crop style.

top.aa. pants. tracy reese. shoes. zoom. belt. vintage.

crop crop. I shyly pulled out my crop top. After seeing gala and rumi wear it flawlessly, it added to my apprehensiveness.
I had purchased it when I first got to New York (May) as it was scorching HOT. every. single. day. and came in very handy through the multitude of heatwaves. It was worn in Central Park a few times, but when I came back to Cape Town it was far too Arctic to rock it. To be honest it's one of the comfiest shirts in my possession. Albeit I still feel a tad reticent wearing it around our very reserved neighbourhood, BUT alas with summer coming I know I will get over it and wear it to its core.
These pants were another New York delight. They are Tracy Reese, which is where I interned this summer. They are fall 08 and I knew upon flipping through the look book I had to have them. They are ridiculously flared, slightly high waisted and the perfect length for killer sky highs. These will also be worn to threads.


Susanna-Cole said...

your style is so bold and brave and refreshing to me! i really want a cropped shirt now... :D

RAQUEL said...

wow amazing!yo tambien corte un par de camisetas me encanto la idea de Gala! muaaa!

Mine said...

Really brave - like it :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

hot hot hottest! They fit you perfectly!!!

<3 I just LOVE those pants on you!

thanks for the comment. I love smokey dark eyes, always. :) Oh and the book is fantastic. I bet you would love it. My favorite thing to do before bed is read a book or fun fashion magazine. If I'm not watching TV, of course. :)

Trendy Gourmandise said...

the clutch like beautiful

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i need it one!!it is so cool!

Caroline said...

Wow! Love it!

Ida said...

You look perfection! Have you modeled? I know I am supposed to focus on the cropped top but it is the pants I am SO in love with!


CoutureCarrie said...

Loving the TR pants :)


Laurel said...


I absolutely love this look, baby! We need to live next door to each other, STAT! We could play in each others closets every day, have sleep overs and build forts out of our wardrobes, haahha.

You're my hero! :)

Tinkerbell and fairies said...

great style!
Very sophisticated!

On Track said...

This is such a great combination, the crop top and loose pants, i love it :) I could actually see it as a fashion style in a magazine, very cool indeed

ashleigh said...

wow you are definately one of a kind, you pull off two very difficult pieces flawlessly. you are absolutely stunning.

i love your style, i think it's such a refreshing take on the whole fashion world. you're bold and brave and you stand out.

such a fabulous outfit!

Lisa said...

susanna-cole: thanks beautiful lady. that is TOO sweet !

raquel: you rock it better !

mine: thank you.

fashion chalet: Thanks erika girl. your kindness is neverending :) oh yes books + magazines...one of my many loves.

trendy gourmandise + aizat.cinta.goddess: THANK YOU so much.

caroline: AH you are BEYOND amazing(!!!) thanks so much. you are such an inspiration :)

ida: OH MY LOVE! YOU ARE FAR TOO KIND. no no model here! i'm sure you love the ferocious flare !!! thanks ida.

couturecarrie: thanks girl. i can't wait to see the designs we worked on walk down the runway today (!!!)

laurel: NO you are my hero (!!!) you are the sweetest girl. SERIOUSLY laurel. you have a heart of gold. I have a plan- lets meet in NEW YORK (???) ;)

tinkerbell and fairies: thank you so much.

on track: ahh you are making me blush over here. seriously. THANK YOU. so much.

ashleigh: i left a comment on your blog (!!!) i am speechless. your kindness knows no bounds. thanks love, these means the world.

Audrey Leighton said...

I love it. You pull the look off well. I heart your blog, BIG time. would you like to link? xxxxxxxxxxx


melmo said...

wow you look absolutely perfect!
you are very beautiful.


BECK said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
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The Stylish Wanderer said...

Wowo. Crazy cool.

Sunniva said...

oh I adore this outfit! you look so stunning, dear. I love that you dare to play around with your outfits and that you're not afraid of just wearing whatever you want. Keep up the great outfits, sweetie!


Wendy said...

That belt is so hot!

Eelie said...

Gosh, I'm sure you get this many times but you truly have the aura of a model around you. I wish i had the physicality to pull a cropped top off. Alas, i shall admire from the cyberspace then. Nice find with those pants too. They look wonderful

♥ Marta ♥ said...

O la la ... wow, that is stunning. This is such a perfect outfit, I am jealous :)

Alice Point said...

It looks perfect on you ! :)

Closet Kisses said...

amazing outfit. the siloutte is fantastic.

Allure said...

It's amazing you girls created a trend that's almost exclusive of the blogosphere! I love it.

Ida said...

Have a fantastic new week, lovely!


Inspire the Starling said...

I've only just stumbled across your blog. I saw this picture and almost fainted! ha. You look amazing...who would have thought a crop top could look so hot?! Work it.

Can we link up missy?

J'Adore Fashion said...

wow, so cute/amazing! love the pant and the crop--well put together--fab!!!

love the alexanger wang sp09 choices :)


Unwise Pedestrian said...

You look incredible! This is by far the best I've seen a crop top look!

Maria said...

Daarling. Wow, you look fantastic! You really pull it off :D
Mmmm. I have to try it out.

WendyB said...

Fantastic outfit.

M* said...

You've the perfect body to wear this!

Caroline said...

FLAWLESS. seriously, i havent seem this pulled off so well.

Fashion_Girl22 said...

Cropped shirts are so daring! I'll have to try it sometime. I like how you apired it with wide legged paints. It might have looked alittle odd with a pair of skinnies.

choubelle said...

love your style...I'm really into bold and graphic prints too! Would you like to link swap?

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