a city.

will be back w/ some really cool pictures asap . PROMISE.




photo creds. models.com + tfs
the last two: taken by me

happy weekend.

i am finally on spring breakkkkkkkkk.

heading uptown for the week to house--sit, but will definitely relish in sleep-ins ( which for me are like 830-9 max) - long/delightful morning coffees - much needed skype dates w/ the fam- and just going with the flow + soaking up this amazing city...

still can't believe all the vintage stores in my hood- its actually overwhelming...might make it my mission to devote some serious time. especially since buffalo exchange is just around the corner from me!

ps- love ms kruger + clemence. my favs for sure.


its getting greener.

almost got attacked by millions of squirrels in the park, but managed to make it out alive!

i hope i've put my winter jacket away for good, but you just never know...
enjoying the greenery that is popping up, and the wanna-be blooms.
i've never seen ny in the spring, and from what i've heard i'm in for a treat.

cherry blossom picnic in central park anyone?

jacket+boots. zara. jeans. h&m. shirt. joe fresh.


girl crush.

photo cred: tfs

anne vyalitsyna

but really known as :

anne V.

she belongs to the one named model club- a la : stam. coco. kate. daria. natalia. natasha. gisele.....

i love her smile and from pictures, what seems like her zest for life !

oh and her freckles. beyond beauty.

also has me hankering for blonde hair + bleached brows, but i don't think i could ever take the plunge, and if i did (just for fun) i would probably end up looking like a clown !

*** i promise promise promise i will be back with regular outfit posts. just working out some kinks as i type... ***

have a wonderful monday


+ she has the most beautiful name - love you mama *


just breathe.


i've been here for almost 2 months. i still can't believe it...

i actually think i am hitting that two month mark of - what did i just do ?

+ an overwhelming feeling of trying to find my way in such a large and anonymous city.

i needed to clear my head so i headed straight for the water. was thinking of central park, but i needed a horizon, i needed the cool waters breeze across my body. enter the 2 or 3 downtown.

i literally high-tailed it past all of the NJ - BROOKLYN commuters by water taxi ( all the men in suits probably thought i was crazy with my heels and camera) and was the only one, on the ledge of the pier, just soaking in the the natural beauty of it all. not worrying about anything but just being.

i think living in the concrete jungle, i sometimes forget what is around me, especially this natural beauty.

ha ha, oh my - now i am just spilling my heart ! sorry guys. just wanted to share a bit of what i've been thinking about. i am so passionate and truly just want to make my mark. i am determined and will just put my head to the ground, but never lose sight of who and what i want.

* on a complete side note: just a little peek into a weekday bag load. i literally just throw everything into my big black leather zara bag. Mostly books but definitely necessities such as sunnies, spf, paw paw balm, and concealer. my right arm is growing some serious muscle !

listening : The xx : Heart Skipped a Beat

heaps of fun. stuff. + looks into my nyc daily life.



credit. tfs. marieclaire.april2010

i was going to do a bag post - but with the monsoon-like weather hitting nyc, and having been inspired by this editorial, i will save that for another rainy day ( its supposed to stay like this until tuesday...!)

being stuck in said-monsoon all day, had me literally running from subway exit to my destination, and at one point i had to sneak into f21 because i almost flew over from the rain and wind. scary.

having just seen this editorial, and witnessing all of the bikinis and beach wear coming in for spring break/summer REALLY has me craving a beach. big time.

i've also been manifesting that i want to travel. for my career and life in general.
traveling is such an amazing gift, and to be able to see and experience diverse cultures and be inspired by new and exciting cities is something that an education simply can't provide you with.
so i will make it happen. i don't know how or what i want to do, but i do know that anything is possible.

but living on a student budget and still being in school i won't be visiting any exotic places or beaches anytime soon... but THIS summer i will bus it to the hamptons or maybe even the jersey shore!

AND will pile on chunky gold jewels, slick my hair back, and coat my lips in subtle coral/orange lipstick. oh and bottles of spf.

isn't hana soukupova insanely gorgeous ?
love her.


listening: anya marina - "satellite heart"


ice cream.

photo cred. weheartit. tfs.

yay for the weekend.

but with rain fore casted for 4 days straight in the apple. i won't be doing much exploring except for clutching my umbrella and running from a to b.
but with the added chill, this isabel marant vest would be a life savior ! how incredible.
just like neapolitan ice cream.
i remember when i was little always leaving the chocolate behind...

but with spring break only 2 weeks away... the exams and papers have started to amass, so instead of ice cream licking in the park and short skirts. i will be to and from the library and bookshop.
so studious, i know.

off to class which is at the Museum of Art and Design in Columbus circle.
man i love my art in new york class.
a highlight of my week.

have a lovely start to your weekend.
will be back tomorrow with - my new york bag essentials...


listening to: STARS : "the night starts here" ...


casual chelsea.

8 am class, studying at the library, whole foods + coffee date in chelsea, a trip uptown.

comfy casuals for a day around the city !

i contemplated wearing a pair of heels today as the weather here is simply stunning (hello t-shirt weather), but i usually save those for days when i don't have to walk a million miles... although it feels like i do it every. single. day.
but as the temps get warmer, i much rather be hitting the pavement then riding those darn subways...

can't wait for summer in the apple.


sweatshirt. uo. jeans. f21. boots. some italian brand?. sunnies. rayban. bag. prada.